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Posted by Mutiny on April 11, 2014

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MW-465 Mutiny vs Vee CATFIGHT hairpulling wrestling SCISSORS Full Video

Posted by Mutiny on December 18, 2014

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Vee usually does ring wrestling but this time, she agreed to a catfight with Mutiny. HAIRPULLING, taking off some clothes, Mutiny is topless most of the time. Vee got quite agressive, but she always forgets how skilled is Mutiny. They both exchanged scissors and hair pulling, quite intense. they are both wearing sexy schoolgirl outfits… sexy fight, but intense Part 2 : V is still very agressive and wants to win, Mutiny knows shes a little more skilled, so shes not that crazy…but as the match goes on, Mutiny gets a little more upset….she always has a smile on her face, because shes overconfident. she knows she can take on Vee. At one point, she got her up, spread her legs wide open and started to spank Vee. V, got upset and reversed it in a scissors. HOT scissors!!! she kept it good, switched it in a side scissors while Mutiny’s breasts are exposed…until she taps! Part 3 : even if we are both exhausted, we still want to win and fight hard…there are more slaps in the last part, still some hairpulling, chokes, scissors. Vee, took off Mutiny’s top because she wanted to distract her. But Mutiny smiled because she knows that Vee just likes to feel her skin while shes on top of her…she knows Vee is enjoying every second of it…then, they started to wrestle back and forth for the last submission, Mutiny slammed V’s body and the floor, but V is a tough girl! She thought it would knock the wind out of her, but V still had some fight in her!

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MWL-149 Mutiny vs Pamela The Black Tiger

Posted by Mutiny on December 17, 2014

FULL VIDEO Part 1 . For years, people were asking about a match between Pamela the Black Tiger and myself. She is the strongest wrestle we ever had in Montreal and I always said it was true. I did some pro matches against her, but I never wanted to wrestle on mats with her. We also got in several arguments over the internet because people were constantly writing us to tell us how the other girl was mean and saying bad things about us. I never said one bad thing about her because I really respected her, but I believed people who were telling me she was bitching behind my back. The thing is, she never did because she respected me too. So for almost 5 years, we didnt fight against each other. Even if I cannot wrestle much these days because Im starting to get back in shape and my body is pretty injured, I decided to ask her to come to my place to shoot several matches. In this first part, Im really quick and I get her in a bodyscissors, but shes so strong that she took control. I didnt give up easily at all, I made her work for her submissions! It was our first match against each other and I wanted to ”feel her” and see what she was capable of. Intense and serious match…Pamela is naturally muscular! I got several holds on her but she was able to free herself each time (in this part) Part 2 Im very determined to make her submit now! since she is skilled, I know what shes thinking and whats she wants to do. The thing is, sometimes shes too strong for me, so even if I know what shes about to do, even if Im quick, shes so strong that she can get it easily. at one point, I dont really know how she managed to do so, but she got me up on her shoulders while shes on her knees on the ground. Im completely helpless and you can see in my face that I dont have a clue whats going on! She trhew me on the ground quite hard but I quickly turned and got her in a bodyscissors! usually im nice and I dont squeeze the ribs right away, but with her, I cannot ”play”. I made her suffer a little! but with her, you always have to ”pay double” if you hurt her! she stretched me good and made me pay for that submission! Part 3 I got her so good in a hold I never did before and I dont really know if there is a name for that! With her, I have to improvise a little! I was squeezing her head with my legs , my ass was in the air and I got one of her arms! she couldnt move much and when she did, I was able to grab a good headscissors! she had to give up. That made her quite pissed though! she squashed my face with her calves, I dont know how she did that but it was hurting! she then grabbed my leg because I told her before the match that Im not flexible (so nice of her!!! and so stupid of me!) Intense match, and we both wanna win, but this time, it wasnt my match! I needed to see what shes capable of, and let me tell you, shes an awesome wrestler. Next time, Ill get more submission!

