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Posted by Mutiny on April 11, 2014

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MW-600 Mercedez destroying Mutiny BREASTS Slaps, punches, nipple torture, wedgies, crotch torture, claws, belly punching etc FULL VIDEO

Posted by Mutiny on March 2, 2015

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Custom Video. Mutitny starts very confident. Another girl was asked to challenge her to a topless match where anything is allowed. Breasts and crotch torture, wedgies and we can even claw our opponent. Mutiny is the victim in that match. Mercedez starts slow, but as the match goes, she gets rougher. The slaps starts light, but let me tell you she got crazier! She punched, slaped, and Mutiny’s breasts, her crotch, she spanked her so hard her butt turned red even in the first part! She really got her good. Mutiny is not giving any resistance in that whole video. Shes getting destroyed and she getting weaker and weaker Part 2 : this is a very intense part. Mutiny’s ass is red, her boobs are red too. She’s spanking her badly, clawing her boobs, you can see the marks of her nails on her skin. Mercedez is using everything she can think of. She scissoring poor Mut, she even USED HER HER THONG TO MASTURBATE HER but also made sure to get it deep inside her pussy. Mutiny is all exposed, her legs are open and her hands are tied behind her back with her thong. Mercedez is slapping her harder…. Part 3 :in the last part, Mercedez is getting Mutiny naked. and shes destroying her some more. at one point, Mutiny is and Mercedez doesnt stop. she keeps punching, slapping, clawing, belly punching etc. Poor Mutiny is laying down in the middle of the mats, and she cant defend herself. she woke up and mercedez continued her beating, leaving mutiny crying on the mats….her ass burning, red….
Length: 22 minutes

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free sample clip

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MW-604 Mutiny vs Lily Kat / Lingerie Wrestling

Posted by Mutiny on February 26, 2015

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : We agreed to a 10 min match with submissions only. We wrestled back and forth, with many sexy scissors. The way she moves when she tries to escape is so sexy! Im telling you, this girl is turning me on real bad. Im trying to concentrate, since I still want to win, but wow, I cant believe this is a new girl and that she will wrestle with/for me! How lucky I am! This match gets sensual from time to time, you can feel the tension…(breasts smothering, reverse grapevines, etc) Part 2 : This part is quite sensual…we started with breasts to breasts, rubbing ourselves together, and we started touching each other, when she pushed me and got me in a body scissor. I loved the fact that she got really sensual and then quite rough! I love that in her, she really reminds me of myself! There is a lot of body to body action. I must say that the outfits are quite hot and its such a turn on! We are touching each other a lot, shes in control in the beginning but i did the same to her that she did to me. I reversed her hold and took control over her perfect body! I even sat on her face, and grabbed her head in a scissor…to see her like that, in a position where she cant do anything was also a huge turn on! Part 3 : for those who know me well, youll see im realllly turned on! Shes so perfect and sensual! This little feisty thing is not quitting and shes got some spark in her! Shes fighting back she even sat on me, holding my legs in the air which is quite humiliating since I thought it would be easy. But thats always the problem when i get too excited! Im losing some strength! She got me in a very sexy head scissor, and sat on my face some more! I never thought she would do that! at the end, you can see, im wayyyy to excited to fight and be competitive…
Length: 13 minutes

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MW-482 Mutiny vs Caroline Pierce (sexy porn star) Wrestling + Facesitting FULL VIDEO

Posted by Mutiny on February 14, 2015

482FULL VIDEO : Part 1 : We already had a facesitting match and shes kind of the facesitting queen! (MW-481) We are wrestling back and forth to get a facesit, but its more like slow sexy wrestling in the begining. My boobs are almost coming out of my top since its so small! She is wearing navy blue and im wearing yellow! Part 2 : she used her ass to perfection in that part. She even twerked on my boobs. She did a reverse scissors and got her ass right on my breasts and started shaking it and squeezing my boobs harder. exchanges of scissors, but she quickly sat on my face, both ways and she shaked her ass in my face Part 3 : Caroline is in total control in that part… she got me in a neck scissors while im sitting and she 482-2was shaking her ass in my face and forc ed me into it….she smothered me in that position, took off my top while sitting on my face, squeezed my boobs with her tighs, and sat on my face some more… I now understand why shes the facesitting queen… (check the free clip!)
Length: 13 minutes
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MW-432 Mutiny vs Cheyenne semi comp

Posted by Mutiny on February 14, 2015

generated_12962464Part 1 : This is not a competitive match. This is semi comp. Back and forth wrestling, we are both wearing bikinis, exchanges of scissors and chokes in that part

Part 2 : Cheyenne is choking me and we did some pro moves too. Full nelson with scissors, boston crab, camel clutch, headscissors… sexy action!

Part 3 : Some holds that i dont even know the names in that part! we reversed a lot of holds and moves, I did some stumps on her back, chokes, boston crab (on me) body scissors, but i got her in a perfect rear naked choke at the end of the match…

Length 15 min


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MW-582 Myleena vs Madison Full Video

Posted by Mutiny on February 9, 2015

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : These 2 girls look amazing against each other. The contrast is incredible. Black hair, mean look vs blond hair and the sweetest girl around! Both are slim, both wants to win, its an even match for the first part. They both try hard, sexy holds, sexy moves, it was just great to film it!! (myleena = domino) Part 2 : I really thought it would be an easy win for Myleena. But Madison is quite intense! She started with a perfect armbar and i dont think Myleena was ready for that! They both exchanged head scissors after that exposing their perfect bodies…but both moved a lot and tried to escape! sexy action! they didnt want to give up! Part 3 : Myleena started quite intense and jumped on Madison to get her between her legs…. both seems exhausted, but they are still really serious about the fight and especially about winning. Myleena already won against Madison and the pretty blond is here for her revenge, even if its a very hard fight for her. Myleena is so much more experienced than her. But she gave everything she had to get one last submission and nobody expected that ending!

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