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MW-537 Madison vs Star Semi Competitive sexy wrestling Full Video

Friday, July 11th, 2014

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Both beauties are wrestling each other to win this fight. But in this part, youll see mostly hot scissors applied by Star. Leg scissors, body scissors, neck scissors. One thing is for sure, she is quite hot being the dominating one! I really thought the tall blond would quickly take control, but the cute Star really surprised us Part 2 : Back and forth action…the tall Madison got the sexy Star in some great scissors and she was helpless, but the cute Star also reversed some moves to get Madison between her legs too. They both did some chokes…but this part is more back and forth action. Always sexy! Part 3 : Star got a little meaner! She did some great hairpulling on Madison, some scissors again, a choke but also some stretched! Madison’s legs are sensationnal and Star is really stretching them. At the end, Star did a victory pose, and we didnt expect her to be that confidant and bitchy! MutinyWrestling

Length: 11 minutes

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MKF-01 Mutiny vs Rick Mutiny in control Facesitting and scissors

Friday, July 4th, 2014


Mutiny’s Kinky Fantasies is a new website that will open soon. You must read to make sure you are buying the part that you want to see or the full video. I made several clips to please everybody. THIS PART IS : MUTINY in CONTROL. Wrestling part. This is the only time during the match where I was in control. Scissors, reverse and straight, plus a great facesitting where im forcing my clit on his mouth. He is also licking my pussy while im scissoring him…Im topless most of it

Length: 5 minutes

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MW-481 Mutiny vs Caroline Pierce FACESITTING with a HOT pornstar!!!! FULL VIDEO

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014
481FULL VIDEO Caroline Pierce is a very well known pornstar! She is amazingly sexy, and she’s a really nice person. I asked her if she would be willing to take my challenge, since she’s well known for her perfect and big ass. Im known for my ass too, so I thought with could do something like a facesitting challenge!!! The one who gets more submission with facesitting, straight and reverse! HOT ACTION, back and forth action. She is wearing see through yellow underwear and im wearing a blue thong. She is bouncing on my boobs, sitting on my chest and close ups to our faces when we are under the other one’s ass…
Length: 13 minutes
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MW-467 Accenty vs Mutiny Bearhugs Mutiny in trouble Full Video

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
467FULL VIDEO Part 1 : In MW-471 this guy paid me to wrestle him (in a session) at his place. So I showed up and he wanted to film the whole session. So I undressed, took off my cute dress to reveal a sexy bra and thong outfit. His wife showed up and sat on me for a long time, insulting me, calling me names, etc. I promised not to go back, but the guy asked me again for a session, we did it, and since it was a hot day, I went it the pool with him for a while. I was about to get changed when her wife showed up again. She took off my towel and saw me in a sexy pink bikini. She flipped out and got me in a bearhug. she wanted to hurt me so bad and 4672she did. I almost could breathe. At one point I thought she was releasing me, but no, she just flipped me and did a reverse bearhug and squeezed my ribs some more, couldnt breathe. Her huge boobs on mine, squeezing them, smashing them…using her weight to destroy me some more…LONG bearhug. Part 2 : so im stuck in a reverse bearhug and shes toying with me, smashing her huge breasts against my boobs or my back. I cant breathe. She got me on the couch, didnt let go of the bearhug ….reverse, 4673straight bearhug, way too long I was scared of passing out from the squeezing, and she got me quite weak. That never happened to me. I already from a long bearhug, but I never got scared like that Part 3 : she finally did released me but she threw me on the bed, came on top of me, straddled me, sat on my stomach, and decided to put all her weight on me. she even smothered me with her HUGE BREASTS!!!! couldnt do much under her weight….I begged her to let me go, many times…tried everything…
Length 10 min
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MW-471 Mutiny vs Accenty BBW Domination. SCHOOLGIRL pin, STRADDLE, BEARHUG

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : If you love big beautiful women destroying a smaller girl, you will like this match. I went to this guy’s place because he wanted a session at home. He wanted to reccord the session so I took off my dress to show him what I would wear for our match. His WIFE¬† showed up. She came back from work early and caught us. I didnt know about it and in fact, I even suspected him to do that on purpose to get my as kicked. She was so mad at me and I told her it was her husband’s fault, but she was blaming me mostly. She just sat on me, laughed at me, she was putting all her weight on me and I couldnt move..I told her she was sick and a psycho, so it didnt help my case. She got mad. She didnt want to let me go… The husband kept filming the entire time Part 2 : she’s still sitting on top of me, yelling at me, squashing me. I tried everything, begging, tell her im sorry, she didnt care, she was so pissed. I cant blame her, but I thought she would have been mad at her husband, not me. She flipped on the side and got me in a scissors, I couldnt even move and I thought she would break me…I was so scared. She’s about 200 lbs heavier then me. I already got scared in a match, but never like this one. Part 3 : at this point, you see in her eyes that she doesnt even care about me at all. You see that she would do anything that crosses her mind. and I knew I was lucky to still be alive… She started by taking off her socks and shoved them in my mouth, she got me on my knees on the bed and just squeezed me in a tight bearhug. I thought my ribs were breaking…I couldnt breathe at all…Very long bearhug, didnt want to release me…and I couldnt take it anymore… she didnt care about my ”Im sorry, Im so sorry” there is also some BREASTS SMOTHERING in the video (preview)