Length: 11 minutes
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MW 566 Mutiny vs Rick school girl, school girl pin , NAKED FACESITTING topless breasts smothering Full Video

Posted by Mutiny on December 10, 2014

Full Video : Description by Rick : There I was trying to do some exercises quietly. Then, Mutiny comes in and ‘’challenge’’ me to see how strong my abs really are. Can you imagine trying to do abs with Mutiny dressed as a school girl sitting on you? It takes away a lot of your focus. She was so damn hot with her sexy top, short skirt and her slutty glasses. She decides to do a school girl pin on me…as If I was gonna try to get up from there. She sat on my face…. She smelled so damn good, sadly I couldn’t breath for long when she decided to go for a meaner facesit. She was just toying with me. She added some tight squeeze between her tight to make me choke out some more Part 2 : Mutiny vs Rick School girl, schoolgirl pin, Facesitting , naked facesitting Description by Rick : She did offer a great view of her ass siting on my face. But searching for air is not fun at all. I had to get a good grab of her ass to push her a little so I could breathe. She then sat real good. Even though I was tapping out she didn’t care… I think she enjoyed the spanking. I have a blackout there I just remember having her panties in my mouth and an awesome view of her ass. She later asks me to push her away but she was rubbing herself on me I was too damn hard and turn on to push her away. And she was in control which was enjoyable. MW 566 Part 3 : Mutiny vs Rick Naked schoolgirl pin, topless, breast smothering, Description by Rick : Rubbing pussy on me, I could feel how wet she was. I could even smell and taste how good it was. She was enjoying herself but she warned me if I tried something… She would make me pass out. As if she was not tease enough, she took off her top and exposed me her perfect beasts… right before smothering me with them. I ended up dizzy, short breathed but must say was hell of a nice training. MutinyWrestling

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MWL-143 Naja vs V the Cheerleader

Posted by Mutiny on December 9, 2014
V and naja already fought for another company in Montreal named  V destroyed Naja that first time because Naja didnt know what to expect at all. They both came to my place to wrestle for MutinyWrestling and MontrealWrestlingLeague. I told them they would have a match together and Naja said : this will be my sweet revenge! V was laughing because she is very strong and confident. This is a very intense match! good holds, ankle locks, scissors, chokes. Naja hates chokes and as soon as V is putting her hands on her throats, she freaks out! But Naja is very good to put all her weight on V to make sur she cannot move. V is looking right to the camera because Im the one behind it and she cannot believe how strong the sexy black girl got in a couple of weeks. Very intense and sporty match, I was very proud to see them both go at it like that! but how humiliating the end is for V! she couldnt escape!!! and naja was laughing and smiling!
Length: 11 minutes

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MW-433 Brooke vs Cheyenne Jewel Training and wrestling parts

Posted by Mutiny on December 3, 2014

Part 1 : in that part, Cheyenne is showing scissors, headlocks and chokes to Brooke…. and then, Brooke is doing them on Cheyenne. its just about showing her how to do them right, to apply the right pressure, etc. Both are wearing sexy one piece and its quite sexy to hear Brooke trying to speak english and Cheyenne behing so nice to her by showing her all that! This is just the training part. the other part is the match between them


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Part 2 : After Cheyenne showed Brooke many holds, Brooke wanted a match. For the first 5 minutes of that match, Brooke is in control and shes applying all the holds the way Cheyenne showed her. I think the hot american is starting to regret it. She is begging Brooke to stop, thats this is dangerous that she can make her pass out. Eventually, Brooke is releasing the holds after a while but she does. Cheyenne gets more and more upset and it shows. Eventually she snaped! Jumping on Brooke and made her pay for all the times she didnt let her go. She promised her to make her taste her own medecine…. she was so rough with the cute Canadian! and so cruel! Brooke didsnt expect that and was not ready. you can see the panic in her eyes! 2 young beautiful girls with sexy bodies, wearing one piece swimsuit …a lot of body to body action, quite sexy!


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