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Posted by Mutiny on April 11, 2014

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MWL-140 Mutiny vs KASUMI Full Video

Posted by Mutiny on April 8, 2015

Full Video if you like Kasumi, you already know that she uses her legs a lot to get the girls stuck and get submissions, well, this is what shes doing to me again and I totally forgot about that! but the worst thing is, she got trained during all the months she was away and she worked out a lot. She got so strong and so confident, She is the prettiest girl ever, but I still hate when she get me good, stuck between her perfect and strong legs…I still got her too, but I never thought she would be that tough….Im telling you, shes got the perfect body, perfect face, perfect attitude…she could seriously be the next big thing if she keeps training like she does… Part 2 at one point, she just sat on me, I was squeezed between her legs, i cannot even explain that hold. Everytime im stuck in something like that, I call it the ”Pretzel” hold. This is the most humiliating thing honestly. It felt like that when I was in it, but its even worst when I watch it now. Shes just siting, without even moving, with her hands on her hips… We also wrestled a lot, very intense, but slow pace action, she very technical and shes waiting for me to make a bad move… at one point, to try to piss her off a little, I even put my boobs in her face…but it didnt change anything..she got even better…. Part 3 shes lucky shes so pretty and i cant get reaaaally mad at her, but still, shes getting way too cocky! she knows shes good but I got her good in that part with a hammerlock and my strong scissors. she got me in a choke, stretched me again and stayed on top a lot…  Length: 10 min

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MW-521 Mutiny vs Mercedez female wrestling FULL VIDEO

Posted by Mutiny on April 1, 2015

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Mercedez is the kind of new girl that you cant be nice with. Sadly, I dont even have a mean side. So as always, Im starting this match thinking the other girl will be nice too. But Mercedez is not like that. Im smiling and I got her in scissors, but she just wanted to test me. She is one tough opponent and if you like very strong girl, you will LOVE mercedez. she was still nervous since it was her second fight ever, but this girl will destroy all the girls if we dont start training…her legs are like steel! The only thing that is good for me, is that she doesnt have a great cardio like I do Part 2 : I want to test her too, because, after all, im the one hiring her! I want to make sure her attitude is good for our team, and I want to make sure she understands she might be strong but will need technique to make sure shes not going to injured anybody. So im trying to see what she can give me, and shes quite good. She never wrestled, except judo, and she gets me in great holds. She is laughing at one point because of her lack of cardio, but its a good thing for me and the other girls! She really understood the concept of locking the arms or the legs when she gets me in a hold and most of the time, there is nothing i can do…  Part 3 : She really dominated the last part, and she was even getting cocky which I like. I like when the girls are trying to piss of the other girls so the match can become more intense. I dont have those types of match much anymore, except when Myleena is there. So Mercedez will be one cocky bitch I think! At the end I got her good, squeezxing her ribs and she doesnt want to tap….she is testing me and I showed her I could also squeeze..that this match was a way for me to test her. and….the next match wont be that easy for her! .

Length : 12 min

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MW-592 Mutiny vs Nikki Fierce Judo Throws Wrestling FULL VIDEO

Posted by Mutiny on March 18, 2015
Full Video Part 1 : I knew what I was getting into. I never wrestled her in my life, but I admire her a lot. I saw her on so many websites and I always been a big fan. I love the fact that she’s got the sweetest face, and amazing body, she looks like the perfect babyface! Her smile is amazing. BUT shes a freaking badass! Shes a tough girl, one of the toughest I met! But still, I wanted to face her. She quickly showed me her judo background by throwing me everywhere! doing the split on my throat before getting me in a neck scissors. She flipped me all over the ring and got me in different holds that I couldnt escape… Part 2 : She completely dominates me in various holds and she stretched me a lot, while looking at me with an amazing smile…shes so pretty…she just took control and im helpless… Part 3 : leg locks, chokes, armbars, she did a leg lock that i never saw before. she just got me up in the air and I couldnt move. I thought she would break my legs, it was hurting so bad. And again, she was smiling. So sweet but oh so mean!
Length: 13 minutes

2 other updates, more pictures to come!

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Last updates and some updates to come!

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