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MW-460 Mutiny vs Kristie WRESTLING + lift and carry Full Video

Thursday, March 27th, 2014
Full Video PART 1 : Kristie is just being a bully in that video. Im being really nice to her at the beginning, asking for a fair match and she just didnt care. She started to wrestle pro style, lifted me, carried me, got me on the ground, took off my top, she played with me like I was her doll. Upside down, up in the air, slammed me, used the corners, I tried to fight back many times, but she bullied me some more…. PART 2 : shes bullying me some more…Im starting the second part of the match scissoring her holding myself on the ropes, very sexy hold, but I couldnt keep it and she got even more mad. She got me upside down again, many lifts, like bearhugs, and torture rack, she just played with me some more, and im topless for the rest of the video, wearing only a small thong which doesnt help, because shes fully clothed and Im half naked. It pisses me off….
Length: 8 minutes
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MW-457 Mutiny vs V TOPLESS WRESTLING Full Video

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

457-1Part 1 TOPLESS WRESTLING. V never wrestled topless in all the years she worked in the wrestling business. Its HER FIRST TOPLESS MATCH. Not even after 1 min, we both lost our tops. Competitive wrestling, hot action and even some boobs to boobs action at the end of the first part! Part 2 TOPLESS WRESTLING. the second part starts with breasts to breasts action, a long bearhug and no one wants to give up. we wrestled, I stretched her to humiliate her in front of the camera since its her first time showing her boobs. Im touching her, teasing her and she likes/hates it at the same time. she’s starting to get turned on and I know it. I know her well…VERY well if you know what I mean! Part 3 TOPLESS WRESTLING. HOTTTT ACTION. A lot of boobs to boobs action. We are slapping our boobs together, making them bounce, she smothered me with hers, we squeezed them good, slapped them good. Chokes, scissors, elbows in the pussy,nipple squeezing, 457-2etc. thats what you will find in that part!!! quite sexy! V as you never saw her before!Length: 10 minutes

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MW-452 Mutiny vs V ”The Cheerleader” FULL VIDEO

Thursday, February 27th, 2014
FULL VIDEO : Part 1 : V always been a great wrestler and I always enjoyed wrestling against her. The competition is fair, she’s strong and flexible, Im fast and skilled. She decided to go on the sexy side of wrestling and I cant say im not enjoying this! She is wearing a stripper outfit, sexy bottom and a shiny spandex top. Im wearing a strapless top with shiny booty shorts. The outfits look great together. We both did some scissors, I got her in an armbar , and at the end, while shes making me submit, im losing my top and one boob is completely out… Part 2 : this match is quite competitive for what I usually shoot. we both want to win, back and forth action, scissors, chokes, we are both able to reverse some holds, we taped out a few times…and even if is more competitive than usual, the match is still quite sexy! Part 3 : V is getting more and more competitive and confident. Im still competitive too, but the thing is, she knows me well. I hate chokes and if somebody is getting me in a choke, I might just become too weak to continue the fight… She got me good and you can see in her smile that shes proud of herself. Usually, V is giggling in the videos, but she’s serious and wants to win that fight. Its one of her best match ever
Length: 10 minutes
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Friday, February 14th, 2014
Full Video : HOTTEST ACTION you ever saw me do EVER. MIXED wrestling with SEX.¬† The SEX part is only at the end for 1 min. To show you what happened AFTER the match. This part WONT be released in my member section of my website. Only here and in my videostore. I wanted to have sex so I started to tease Rick who was asleep in our bed. Everytime Im the one who’d like to have sex, he’s saying no. So he makes a deal with me. We will wrestle, and if I win, he will fuck me good. If he wins, he’ll sleep and ill have to do his laundry. Later during the day, when HE will be ready for it, he will fuck me. so we started to wrestle but I was already turned on so he used it against me. he pulled my panties between my legs, against my clit. He turned my body in front of the camera, tried to expose my lips, took off my tank top and blinded me with it. He exposed my boobs to the camera, made sure to stretch me in many positions to humiliate me. He slapped my breasts, spanked my ass quite hard, slapped my face, cockslapped me with his dick in his boxers, but he,s obviously turned on too, so he got me good. He made sure I could feel his dick in each position, to turn me on even more, to make me suffer. Did I mention that he,s good friend with Carlos? well, yeah, he watched most of the videos with Carlos, so he knew what to do to piss me off. I grabbed is erected cock several times, even squeezed his balls to force him to let me go… at the end of the video, he sat on my face, and forced me to lick him… and suck him. You have 1 min of what happened AFTER. several positions, HOTTEST ACTION you ever saw me do EVER. MIXED wrestling with SEX.
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Length: 13:30
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MW-439 Kristie Etzold destroying Mutiny and Jennifer Thomas Full Video

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013
439Full Video : Kristie Etzold is determined to show me that its her place and her rules. I told her I just wanted a fair match, wrestling catfighting, whatever, but she didnt want that. she just wanted to destroy us, to show us how strong and quite crazy she can be. She did some crazy double moves on us, scissors while doing chokes, double chokes, putting us on top of each other…She’s so powerful, we couldnt do much even if we tried hard. My top is moving all the time exposing my breasts which is even more humiliating!
Length: 10 minutes
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