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Posted by Mutiny on April 11, 2014

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MWL-102 Kasumi’s audition (vs Mutiny)

Posted by Mutiny on April 14, 2014

When I saw this tall and gorgeous girl entering my house I realized I was right to contact her! She’s a natural beauty, very classy and the best thing is, she lives near my house! So of course, I really wanted her in the league! haha With her pefect physique, I knew she would be the perfect addition! She didnt know anything about wrestling and i didnt even meet her first to talk about it! All the other girls in the league knew a little about wrestling, some of them had a pro wrestler boyfriend, or they were close friend with me for a long time, or just into combat sports. But Kasumi is a model and already did boxing some years ago. This video is not a wrestling match, its more some rolling around with me telling her what to do and what not to do and Im letting her getting me into holds and Im traching her how to make them hurt or how to make them hard to escape!

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MWL-106 Mutiny vs Brooke vs Kasumi

Posted by Mutiny on April 12, 2014

Mutiny and I started to wrestle each other and 30 sec later (not even 30 sec) Kasumi came in. I told her she was accepted in the league, but she already wants more matches. So we said she could wrestle with us and we decided to do like a triple threat match. Wen a girl was giving up, the other one had to jump in and wrestle the girl still on the mats. We started to get really pissed at Kasumi’s being so confidant so we ended up double teaming her and we left her on the mats…Sometimes you just have to teach lessons to people.

Length 11 min

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Posted by Mutiny on April 11, 2014
So pissed about people sharing the videos for free on forums. It really sucks guys. The girls are working so hard to stay in the business, because this business isnt easy, trust me. We have to invest most of the money we make to shoot more videos…

and a lot of people are asking me to shoot more ‘’sexual” or sexy videos and everytime I do something more ”intense” well, some guys are just posting it for free everywhere.

Just think about the girls. Its not because you bought the video 10$ that you own it and can share it to 200 people after that.

After that some guys are asking why the girls are quitting the business or dont travel for sessions! BECAUSE WE NEED ANOTHER JOB ON THE SIDE because you share our stuff and cant make the money out of it!

So now…SICKBOY12 can you please stop sharing my stuff everywhere.  50 free videos you posted. all the ones with nudity or sexuality. Thanks so much. You cant be a real fan if you do stuff like that.


UPDATES How will it work for the next months!

Posted by Mutiny on April 10, 2014


For the next YEAR you will have MANY videos each month.

If you werent a member of the MontrealWrestlingLeague, well, you will like the new deal. We had to stop shooting for the MWL, so we have 182 videos to give you here. Each month, MutinyWrestling will still shoot the 4 videos (new videos) for you BUT you will also have MWL videos!

If you sign up, this is what you will have as a member

NEXT MONTHS : (some videos might change, but you will have AT LEAST 8 videos a month)

12-avr Mutiny Brooke Kasumi
14-avr Mutiny Kasumi
16-avr Megane Brooke
19-avr Emyra Dayana
21-avr Mutiny Brooke
24-avr Brooke Domino
27-avr Kasumi Mutiny
11-avr Mutiny Rick
18-avr Mutiny Mary P
25-avr Mutiny Julie
01-mai Autumn Kasumi
05-mai Mutiny June
08-mai Mutiny V
13-mai Mutiny Brooke
15-janv Mutiny Brooke
17-mai Mutiny Dayana
20-mai Mutiny June
24-mai Mutiny Kasumi
29-mai Mutiny Aiden
03-mai Mutiny Carlos
10-mai Mutiny V
17-mai Mutiny Rick
24-mai Mutiny Cheyenne
02-juin Mutiny June
08-juin Brooke Domino
15-juin Mutiny Kasumi
22-juin Brooke Jen Thomas
06-juin Mutiny Sumiko
13-juin Mutiny Rick
20-juin Mutiny Madisson
27-juin Mutiny Carlos
01-juil Mutiny Autumn
08-juil Mutiny Naja
14-juil Mya Dayana
20-juil Mutiny Megane
26-juil Brooke June
04-juil Mutiny Rick
11-juil Mutiny Ana
18-juil Mutiny Carlos
25-juil Mutiny Madisson