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MW-657 Mutiny vs Carlos

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Part 1 : This is an epic Mutiny vs Carlos match. Carlos is in control all the time and he is stretching my back as much as he can while touching me everywhere he can and everytime he can. Im wearing shiny black spandez pants. He just started the match really rough and played with me… Part 2 : This guy is probably the best wrestler out there. He knows so many holds and im lucky to have him working for me but Im not that lucky to face him. He’s skilled but also a pervert! He’s touching my pussy, my breasts and my ass while stretching me to the fullest in holds I dont even know…
Length: 12 minutes
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MWL-81 /MW-281 Mutiny vs Domino (Domination)

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Mutiny’s top moved all the match, but it stayed descent! but at the end, when Domino made her pass out…this is when you can really see everything. She came over her, teased her a little but and put it back in place… After the training they did (MWL-80) Mutiny was too dizzy to get up and Domino challenged her to a match. Mut didnt want to say yes…she almost made her pass out several times with her chokes so she wasnt in a perfect shape to wrestle. Mut knows she can easily destroy her anytime she wants…She’s twice her size!!! But Domino had an advantage of 18 min of destroying her in the wrestling practice before. if you want to see Mutiny helpless, youll see that a lot in that video…if you like to see her turn red…you’ll like it. If you want to see domino take total control over Mut, thats the match for you.. She is applying all the holds she showed her…so she is destroying her badly in this match. Thats a very humiliating match for Mutiny…

Length 14 min

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MW-544 Headscissor Domination Mutiny Dominates Jezabel

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Description by LuchaGirls : Featuring Canadian Beauty Mutiny vs Latina Jezabel Romo ~ Jezabel must have really pissed off Mutiny!! Right from the beginning, Mutiny drags Jezabel into the room and throws her towards a lone chair. With no hesitation, she sits int he chair and grabs Jezabel by the hair and puts in the first of many brutal brain squeezing headscissors! In front of the chair, sprawled across the chair, any which way Mutiny can think of to crush the breathe out of Jezabel stuck between her powerful muscular thighs! Poor Jezabel. Buy Lucha Girls Headscissor Domination Mutiny Dominates Jezabel and watch as Jezabel fights for every bit of air between Mutinys luscious legs as she berates Jezabel in the beautiful French language
Length: 6 minutes

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MW-234 Mutiny vs Mégane – Lift and Carry – Pro Moves

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Another Video that wasnt in my videostore anymore, so Im reposting it!

Mutiny (me) doing BEAR HUGS, PILE DRIVERS (2- front and reverse), LIFTS & CARRY, Over the Shoulder Carry, Stretching, in fact, Mégane was in the air the most of the time. She got me once while going under a clothesline, she was up in the air but couldnt lift her so she drag me to the ground to grab and choke on me….but I got up, more determined to get her and lift her some more! Check the FREE CLIP, you’ll have a good idea. She almost passed out on a bear hug! :-)

she is wearing small red shorts, with black and white top while Im wearing black spandex shorts and top.


Free Sample Clip (Not HD for faster download)

Free Sample Clip (HD quality)
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MW-275 Mutiny vs Navy

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015


Im wearing a gold spandex one piece and I completly took control over Navy.  He really tried hard to do something…he’s just not good at all…but he really tries his best. In this match, my boobs are always so close to come out! I was always at the limit to make him pass out. I did some chokes, scissors to his neck, body, legs, I also did some triangle chokes and he could take them at all. I did an arm bar and I worked a lot to get it. He didnt want to let me win, but he didnt have the choice, I was just stronger…and I was playing with him.. I sat on his face…he couldnt breathe and turned red in a second…I finally smothered him with my breasts several times and he got almost purple… At the end, a triangle choke did it…he couldnt get up at all, and you can see his purple face…and his watery eyes. Length 16 min

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MW-484 Mutiny vs Cheyenne SHINY Spandex – Facesitting ass fixiation TOPLESS HUMILIATION **FULL VIDEO

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

FULL VIDEO ** Part 1 :  this is the wrestling part. With many facesittings, ass fixiation, HOT action! ass smothering TOPLESS   PART 2 : this is theHUMILIATION part. With one long facesitting/ass fixiation, TOPLESS. She made me pass out and attached my hands so i cant move. she then started to rub my clit over my spandex pants….she then rubed her ass (in her shiny spandex pants) on my pussy….and then went down on me, over my pants….to make me cum while I cant do anything to push her off….
free sample clip

