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MW-167 EMYRA vs 2 GIRLS! Domino and Autumn! 2 vs 1. Emyra’s domination! full video Hot!

mwl1672Full Video! 2 vs 1. Emyra is quite confident she can beat 2 girls if they are doing a tag team match. She asked me for a match with 2 hot girls of my choice, she said she was feeling like destroying 2 skinny bitches. Well, I chose Domino 110lbs and Autumn 105 lbs. She sat on them, did several scissors, camel clutches, chokes…she was just putting her weight on top of them to humiliate them. At one point, Autumn got so upset she tried to jump in and save Domino from passing out…it worked f

or a bit, but she quickly became Emyra’s victim. Emyra was squeezing her body with her strong legs and Domino jumped in to do a head scissors to Emyra. Even if it affected her strenght for a while, she came back even more upset and got the 2 girls one after the other…The fight is outside…and i can tell you one thing, my NEIHGBORS WERE WATCHING THAT FIGHT!