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NWML Audition #06 Mégane vs Mutiny

Friday, October 2nd, 2015
This is the 6th audition we did for the MWL. The free interviews are all going to be on my website MontrealWrestlingLeague. Mégane is the sweetest girl ever. She is very calm, quiet, always smiling and she loves to wrestle for fun. She is mostly into lift and carry and always wanted to do more wrestling but she is not the aggressive type. She loves pins, rolling around, trying to get out of holds but last time I wrestled her, she didnt have an once of combativity in her. Winning or losing didnt really matters for her. So in that audition, thats what we wanted to see. Last time she was quite passive and didnt fight back. In that match I gave her chances to take control, to see if she would take the chances and she totally did. Honestly, I didnt recognize her from last time we wrestled. She fought back and tried hard! Im the one who suggested the sox, because to be quite honest with you, I think she is super cute and I have a sox fetish…now you know! :P One of the best match Megane did for MWL or MutinyWrestling yet! will she be in the league? will you vote for her?
Length: 12 minutes
Length: 12 minutes
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