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Posted by Mutiny on April 11, 2014

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MWL-90 Megane vs Brooke Grapling Chokes-scissors

Posted by Mutiny on September 29, 2014

This is a match between Brooke and Megane and they are both using chokes and scissors to make the other one tap out!!! Brooke was mostly in control but Megane did some good chokes too. I helped her (im holding the camera) telling her what she should do..because Brooke improved a lot in the last year!! At the end of the video…Brooke is wining by several submissions..but Megane got her in a very good choke..Brokoe turned red….and ….whos the winner then? the one who won by many submissions…or the one who made the othe rone pass out? Price: $12.99 USD Length: 13 minutes

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MW-505 Mutiny vs the beautiful STAR Light-semi comp female wrestling

Posted by Mutiny on September 23, 2014

505Full Video Part 1 Under the watchful eye of Madison I engaged in this fight. I went easy on her at first as she is a new girl and she is probably the cutest girl I ever wrestle with. She quickly showed she had some fight in her I had to get her in a body scissors to slow her down and wear her down. Her skin was so smooth I had a hard time getting myself in the match… I would have love to do more than wrestling with her. My body was speaking for itself with me nipple getting out of my bikini. Part 2 After my 1st scissors, I realized she 5052had some fight in her but not enough to be a real challenge. So I went for light wrestling. She is so cute I didn’t want to hurt her and I let her get me in a reverse scissors so I could get my face closer to her nice little ass. Being a new girl I was expecting her to be hungry for a good challenge. Apparently she was more into proximity then the actual wrestling. I didn’t mind that much because proximity was enjoyable with her.

Price: $11.99 USD
Length: 11 minute

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MWL-174 Emyra vs Autumn (Domination in lingerie)

Posted by Mutiny on September 22, 2014
Full Video Part 1 : This match is obviously gonna be a domination and thats what I wanted to see! I just love when super hot girls are stuck, helpless under thick girls. Emyra doesnt even have to be really aggressive, shes just using her weight to dominate Autumn. She sat on top of her, scissored her, choked her…and the poor red head couldnt do anything… Part 2 : Emyra loves to choke the girls…their neck are so small compared to her strong arms! She made Autumn her victim and the poor girl was totally helpless under her control. Emyra is slowly dominating her, she’s confident with her cocky smile. She got the hot red head in a camel clutch, sat on her back and stayed there to humiliate her some more. She sat on her stomach, hold her hands down, scissored her neck and her tiny body. Autumn couldnt escape any hold, but Emyra was releasing her to see her victim suffer in several holds. She finally got a choke on her and Autumn had to submit before passing out. Part 3 : Emyra is starting to think her victim is a little too weak for her…so she got her in several scissors, chokes her again and did another camel clutch. She did the holds I told her to do to the hot red head. This is the kind of hold I love to see hot girl stuck in…. BUT at the end, what I really wanted to see, is Emyra making Autumn pass out with her breasts. I wanted to see Autumn helpless, under Emyra…Her perfect body stuck under the amazon taking control with some BREASTS SMOTHERING!…
Length: 10 minutes

MW-532 Dayana vs Rick Mixed Pro Wrestling Lowblows Piledrivers FULL VIDEO

Posted by Mutiny on September 17, 2014

FULL VIDEO : Part 1 Match Description by Rick : I was ready for my wrestling training, but this little annoying thing was in the ring. She had her outfit on for the show that night, but her hair and her make up wasnt done yet. So I thought to myself : she should get ready instead of being in the ring so i could finally train. She pushed her luck when she refused to leave and then pushed me away. This is when I started to destroy her. I started quite hard with some good kicks in the crotch while she was laying on her back, in the middle of the ring. When I heard her scream, I gave her some more. I did many chokes but I stretched her back a little in between. I pulled her hair to get her up to kick her cute ass some more. I did an atomic drop to finish her with several knees to her pussy. Part 2 : I got her up by her hair and this is when i went for a tombstone piledriver. She , woke her up because I wasnt done with this bitch. She slapped me and this is when I lost it. Grabbed her and put her upside down in the corner. I jumped on the second rope then put my foot between her legs to put my weight on her pussy. She then fell on the floor, I walked on her to hurt her some more, 200 lbs on her back! I stretched that back again, then did a nice bodyslam to make her feel some more pain. I lifted her up by the hair, put her in the corner, choked her with my boot before kicking her hard in the crotch… Part 3 : I kicked her crotch one more time…I knew she was pissed, but I also knew she couldnt take more pain. I gave her one good piledriver to put her out of her misery. But then, I woke her up because I wasnt ready to let her go. She was my dummy and I was using her for my training. She got upset, but was also dizzy so she gave me a kick in the balls and tried to slap me again. I lost it and gave her 2 more piledrivers….The first one wasnt good enough for me, so I gave her a last one….

Length: 10 minutes

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MWL-121 Brooke vs Mutiny (Brooke in total control, Im the victim)

Posted by Mutiny on September 15, 2014

I did this ”practice” with Brooke (MWL-120) where I was showing her some holds and how to apply them properly. Once in a while, Brooke and some other girls are askin for that type of practice and I never say no, since I know they want to improve their skills. But each time, the girls get really dominant and they try to make me pass out. So in MWL-120, I from a choke. After that ”practice” I was very dizzy and couldnt concentrate at all. Brooke still challenged me to a match and I never say no to a challenge so I agreed. I should have said no. I was way too dizzy to wrestle. She controled me from A to Z! Scissors, chokes, single leg boston crab, camel clutch, bear hug, hair pulling, etc. I was her victim…totally. But Il get her back…
Length: 7 minutes

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