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25 Responses to “Links”

  1. Daniel says:

    J’aimerais un peu savoir ce que tu entends par le “Foot Worship”, disons que cela peut porter à confusion et je voudrais éviter toute mécompréhension …

    Sinon, comment chargerais-tu pour une session d’une heure incluant ta domination totale sur ma personne (par une lutte de soumission) et du Foot Worship …


  2. Mutiny says:

    Foot worship : embrasser, lecher, masser les pieds, etc.

    Le prix est toujours le même pour une session 200$ chez moi et 300$ a l’extérieur :-)

  3. Shawn says:

    Hope you are doing better Mutiny!!! You are such a skilled and sexy fighter. Hope all goes well and please dominate some more GIRLS!!!!! Take care!!

  4. Corrie says:

    Hi Mutiny,
    what are the chances of you doing any more sexfights? I have bought all of yours. Very interested in some more ;)

  5. Johnny2 says:

    When will you be doing more sexfights, mutiny?

  6. Pranil says:

    Hi Mutiny huge fan. Suggestion, you should try doing some shoulder ridng where you get on a man shoulder and ride him like a hosre or pony. You would look so hot doing that. Plus it will be a huge hit with you fans. Tell me ever thought of that.

  7. Mutiny says:

    thats a very good idea!!! I will!!! I promise!

  8. Ap Ap says:

    hi mutiny, i am a big fan of yours…how do you think abt this idea-a story line fight involving a series of fights/ conspiracies than single episode ones?

  9. Mutiny says:

    sounds good to me! but youll have to give me more details! to make sure i understand!! hahah

  10. Mutiny says:

    in fact yes! ill have some more very soon!!!

  11. Mutiny says:

    oh yes i will! of course!!
    they are the ones i prefere!

  12. Mutiny says:

    thats awesome! i can do that for you!!!!
    Ill shoot more videos soon!

    lately a lot of people wanted me to lose to i chose the right girls to lose to! hahah
    but you are right! i have to start winnnnniiiing!

  13. chris says:

    u should do a wrestling match vs dakota and see if u can win like rachel steele

  14. Mutiny says:

    I already wrestled Dakota years ago…when I started in the business :-)

  15. Hersh Levy says:

    I would like to see more videos of you getting beat (even tortured) by guys around your size. Perhaps you and I can wrestle one day. I in Oakville, Ontario (just west of Toronto)

  16. Jordan says:

    I’m thinking about ordering a custom. Do you have an email for custom inquiries?

  17. Mutiny says:

    marilynstdenis @ hotmail com

    all together hahahaha

  18. Jordan says:

    Cool thank you :)

  19. Bill says:

    I can’t download or watch MW-479, MW-474, or MW-456. I think the links are broken. Please help.

  20. Daniel says:

    Hello Mutiny,

    I was wondering what e-mail I should use to try and set up a private session. I’m a huge fan and would enjoy a wrestling match with you. Thanks!

  21. adri says:

    Hey Mutiny I’m a big fan. I’m looking forward to booking a session with you. Let me know if you’re interested. I sent you an email already. Thanks.

  22. Mutiny says:

    Hi! can you please send the email to

    the other email doesnt work anymore!!


  23. Mutiny says:

    Good evening Daniel! please send the email to

    the other email doesnt work anymore!!


  24. Mutiny says:

    Just saw your message

    where, in the member section???

    please write me an email here :

    ill send the links to you

  25. Mutiny says:

    yes of course, i do sessions in Toronto 3 times a year (at least)

    and yes ill have more videos like that!

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