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MW-579 Mutiny vs Steve Mixed wrestling (with topless action)

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Description coming soon

Steve vs Mutiny

The first 10 min, Steve is in control, humiliating Mutiny with different wrestling holds, stretching her, choking her, etc.

and then, Mutiny took control and smothered him, scissored him badly and choked him for 10 min.

they were both agressive and dominant when they were in control….

I will devide the videos in clips when im gonna come back from my Euro tour… but for now, this is the whole video!

a very good one!!! the quality is amazing (HD)

Free sample clip to come

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MW-465 Mutiny vs Vee CATFIGHT hairpulling wrestling SCISSORS Full Video

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Vee usually does ring wrestling but this time, she agreed to a catfight with Mutiny. HAIRPULLING, taking off some clothes, Mutiny is topless most of the time. Vee got quite agressive, but she always forgets how skilled is Mutiny. They both exchanged scissors and hair pulling, quite intense. they are both wearing sexy schoolgirl outfits… sexy fight, but intense Part 2 : V is still very agressive and wants to win, Mutiny knows shes a little more skilled, so shes not that crazy…but as the match goes on, Mutiny gets a little more upset….she always has a smile on her face, because shes overconfident. she knows she can take on Vee. At one point, she got her up, spread her legs wide open and started to spank Vee. V, got upset and reversed it in a scissors. HOT scissors!!! she kept it good, switched it in a side scissors while Mutiny’s breasts are exposed…until she taps! Part 3 : even if we are both exhausted, we still want to win and fight hard…there are more slaps in the last part, still some hairpulling, chokes, scissors. Vee, took off Mutiny’s top because she wanted to distract her. But Mutiny smiled because she knows that Vee just likes to feel her skin while shes on top of her…she knows Vee is enjoying every second of it…then, they started to wrestle back and forth for the last submission, Mutiny slammed V’s body and the floor, but V is a tough girl! She thought it would knock the wind out of her, but V still had some fight in her!

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MW-433 Brooke vs Cheyenne Jewel 2 different parts

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Part 1 : in that part, Cheyenne is showing scissors, headlocks and chokes to Brooke…. and then, Brooke is doing them on Cheyenne. its just about showing her how to do them right, to apply the right pressure, etc. Both are wearing sexy one piece and its quite sexy to hear Brooke trying to speak english and Cheyenne behing so nice to her by showing her all that! This is just the training part. the other part is the match between them


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Part 2 : After Cheyenne showed Brooke many holds, Brooke wanted a match. For the first 5 minutes of that match, Brooke is in control and shes applying all the holds the way Cheyenne showed her. I think the hot american is starting to regret it. She is begging Brooke to stop, thats this is dangerous that she can make her pass out. Eventually, Brooke is releasing the holds after a while but she does. Cheyenne gets more and more upset and it shows. Eventually she snaped! Jumping on Brooke and made her pay for all the times she didnt let her go. She promised her to make her taste her own medecine…. she was so rough with the cute Canadian! and so cruel! Brooke didsnt expect that and was not ready. you can see the panic in her eyes! 2 young beautiful girls with sexy bodies, wearing one piece swimsuit …a lot of body to body action, quite sexy!


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MW-478 Sexy Domination Wrestling by Myleena on Mutiny

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Description by Rick
It was great to see Myleena take control of Mutiny. She gets her fast with a takedown and then controlled her breath with her breast. She continues to dominate even slapping her boob after a submission.  I do not understand how Mutiny gets beat that much but I must say I am enjoying it.
Angry Mutiny gets a quick submission on Myleena. Myleena comes back spanking Mutiny. It made Mutiny even more angry and she tried to take Myleena’s top off. It backfired at her when Myleena got her in a nice half boston crab. She had time to hurt Mutiny, take of her top and even time for a little spank.  Then my favorite part starts : 2 girls topless fighting it off a pleasure for the eyes.
Myleena in control now. On top of Mutiny, she tortures her breats, smashes her chest on top of Mutiny’s. She then went for breast smothering. I couldn’t help but wish I was the on getting smothered. Things turned around and Mutiny’s back in control. The greatest part is when Mutiny puts her in a hold and stretches her. So you can enjoy the view. Intensity picked up from there, breast squizing, crotch torture, hair pulling, chokes they both went all out. I was so turned on watching this. Mutiny enjoyed it less being on the receiving end of the beatdown.

