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Posted by Mutiny on April 11, 2014

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MW-523 Madison vs Carlos Mixed wrestling, Scissors, semi-competitive FULL VIDEO

Posted by Mutiny on October 18, 2014
FULL VIDEO Part 1 Mixed wrestling, Scissors, semi-competitive Carlos engaged in a match against the long legged Madison for the first time. They didn’t know each other at all so it started a little smooth but Madison quickly got a good scissors hold with her hot legs around Carlos. The tall hot blonde found herself outmatch by Carlos at some point when he stretched her body until she tapped out. Part 2 : mixed wrestling, school girl pin Madison’s breathing got heavier. You can hear she was enjoying her time with Carlos. Just the way she moved and breathed plus her sensuality would have give her an advantage in a match against anybody. Carlos tried to play it rough but Madison definitely tamed him a little. To make sure she made her point she gave him a nice school girl pin to get in his head even more. Part 3 : Mixed wrestling You can see how much Madison mellowed Carlos in the last part. She had an effect on him because he lost his usual aggression. He relied on his experience and technique to get the last submission because clearly his head was somewhere else. Can you blame him by looking at her?
Length: 11 minutes

MWL-86 Brooke vs Mutiny POOL Fight

Posted by Mutiny on October 14, 2014

More intense fight than the 2 others…it was our last match so we went a little harder! Brooke took some good ”bumps” in the water and I lifted her up a lot!!! :-) I even finished the match with a chokeslam in the water!!! Brooke is very hot all wet like that! You can see in that video that Im very powerful! I dont fall as much and i can lift her up several times!!! Im still wearing my pink bikini and shes wearing a very cute orange, purple and white bikini!

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MW-528 Mutiny vs Dayana Pro style piledriver Lowblows, Spandex, one piece, fishnets Full Video

Posted by Mutiny on October 10, 2014

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Dayana is stretching in her sexy spandex one piece when Mutiny came in the ring with a sexy spandex outfit, with fishnets and boots. The match started one sided, when I decided to get D in the corner and work her pussy a bit. I pushed my boot in her crotch and kicked her. then, we did some back and forth pro wrestling moves, but I got the upper hand again. I stretched her, did some atomic drops, got her legs crossed together, her stomach on the ground and grabbed her pussy so good, it made her scream! our boobs are always about to pop out!!! you can even see her nipple at the end of that part. Part 2 : Her nipple i almost all out and I think she got even more upset when she realized it. she flipped me over her to make me taste my own medicine, she slapped my pussy so hard and grabbed it like she would never let it go. She then worked my back, stretched me good, to expose my cleavage too. It didnt take long and I reversed it to give her a good piledriver. It drove me a little crazy that she took over so easily so I worked her pussy some more when she woke up. Punches, kicks, etc. sometimes in the corner. Also choked her good in the ropes, so get her weaker and to get her in a second piledriver! Part 3 : DAYANA GOT CRAZY. She woke up from the piledriver and just LOST IT! completely. If you like when im getting DESTROYED, humiliated and when Im the victim, you will LOVE that part. She is destroying my pussy in all the ways possible. Kicks, slaps, punches, knees, grabbing, etc. she is choking me, pulling my hair. she just lost it good. Im the jobber in that part, and she finally hand cuffed me to a corner of the ring and left me there…My boobs are OUT the whole time….
Length: 12 minutes

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MWL-146 Jessica vs Devon Boxing

Posted by Mutiny on October 8, 2014

This is a boxing match between Devon and Jessica. This is in fact Jessica’s first boxing match ever…Devon wanted to destroy her and thought it would be really easy but Jessica is obviously a tough cookie!!! Im the ref!

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MWL-176 Whitney vs Kasumi Battle of the beauties 2! FULL VIDEO

Posted by Mutiny on October 5, 2014
MWL-176 Whitney vs Kasumi Battle of the beauties 2! FULL VIDEO
FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Whitney and Kasumi are really beautiful ladies and they just hate each other. The minute Kasumi saw Whitney, she told me she would kick that bitch’s ass. Kasumi didnt want to wear a bikini because she said she wanted to ”destroy barbie” and have her way with her. In the first part, there is a lot of back and forth, slow action, great holds, and the ‘’squealing” is REALLY sexy. The sound Whitney does when she’s helpless is quite erotic! Part 2 : even if Kasumi just wants to kick Whitney’s ass, she doesnt realise how sexy and sensual it can gets. All the sounds Whitney makes, A LOT of body to body action, stretching each other legs, wide open, almost exposing Whitneys crotch to the camera…Its suppose to be an agressive fight, but there is still a sexual tension between those 2 jealous girls! Part 3 : Whitney is becoming weaker and weaker… Even if she got a triangle choke on the beautiful Kasumi, she wasnt strong enough to make her submit. Kasumi was still in total control…humiliating the blond beauty. She pineed her with her ass up in the air, made her totally helpless several times… You can see that our favorite barbie girl is no match for our dominant Kasumi…
Length: 11 minutes