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MW-608 ACCENTY dominating Lily Kat BBW (Bearhugs, scissors, schoolgirl pin, breasts smothering) Full Video

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : This is the first part of 3 parts and the full video is already on sale in my store. Accenty is meeting Lily Kat on the mats. The BBW did exactly what she did to Mutiny, Madison, Mercedez and Star. She destroyed lily kat and started with straight and reverse bearhugs..long ones… the poor little Lily is trying to get out and you can see she doesnt understand why Accenty is such a bully to cute girls..Part 2 : there is a very sadistic side to Accenty. She just sat on lily kat, straddled her, just waiting for lily to do something. even if the cute french girl really tried hard, she is stuck under that massive BBW. But accenty decided to push the humiliation even more…she smothered the sexy lily with her breasts. shes got that evil laugh…. Part 3 : she just flipped on the side and got Lily Kat stuck between her powerful legs. Her legs are bigger than Lily’s body. Lily is 110lbs and Accenty is 320lbs… she then flipped on the other side, because shes obviously playing with Lily, and she started doing some long breasts smothering with a smile on her face. Lily is stuck there, begging her, but Accenty doesnt care…she uses her huge tits against lily…poor girl, we were all watching and we didnt want to do anything because we knew we could be next….
Length: 12 minutes
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MW-604 Mutiny vs Lily Kat / Lingerie Wrestling

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : We agreed to a 10 min match with submissions only. We wrestled back and forth, with many sexy scissors. The way she moves when she tries to escape is so sexy! Im telling you, this girl is turning me on real bad. Im trying to concentrate, since I still want to win, but wow, I cant believe this is a new girl and that she will wrestle with/for me! How lucky I am! This match gets sensual from time to time, you can feel the tension…(breasts smothering, reverse grapevines, etc) Part 2 : This part is quite sensual…we started with breasts to breasts, rubbing ourselves together, and we started touching each other, when she pushed me and got me in a body scissor. I loved the fact that she got really sensual and then quite rough! I love that in her, she really reminds me of myself! There is a lot of body to body action. I must say that the outfits are quite hot and its such a turn on! We are touching each other a lot, shes in control in the beginning but i did the same to her that she did to me. I reversed her hold and took control over her perfect body! I even sat on her face, and grabbed her head in a scissor…to see her like that, in a position where she cant do anything was also a huge turn on! Part 3 : for those who know me well, youll see im realllly turned on! Shes so perfect and sensual! This little feisty thing is not quitting and shes got some spark in her! Shes fighting back she even sat on me, holding my legs in the air which is quite humiliating since I thought it would be easy. But thats always the problem when i get too excited! Im losing some strength! She got me in a very sexy head scissor, and sat on my face some more! I never thought she would do that! at the end, you can see, im wayyyy to excited to fight and be competitive…
Length: 13 minutes

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