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MW-564 Mutiny vs Hollywood. Wrestling Domination by Hollywood

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : I have so much respect for Hollywood. Wrestling her is always an honour. She doesn’t seem to see me the same way I see her. She started the match rough, pulling my hair and throwing me on the ground. From there she put a choke on me and held it tight. She wrapped her long sexy legs around me in a body scissors. As much as I like looking at her legs feeling them wrap hard around me literally took my breath away. She threw in a few cheap kicks to humiliate me some more. She continues dominating me. You can hear me trying to breath. She gets me in a few arm bars. And finishes this part with a sexy head scissors. I felt the pain of the scissors but watching her sexy body stretched like that helped me deal with the pain.  Part 2 She continues to dominate me hard. Pulling my hair, kicking me, even dropping a knee in my crotch. She then stretched me hard and got me in another sexy scissor. I gave her a lowblow to try and get some loose. It just pissed her off even more. She came back with some straight scissors. She got me so hard that I lost my English. You can hear me quitting in French at the end. Right before I get my ass up in air Part 3 She gets me in a nice hold. I was tapping out and she didn’t care at all, she was enjoying making me suffer a little too much. She practiced her different scissors on me till I passed out. Even my top didn’t make it till the end so I ended up passed out and topless…. Pretty humiliating.


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MW-483 Mutiny vs Safa Warda vs Devon D’Amo semi competitive female wrestling FULL VIDEO

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

FULL VIDEO The rules are simples 3 girls 2 fight at the same time when one taps out the other one comes in. I started the match with Safa. I quickly grabbed her head in between my legs to remember her how strong my legs are. I wasn’t too mean to her so she managed to escaped but her top didn’t survive the hold. Quickly topless, she came back right at me with a headlock putting her boob in my mouth to smother me. She definitely enjoyed herself more than I did.  Devon took my place and disposed of Safa pretty fast so I hoped right back in. I put my breasts in Devon’s face and did a school girl pin on her to make her quit.  Part 2 : semi  competitive, breast to breast action, scissors, grabbing Safa was ready for the next round she breasts smothered me fast then sat on my face. I managed to escaped thanks to my strong legs. We ended up in a double scissors with my nipples exposed. After Safa disposed of Devon as if it was nothing, I came back at her and we had breast to breast action. Then I clawed her pussy to take advantage of her. I stretched her sexy body and had a good feel at her firm breasts. She then felt my scissors around her neck and I finished her off with a good face sitting.   Part 3 : Semi competitive, belly punching,  competitive. Devon came in thinking she could match up to me. She got stretched more than she liked I belly punched her to humiliate her. She manages to overcome me only to get on top and rub her pussy on me. Her grapevine had the best of me. After that things escalated. Devon and Safa went a little crazy on each other. They traded holds and Devon got the best of Safa putting her in a nasty choke till Safa passed out.

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MW-528 Mutiny vs Dayana Pro style piledriver Lowblows, Spandex, one piece, fishnets Full Video

