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MW-504 Mutiny vs Madison Pro Wrestling Piledrivers FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Mutiny is trying Madison’s clothes. Madison came in the room and told Mutiny she didnt look good, that her skirt is going up her ass, and shes showing her how its suppose to look (shes also wearing a very small skirt) Madison is being quite bitchy and Mutiny decided to take her and show her what she could do. She did many pro holds, one after the other, shes in total control of the tall blond. Punches to the stomach, camel clutch, boston crab, kicks, splashes, PILEDRIVERS. The sexy blond didnt expect that… Part 2 : Madison is so sexy and she knows it. I did another piledriver to get her even more dizzy. I choked her with my leg, did a figure four leg lock to show her long legs and hurt her some more. I made sure to expose her perfect body by stretching her a lot…. Part 3 : the poor Madison is getting more tired and Im not stopping, I want her to be completely out. I punched her more, did some more holds, but there is one thing i wanted ; her skirt. I did a piledriver (sitting) made sure she was out, and undressed her from her sexy skirt. She stayed there in a bikini in the middle of my mats….
Length: 13 minutes

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MW-719 Piledriver Perversion 18 – You Still Lose Bitch mp4 FORMAT



Piledriver Perversion 18 – You Still Lose Bitch
Jezabel Romo vs Mutiny
Sexy Mutiny arrives from Quebec and saunters into the Lucha Girls ring and confronts Jezabel stating she wants a rematch. Jezabel will gladly give her a rematch, as she loves any excuse to dominate girls with her special piledrivers! But then Mutiny states that due to doctors orders she can’t take any piledrivers. Jezabel laughs in her face, why else would this bitch be here, if not for her sensual addiction to piledrivers. So Jezabel, wanting to get this sexy bitch in a match, decides to give Mutiny a match…best of 5 pins wins the match and she is determind to win just as much as Mutiny is. They start off with a bit of titty grabbing hold to hold wrestling, just to warm up (and feel each other up) , suddenly one girl gets the upperhand and PILEDRIVER, gaining the first win!! and the top of the losing girl, who fights back as she is sensually titty groped! Now the match is getting serious as the 2nd pin is won by a Dragon Sleeper and more titties exposed and more fondles and grabs. This match goes back and forth between these two hotties with headscissors, between the leg fondles, breat caresses and multiple piledrivers and various pro wrestling moves. This is definitely a pro style, titty baring sensual stripdown type of match. These girls have been in the ring in previous matches, the cant seem to decide if they like each other and take every opportunity to touch each others voluptuous bodies or if they hate each other and just want to beat each other down. If you like watching 2 girls in a topless pro match than Lucha Girls Wrestling “1603-Piledriver Perversion 18 – You Still Lose Bitch” is the fight for you!
LENGTH: 15 mins


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MW-528 Mutiny vs Dayana Pro style piledriver Lowblows, Spandex, one piece, fishnets Full Video

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Dayana is stretching in her sexy spandex one piece when Mutiny came in the ring with a sexy spandex outfit, with fishnets and boots. The match started one sided, when I decided to get D in the corner and work her pussy a bit. I pushed my boot in her crotch and kicked her. then, we did some back and forth pro wrestling moves, but I got the upper hand again. I stretched her, did some atomic drops, got her legs crossed together, her stomach on the ground and grabbed her pussy so good, it made her scream! our boobs are always about to pop out!!! you can even see her nipple at the end of that part. Part 2 : Her nipple i almost all out and I think she got even more upset when she realized it. she flipped me over her to make me taste my own medicine, she slapped my pussy so hard and grabbed it like she would never let it go. She then worked my back, stretched me good, to expose my cleavage too. It didnt take long and I reversed it to give her a good piledriver. It drove me a little crazy that she took over so easily so I worked her pussy some more when she woke up. Punches, kicks, etc. sometimes in the corner. Also choked her good in the ropes, so get her weaker and to get her in a second piledriver! Part 3 : DAYANA GOT CRAZY. She woke up from the piledriver and just LOST IT! completely. If you like when im getting DESTROYED, humiliated and when Im the victim, you will LOVE that part. She is destroying my pussy in all the ways possible. Kicks, slaps, punches, knees, grabbing, etc. she is choking me, pulling my hair. she just lost it good. Im the jobber in that part, and she finally hand cuffed me to a corner of the ring and left me there…My boobs are OUT the whole time….
Length: 12 minutes

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MW-532 Dayana vs Rick Mixed Pro Wrestling Lowblows Piledrivers FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO : Part 1 Match Description by Rick : I was ready for my wrestling training, but this little annoying thing was in the ring. She had her outfit on for the show that night, but her hair and her make up wasnt done yet. So I thought to myself : she should get ready instead of being in the ring so i could finally train. She pushed her luck when she refused to leave and then pushed me away. This is when I started to destroy her. I started quite hard with some good kicks in the crotch while she was laying on her back, in the middle of the ring. When I heard her scream, I gave her some more. I did many chokes but I stretched her back a little in between. I pulled her hair to get her up to kick her cute ass some more. I did an atomic drop to finish her with several knees to her pussy. Part 2 : I got her up by her hair and this is when i went for a tombstone piledriver. She , woke her up because I wasnt done with this bitch. She slapped me and this is when I lost it. Grabbed her and put her upside down in the corner. I jumped on the second rope then put my foot between her legs to put my weight on her pussy. She then fell on the floor, I walked on her to hurt her some more, 200 lbs on her back! I stretched that back again, then did a nice bodyslam to make her feel some more pain. I lifted her up by the hair, put her in the corner, choked her with my boot before kicking her hard in the crotch… Part 3 : I kicked her crotch one more time…I knew she was pissed, but I also knew she couldnt take more pain. I gave her one good piledriver to put her out of her misery. But then, I woke her up because I wasnt ready to let her go. She was my dummy and I was using her for my training. She got upset, but was also dizzy so she gave me a kick in the balls and tried to slap me again. I lost it and gave her 2 more piledrivers….The first one wasnt good enough for me, so I gave her a last one….

Length: 10 minutes

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MW-485 Mutiny doing several piledrivers on Devon Full Video

Full Video. Devon always thinks shes the best at everything! so she decided to show me how to do a piledriver/ tombstone. she got me between her legs but i gave her a solid lowblow with my head. then I took over and did tombstones to her one after the other…. belly to belly and back to belly. always falling on my knees….because i knocked her out good, i had a special treatment for her after the match in MW-486. ”facesitting” /stink face while shes sitting… i just had fun with her in the other video… (Im in total control in that one….) Im doing victory poses at the end without even noticing my nipple is out!

Length: 7 minutes

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