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MWL-156 Vee vs Mutiny

MWL-156 Mutiny vs V Female Wrestling FULL VIDEO
Full Video Part 1. V got the upper hand on me because she quickly got me in a headscissors. She then switched to different types of headscissors and obviously played with me while im really trying to get out…her muscular tights around my neck, I knew I wouldnt be able to get out…She loves to test my flexibility since she knows I have none…shes stretching my legs, wide open and she made me scream loud…I had to tap out since my crotch was all exposed in a way I didnt like! The first part ends when we’re both face to face and im pushing my boobs against hers, i want to send her the message that i could use them against her! Part 2. None of us wants to give up. Even if we always have fun when we wrestle each other, we still want to win. Even if sometimes we laugh at the other girl, we still take the fight very seriously and you can feel the intensity rising in that part. At one point, I got her stuck in a split…she couldnt move at all and you can see in her eyes shes thinking about how she’ll make me pay for that!….very intense part, great wrestling, great moves…sexy outfits…. Part 3 another very intense part of the match…the holds are great..its always very different when I wrestle with V. Shes so flexible and shes a great wrestle so the holds are always amazing! Great wrestling, some chokes, crazy stretching and Im even in really bad pain at one point because I dont have a clue what shes doing to my leg, but it hurts like hell! and at the end, my nipple is out of my bikini
Length: 10 minutes

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MW-464 Mutiny vs Vee Competitive Wrestling. Mutiny in Control FULL VIDEO

464FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Im losing my top, so im topless most of the time…my tank top doesnt stay in place. Vee is wearing sexy lingerie. Quite competitive match, many scissors, sexy poses, Vee is so beautiful when she’s helpless!! I did different scissors, grapevine, armbars, etc. Part 2 : oh! I stretched her perfect body…so much! I made sure to show her body to the camera…well, since shes so sexy! we must see her good right? stretches, camel clutch, lotus hold, etc she tried to wedgie me, pulling on my thong, but I changed position to get in control again (you can see her smacking my ass and the wedgie in the preview) Part 3 : I got hr in 2 or 3 headscissors, she tried some too, but I always reversed her. Got her good, spread her legs open, showed her sexy body! took control some more, but you can see in her face that shes getting mad! mad or not, I still got her good and took control over her amazing body! I even did some victory poses at the end! my boobs are out most of the clip
4642Length: 11 minutes

MW-403 V the cheerleader vs CARLOS Intense mixed wrestling FULL MATCH

403FULL MATCH Part 1 : V is always ready to wrestle. She enjoys it and it shows! Carlos, is also always ready to wrestle, he just loves to destroy hot girls… In fact, V is very intense in that one and she really tries to win even Carlos is being a bully,as usual. But she got him in great holds and tight scissors. You can see the definition in her legs and her back…its so sexy! Carlos is stretching her but she finds way to reverse his holds and she’s really into it…Not all the girls are willing to go that hard with Carlos.. Part 2 : the fight is getting more serious. V is not laughing or smiling. Shes intense and she wants to kick Carlos’ ass. I told her to use her legs a little more…he always forgot that our legs are really strong…so in the last part of the match, you’ll see one of the sexiest scissor hold. She got him in different reverse scissors, all so sexy… (yeah, I love her tights and her ass…I admit it..) and Carlos clearly cant escape even if he tries…he just got weaker, and weaker!!!

Length: 7 minutes