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Posted by Mutiny on April 11, 2014

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MWL-85 Brooke vs June POOL Fight

Posted by Mutiny on July 26, 2014

Two hot girls fighting in the water! two sexy bodies and their wet bikinis clinging to their sexy! I was lucky to be the cam girl for this match!!!! I just love the way thw water ride on the girls skin when they come out of the water! i could watch that all day!!! Brooke was very mean with June letting her no chance to get up or to fight back!! Brooke is very competitive and June had to give up at the end because she couldnt breathe between Brooke’s attacks!

MW-525 Mercedez vs Carlos COMPETITIVE mixed wrestling FULL VIDEO

Posted by Mutiny on July 25, 2014

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Carlos showed up after Mercedez kicked my ass and Madison’s ass. He told her he was the trainer around here and he would be the one judging if she’s that good. Star didnt want to face her, she was too scared. So Carlos wanted to see if she was such a big deal. She wasnt too impressed by him! so she was laughing when she started, but he took her like a baby and she couldnt get out. she stopped laughing quite fast and they both started to sweat. She tried her best and got him good from time to time, but still, thats Carlos and he showed her hes the boss! Part 2: Even if Mercedez is laughing from time to time, its a very nervous laugh! Its her FIRST MIXED wrestling match ever and Carlos is toying with her. She is sweating, she is upset, and she wants to win but she feels there is nothing she can do. She jumped on him and they both landed on the couch! but he flipped her quickly and landed on top of her. She told me after the match that she really got turned on by that, that he took control that way. Mercedez is a very dominant girl, she loves to be in control, but even if she was losing badly, she found it quite erotic!!! at the end of this part, she got him in a sexy and strong head scissors…REALLY HOT! Part 3 : she is not laughing anymore…she wants to play harder…but he is able to play harder. They both got way more competitive and Carlos wasnt nicer with her. He got even meaner and she got more upset.He used her as a toy even more, but she is so serious and you can see in her eyes that she wants to get out of every hold. You can see in that part, that this is the first match of MANY more matches to come between those two. And you know what? I bet they will eventually start doing very seXXXy videos. Since that day, their chemistry is quite something…they met the day of the shooting and they never stopped calling each other’s names and they started bets like : next time we wrestle, ill make you submit 5 times and youll wash my car… its quite something to see!!! but there IS a sexual tension between those two since that week end!
Length: 11 minutes
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Next Wrestling Tour

Posted by Mutiny on July 24, 2014


Tampa : August 6-11th   (VIDEOWORK and sessions. Sasha is there too and Rick)

Jacksonville : August 12th

Atlanta : August 13-14th

Nashville : August 15-16-17th (VIDEOWORK and sessions)
Cincinnati : August 18th

Chicago : August 19-20th

Detroit : 21-22nd

Cleveland : 23rd

Pittsburgh : August 24-25th

Cleveland : August 26th

Buffalo : August 27th

Toronto : August 28-29-30-31st (VIDEOWORK and sessions Mercedez will be there too)


Toronto AUGUST 29-30-31 (VIDEOWORK and SESSIONS with Mutiny)


Broken links –

Posted by Mutiny on July 24, 2014

There were a lot of broken links, thanks to the few who told me about it…

everything should be fine now!!!!

let me know if some of them are not working!



MWL-94 Megane vs Mutiny Pro Lift and Carry

Posted by Mutiny on July 20, 2014

Mutiny talking about her match vs Megane.

Mégane came back after a year and she had to do 4 matches! when she left a year ago, she was still a beginner and I wanted to do some lift and carry with her. The last match I did against her last year was a pro lift and carry and she was getting quite good! I got her in a reverse bearhug, over the shoulder carry twice,,.back to back, i bent over and she couldnt touch the ground. she was barefeet and I had boots on. she got me in a good choke, brought me down and stretched me real good, she surprised me. I got her in a camel clutch and I finally got her in a bearhug and she very fast because I squeezed her as hard as I could i son as she was in the air. she was out. during the match, we exchanged some punches…and I did squats when i had her on my shoulders. 7 MINUTES