MWL-113/BW-34 Brooke vs Jennifer Thomas

Posted by Mutiny on June 22, 2014

I introduced Brooke to Jennifer Thomas a year ago. I told Brooke she was really strong and she would kill her in a wrestling match! As usual, Brooke didnt believe me and wanted to try to beat Jen! In this match, Brooke got completly dominate by Jennifer and her face is turning red and her eyes are rolling…Jen is 100% in control, Brooke is completly helpless! Obviously, Jennifer’s goal was to make Brooke pass out!!! her strong legs or strong arms around Brooke’s neck…thats sexxxy!

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MWL-77 Mutiny vs Jennifer Thomas 12 Min

Posted by Mutiny on March 5, 2014

This match is pretty much :Mutiny getting destoryed by Jennifer thomas with so many different holds… she used several holds Mutiny didnt even know about and she kicked her ass real bad….. she is choking and scissoring her… if you like to see Mutiny lose badly, youll love that video… she is so much in control…and dominant… she even choked her out…..several times….with rear naked chokes…reverse chokes….etc you have to watch this one…just to see her muscular legs around Mutiny’s neck……so sexy… shes amazingly hot! 12 min

MW-439 Kristie Etzold destroying Mutiny and Jennifer Thomas Full Video

Posted by Mutiny on December 30, 2013

439Full Video : Kristie Etzold is determined to show me that its her place and her rules. I told her I just wanted a fair match, wrestling catfighting, whatever, but she didnt want that. she just wanted to destroy us, to show us how strong and quite crazy she can be. She did some crazy double moves on us, scissors while doing chokes, double chokes, putting us on top of each other…She’s so powerful, we couldnt do much even if we tried hard. My top is moving all the time exposing my breasts which is even more humiliating!
Length: 10 minutes

MWL-67 Jennifer Thomas vs Brooke

Posted by Mutiny on November 4, 2013

When Mutiny and Brooke went to Los Angeles, they decided to shoot as many matches as possible and Brooke wanted to challenge Jennifer Thomas thinking she might lose but wanted to give it a try anyway…She wasnt ready for that…

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MW-308 Jennifer Thomas vs Mutiny Pro style – TICKLING

Posted by Mutiny on November 29, 2011

308We started by doing some pro wrestling (mostly chain wrestling, working the arm)…Jennifer Thomas did a snapmare to get me (mutiny) stuck in a hold and she started to tickle the side of my body…my ribs….she pulled my hair a little and tickled me some more. I didnt understand what was happening since she asked me to wrestle her pro style! she then moved to a grapevine and tickled my armpits…i was laughing so hard but I wanted her to stop! After the grapevine, she got me in all kinds of leglocks, arm locks, hammerlocks, full nelsons and tickled me everywhere and took her time. she really showed me she was in control and I guess she enjoyed every second of it. She tickled my armpits, the side of my body, she tickled my butt and even under my boobs! She finally got me very stuck in a weird hold thatI couldnt see and figure out… my arms were stuck between her legs…and she started taking off my shoes one by one. she took off my socks and tickled my feet…sometimes very fast and sometimes slowly for more torture i guess! I was getting exhausted…she changed position and got my legs stuck between hers and I couldnt move. I was on my stomach and there was nothing I could do…she tickled me until she was done with me…and left me there in the middle of the ring…

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