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Posted by Mutiny on April 11, 2014

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MWL-148 Mutiny vs V the Cheerleader

Posted by Mutiny on October 29, 2014
V the Cheerleader is rarely in a bikini when she wrestles…but in this match, she is! she is so damn sexy! she jumped on me at the beginning of the match to scissor me…shes so strong its incredible! we had a very good back and forth match, very intense, I got her good in several holds and same for her. She was so humiliated when I got her in a lotus hold! I know she hates that hold, and thats pretty much why I did it! I got her head in a tight scissor just when the bell rang…and we could argue if the point is good or not…. (my boob got out at one point in the match and ‘’sadly” I couldnt fix my top!)
Length: 11 minutes

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MW-483 Mutiny vs Safa Warda vs Devon D’Amo semi competitive female wrestling FULL VIDEO

Posted by Mutiny on October 26, 2014

FULL VIDEO The rules are simples 3 girls 2 fight at the same time when one taps out the other one comes in. I started the match with Safa. I quickly grabbed her head in between my legs to remember her how strong my legs are. I wasn’t too mean to her so she managed to escaped but her top didn’t survive the hold. Quickly topless, she came back right at me with a headlock putting her boob in my mouth to smother me. She definitely enjoyed herself more than I did.  Devon took my place and disposed of Safa pretty fast so I hoped right back in. I put my breasts in Devon’s face and did a school girl pin on her to make her quit.  Part 2 : semi  competitive, breast to breast action, scissors, grabbing Safa was ready for the next round she breasts smothered me fast then sat on my face. I managed to escaped thanks to my strong legs. We ended up in a double scissors with my nipples exposed. After Safa disposed of Devon as if it was nothing, I came back at her and we had breast to breast action. Then I clawed her pussy to take advantage of her. I stretched her sexy body and had a good feel at her firm breasts. She then felt my scissors around her neck and I finished her off with a good face sitting.   Part 3 : Semi competitive, belly punching,  competitive. Devon came in thinking she could match up to me. She got stretched more than she liked I belly punched her to humiliate her. She manages to overcome me only to get on top and rub her pussy on me. Her grapevine had the best of me. After that things escalated. Devon and Safa went a little crazy on each other. They traded holds and Devon got the best of Safa putting her in a nasty choke till Safa passed out.

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MWL-152 Mutiny vs Dayana Catfight + Wrestling

Posted by Mutiny on October 22, 2014

I rarely shoot any catfight because Im always scared at how crazy it can get but somebody asked for it and I thought I could shoot it with Dayana. We started with some wrestling and I lost my lingerie quite quickly! In fact, we are both wearing sexy lingerie, which is also quite unusual! My boobs are out all the match, you will see intense and hard hear pulling, some soft and medium slapping (face, body but mainly breasts slapping), a lot of boobs torture (pinching, slapping, squeezing, squashing), some scissors, stretching but a great choke that Dayana kept tight around my neck… while I was on her knees, quite dizzy, she was playing with my nipple to tease me…should I like or hate that girl? Length: 11 minutes

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MW-523 Madison vs Carlos Mixed wrestling, Scissors, semi-competitive FULL VIDEO

Posted by Mutiny on October 18, 2014
FULL VIDEO Part 1 Mixed wrestling, Scissors, semi-competitive Carlos engaged in a match against the long legged Madison for the first time. They didn’t know each other at all so it started a little smooth but Madison quickly got a good scissors hold with her hot legs around Carlos. The tall hot blonde found herself outmatch by Carlos at some point when he stretched her body until she tapped out. Part 2 : mixed wrestling, school girl pin Madison’s breathing got heavier. You can hear she was enjoying her time with Carlos. Just the way she moved and breathed plus her sensuality would have give her an advantage in a match against anybody. Carlos tried to play it rough but Madison definitely tamed him a little. To make sure she made her point she gave him a nice school girl pin to get in his head even more. Part 3 : Mixed wrestling You can see how much Madison mellowed Carlos in the last part. She had an effect on him because he lost his usual aggression. He relied on his experience and technique to get the last submission because clearly his head was somewhere else. Can you blame him by looking at her?
Length: 11 minutes

MWL-86 Brooke vs Mutiny POOL Fight

Posted by Mutiny on October 14, 2014

More intense fight than the 2 others…it was our last match so we went a little harder! Brooke took some good ”bumps” in the water and I lifted her up a lot!!! :-) I even finished the match with a chokeslam in the water!!! Brooke is very hot all wet like that! You can see in that video that Im very powerful! I dont fall as much and i can lift her up several times!!! Im still wearing my pink bikini and shes wearing a very cute orange, purple and white bikini!

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