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MSC-09 Mutiny vs Entropy Scissors Full Video

Monday, April 1st, 2013

msc09(I only posted part 1, 2 years ago…) This is the full video! So this guy booked me for an hour session and he showed up late. The first 2 times he booked me, he didnt show. Everytime he’s asking me to wear a specific dominatrix outfit and I wait for him…for nothing. This time he arrived, but 10 min late. I was really pissed and I decided I would make sure he will always show up on time in the future! I scissored him so hard, I took control over him for like 10-11 min. He couldnt move, I was squeezing him with my strong legs. All the positions are so sexy and he’s completely helpless…10 min of hot and strong scissors…

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MSC-06 Mutiny vs Entropy Scissors Wrestling Domination

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

So I’m getting ready for a night on the town. I’m dressed in a spectacular little golden dress. The shiny Spandex hugs my body like a second skin and my golden heels make my legs look really nice. You know how this is, right? A girl wants to look her best for her boyfriend. So you’d think the boyfriend would reciprocate, right?
Entropy shows up dressed like a douche, and there’s no way I’m being seen in public with him like this. I ask him to change (nicely), and he flat-out refuses. So I make him understand the dress code by squeezing him in a wide variety of my scissors—including a nice reverse scissors with my G-string-clad butt straight in his face—until he decides it’s best for him to see things my way.

Free Sample clip

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MW-389 Mutiny vs Entropy FULL VIDEO

Monday, February 25th, 2013

389FULL VIDEO Part 1. Entropy and I came back from the restaurant quite quickly. We got in a fight because the girl that was serving us gave him her phone number. I went to the bathroom and he was so proud to show it to me when I came back. In any other case I wouldn’t mind, but i was WITH him! so I was wondering if HE was flirting with her while I was away. I decided I would torture him to have my answers. He thought he was funny when he said : if you want her number, get it from me. He decided to put the number in his pants…It could have been very easy for me to get the number, but I was so upset, I wanted him to feel it. Im asking him questions, sitting on his throat, squeezing his head, his neck, his body, choking him. Im grabbing his dick over his jeans to see if he enjoys all that…my boobs are completely out of my dress.. Part 2. I got him in a reverse headscissors and unzipped his jeans. Im teasing him, grabing his dick over his boxers but I stop everytime I see hes starting to like it a little too much. I love that kind of torture. Im sitting on his face, moving slowly to piss him off some more. He untied my bottom and Im naked over him. I got him in a grape vine but I didnt want him to ask me to stop so I pined him down, sitting on his face, rubbing my clit on his mouth. Forcing him to lick me. He’s completly helpless and I took off his jeans and teased him some more…this time, I made sure to keep his dick hard, but didnt remove his bottom…he didnt deserve with with that he did to me! Part 3. Im scissoring him so hard hes becoming weaker and weaker. Im moving slowly on top of him and Im making sure there is no way he can escape… Im sitting on his dick, still in his boxers and im moving sensually, forcing him to lick my breasts and suck on my nipples. I want to show him there is no need to flirt with other girls, im all he needs. I know the number is in his boxers, but I still want to sensually torture him… Part 4.Im scissoring him around the waist and he’s in pain…this is a big turn on for me to see him that helpless so im touching my pussy, my boobs, while looking at his face in pain. Im grabbing his head to bring him closer so I can scissor his neck. He’s so close to my pussy and I know what I want to do with him. There is no way I will please him, but he will have to please me because he WAS flirting with that girl. In a way, Ill get the satisfaction that he came back with me and I have control over him. So I made him lick my pussy for a while…until I reached for the number in his pants. I grabbed it, and entered the number in MY cellphone. Im the one with her phone number now. Ill decided what Ill do with it…should I fight her, or have sex with her?! Ill see! but one thing’s for sure, he wont have her number! The preview clip is disabled because this is too graphic and its a close up of everything :D Length: 16 minutes

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MWL-126 Brooke vs Mutiny Spandex – Pins

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Brooke was such a bad ref! Right after I got beaten by Mégane, I started an argument with Brooke on the mats and started to wrestle her. I was pretty sure I could beat her since she didnt plan to wrestle at all, but I forgot that I just had a full match before so I wasnt top shape. Mégane came back to count the pins and Brooke is really bitchy all the match long. After both matches, I can still say that I hate pins. More than ever!

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