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KINGSTON (Ontario) March 7th-March 8th (early morning)


CALGARY March 22nd-24th

KAMLOOPS March 26th (evening only)


JASPER April 1st

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CALGARY April 3rd and April 4th (morning)

MW-775 Mutiny vs Hazel Pro Wrestling with LOWBLOWS FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : I was stretching and Hazel met me in the ring. Ive been out for a year and a half and gained some weight I couldnt get back to the gym after 8 months because i had complications with my abs (since i was working out WHILE pregnant). I told Hazel, it was all about the curves, that big booties are sexy too. She kept telling me how only muscular bodies are sexy (I must admit she had a body to for…she is stunning) So we decided to fight pro style without any rules to see who is right. We started giving punches to each other and it quickly became lowblows of all kinds. Knees, kicks, punches, ropes, etc Part 2 : IN THE FIRST PART, IM QUITE AGGRESSIVE TO SHOW HER I DIDNT LOSE ANY OF MY SKILLS EVEN IF I WAS GONE FOR SO LONG AND THAT MY BODY TYPE DOESNT MATTER in the ring. Im still fast and skilled. She might be hot and strong but she doesnt have my skills for sure! well, in the second part, she is gaining control over me. Many kicks to the crotch, elbows, attacks in the corner, foot between my legs, etc. She even used a chair… She didnt wanna lose this one… BIGGER FORMAT, BETTER DEFINITION

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Length: 12 minutes
Size: 541 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280×720
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MW-649 Mutiny vs Summer Schoolgirl catfight wrestling FULL VIDEO

MW-649 Mutiny vs Summer Schoolgirl catfight wrestling FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : I was laying down with Mercedez when the feisty summer came to let me know she picked me for a schoolgirl match. Catfight and wrestling, submissions only. Mostly grapevines, scissors, chokes. I agreed right away and got changed. Who wouldnt agree to wrestle against a hot girl like that? quite intense, im always surprised at our quick and feisty she is!!!! her perfect butt in the air many times when she does grapevines! she got me in a good choke, got her in scissors…exposed her perfect body! Part 2 : my weight advantage didnt help me that much. She made sure to find quick holds to get me stuck and to stretch my legs as much as she could to expose my white laced underwear. She is even faster than the last time I wrestled her. She is very confidant and very proud of herself. Usually she has trouble with her stamina, not this time!

Length: 11 minutes
Size: 135 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 720×480

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MW-562 Mutiny vs Sasha Chokes and Scissors FULL VIDEO

Sasha and I agreed to a match with scissors and chokes only. Im overpowering her with scissors, got her stomach and her neck many times, she got me too, but I was way better with scissors than her. The thing is, she is learning fast and she is becoming very good. Even if I made her tap out many times by squeezing her, she realized that she could just choke me once and end the match…at the end, while she was choking me, I was losing my top which makes it more humiliating to lose to this tiny girl!

Length: 7 minutes
Size: 88 MB
Format: WMV


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MW-748 Mutiny vs STAR Female boxing (MP4 Format)

MW-748(MP4 Format)

Star is the total package, she is tough but she is one of the most beautiful girl I ever met. Its hard to wrestle or do some boxing against a pretty lady like her. Her eyes are so big and so naive, her body is so perfect…But when you start the match and shes really intense, you realize that you dont have the choice to hit hard to. Its me or her. So she will go down! (Thanks HTM for the sound effects)

Length : 14 min

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