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Dayana is stretching in her sexy spandex one piece when Mutiny came in the ring with a sexy spandex outfit, with fishnets and boots. The match started one sided, when I decided to get D in the corner and work her pussy a bit. I pushed my boot in her crotch and kicked her. then, we did some back and forth pro wrestling moves, but I got the upper hand again. I stretched her, did some atomic drops, got her legs crossed together, her stomach on the ground and grabbed her pussy so good, it made her scream! our boobs are always about to pop out!!! you can even see her nipple at the end of that part. Part 2 : Her nipple i almost all out and I think she got even more upset when she realized it. she flipped me over her to make me taste my own medicine, she slapped my pussy so hard and grabbed it like she would never let it go. She then worked my back, stretched me good, to expose my cleavage too. It didnt take long and I reversed it to give her a good piledriver. It drove me a little crazy that she took over so easily so I worked her pussy some more when she woke up. Punches, kicks, etc. sometimes in the corner. Also choked her good in the ropes, so get her weaker and to get her in a second piledriver! Part 3 : DAYANA GOT CRAZY. She woke up from the piledriver and just LOST IT! completely. If you like when im getting DESTROYED, humiliated and when Im the victim, you will LOVE that part. She is destroying my pussy in all the ways possible. Kicks, slaps, punches, knees, grabbing, etc. she is choking me, pulling my hair. she just lost it good. Im the jobber in that part, and she finally hand cuffed me to a corner of the ring and left me there…My boobs are OUT the whole time….
Length: 12 minutes

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MW-537 Madison vs Star Semi Competitive sexy wrestling Full Video

Friday, July 11th, 2014

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Both beauties are wrestling each other to win this fight. But in this part, youll see mostly hot scissors applied by Star. Leg scissors, body scissors, neck scissors. One thing is for sure, she is quite hot being the dominating one! I really thought the tall blond would quickly take control, but the cute Star really surprised us Part 2 : Back and forth action…the tall Madison got the sexy Star in some great scissors and she was helpless, but the cute Star also reversed some moves to get Madison between her legs too. They both did some chokes…but this part is more back and forth action. Always sexy! Part 3 : Star got a little meaner! She did some great hairpulling on Madison, some scissors again, a choke but also some stretched! Madison’s legs are sensationnal and Star is really stretching them. At the end, Star did a victory pose, and we didnt expect her to be that confidant and bitchy! MutinyWrestling

Length: 11 minutes

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MKF-01 Mutiny vs Rick Mutiny in control Facesitting and scissors

Friday, July 4th, 2014


Mutiny’s Kinky Fantasies is a new website that will open soon. You must read to make sure you are buying the part that you want to see or the full video. I made several clips to please everybody. THIS PART IS : MUTINY in CONTROL. Wrestling part. This is the only time during the match where I was in control. Scissors, reverse and straight, plus a great facesitting where im forcing my clit on his mouth. He is also licking my pussy while im scissoring him…Im topless most of it

Length: 5 minutes

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MKF-01 Mutiny vs Rick Wrestling AND masturbation part RICK IN CONTROL cockslap clit rubbing pussy licking

Friday, July 4th, 2014


Mutiny’s Kinky Fantasies is a new website that will open soon. You must read to make sure you are buying the part that you want to see or the full video. I made several clips to please everybody. THIS PART IS : The ”wrestling and the sex part” where RICK IS IN CONTROL. The goal of this match was to make the other one pass out so when you’re the winner, you can use the loser as you wish, do whatever you want to him/her. Thi sis the part where HE is in control. Not only in the wrestling match, but also after, where IM TIED up and he his teasing me with toys, with his tongue, dick and fingers. but never let me cum. All the teasing during the wrestling match and the sex part. At one point, he got me stuck and started slapping my face with his dick (out of his boxers) Im TOPLESS. he took control and started choking me while rubbing my exposed clit, licking his fingers, and making me tastes myself. YOU WONT SEE Mutiny in control in this part. Only RICK. He tied me up, woke me up by licking my pussy quite good… He his using a toy for my G spot, and another toy for my clit. He used his dick, but got out when i was about to cum, he did that several times with the toys too. He wanted to cum and I had to wait until he cums. thats what he did. teased me and teased me. CREAMPIE. He jerked off until he came on my pussy…and then, with all the sperm, he fucked me to make me cum, but i was already there…so it didnt take long…. Second part is POV like YOU are doing it to me…

Length: 17 minutes

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