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Posted by Mutiny on April 11, 2014

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MWL-165 Whitney vs Kasumi Who’s gonna be the BEAUTY QUEEN?! FULL Match

Posted by Mutiny on July 26, 2015

FULL VIDEO : Beauty Queen match. According to me, these are the two prettiest girl to ever wrestle for MutinyWrestling and MontrealWrestlingLeague… They are not only gorgeous but also very talented!!! They are the same size and quite the same strength. I knew it would be a very interesting match. As soon as they saw each other at my place it was obvious that there was a little rivalry. Both were looking up and down, looking at each other’s body. A little like Betty and Veronica to be quite honest! The other girls started to make jokes about that. Who was the prettiest, the strongest, the more popular, the sexier, etc. I made the joke about Betty and Veronica and all day, the running gag stayed, but the girls were quite upset about it. They thought it would all be over if they wrestle and see who’s the best wrestler. The other girls were watching the match, I was filming..and I can tell you that Kasumi was a little more confident, while Whitney was a little more upset with Kasumi. Good match, great action, scissors, stretched, chokes, camel clutches, etc. Outside, next to the brook, VERY SEXY BIKINIS! perfect bodies….mmmm  my kind of match!        Length: 10 minutes

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MW-602 Lily Kat vs Mercedez The beauty and the muscular beast!

Posted by Mutiny on July 23, 2015

MW-602This match took place in January, when it was Summer and Lily Kat’s first wrestling videoshoot ever. Both girls were watching Mercedez fighting against guys and they freaked out. They didnt want to face her. The first one who did is Lily Kat. She tried, she really did, she gave everything she had. She even took control at one point with a bodyscissors and a rear naked choke, but Mercedez controled the match. The cute Lily got her ass kick with rear naked chokes, scissors, breasts smothering, facesitting, figure four headscissors, hand chokes, throws to the mats and Mercedez is smiling all the match, to show her superiority. Lily’s top was moving a lot!
Length: 11 minutes

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MW-592 Mutiny vs Nikki Fierce Judo Throws Wrestling FULL VIDEO

Posted by Mutiny on July 23, 2015
Full Video Part 1 : I knew what I was getting into. I never wrestled her in my life, but I admire her a lot. I saw her on so many websites and I always been a big fan. I love the fact that she’s got the sweetest face, and amazing body, she looks like the perfect babyface! Her smile is amazing. BUT shes a freaking badass! Shes a tough girl, one of the toughest I met! But still, I wanted to face her. She quickly showed me her judo background by throwing me everywhere! doing the split on my throat before getting me in a neck scissors. She flipped me all over the ring and got me in different holds that I couldnt escape… Part 2 : She completely dominates me in various holds and she stretched me a lot, while looking at me with an amazing smile…shes so pretty…she just took control and im helpless… Part 3 : leg locks, chokes, armbars, she did a leg lock that i never saw before. she just got me up in the air and I couldnt move. I thought she would break my legs, it was hurting so bad. And again, she was smiling. So sweet but oh so mean!
Length: 13 minutes

One Piece thong Tournament PICTURES Coming soon!

Posted by Mutiny on July 14, 2015


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MW-681 Mutiny vs C-Sar Grey Wrestling Domination

Posted by Mutiny on July 3, 2015

If you like when a guy is completely dominating a girl with sexy and pro style wrestling moves, this is the match for you. Verrrry sexy while very intense. This is the first match of our new incredible pro wrestler C-Sar. He is the new Carlos. I mean, Carlos will always be Carlos, the legend! But this new guy is taking it to the next level, pro style. This is his first match, but he did matches against Summer, A-Low Cat, Lily Cat and another one against me way more intense and….well, sensual, which i didnt expect. They will all be here to buy very soon! So, THIS match is his first. Very aggressive with me and there was no way I could do something. He choked me with one hand, lifted me in the air for a while and threw me in the wall. Nobody ever did that to me… he liftd me in the air for many moves, including a tombstone and a torture rack with a back cracker. My top couldnt stay on for those moves. He didnt fix it, I think carlos told him to just humiliate me and not care about the top moving… I guess…

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