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FULL VIDEO PART 1 : We had the pleasure to have Sarah Brookes in Montreal for one day and Carlos wanted to face her. She is wearing a very cute bikini and carlos is not even distracted by her perfect body and sexyness! She is very confident because she is one of the best catfighter out there BUT she never faced Carlos and she knows his reputation. She is very careful and it didnt take time for Carlos to just grab her and destroy her with many different holds. Chokes, camel clutch, boston crab, he stretched her back, her legs, etc. Part 2 as usual, he got her stuck in her own bikini top with a hammer lock. she didnt know what was going on and he is just humiliating her. He is stretching her legs wide open facing the camera. You can see in her smile that shes more insulted than anything. he pushed her, slaped her head a bit and just destroyed her some more! Part 3 He is using her as a toy. he is stretching her as much as he can, single leg boston crab, rear naked chokes. He just made sure her perfect body was perfectly exposed to the camera, and nobody is complaining! mmmm! He stretched her until she told him to stop. she couldnt take it anymore. She is flexible, but he pushed her limits!

Length : 10 min

size : 114MB

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MW-599 Mutiny vs Georgia Jones (pornstar)

Full Video : I went to Los Angeles and a female wrestler showed up with a very cute pornstar with the name of Georgia Jones…She looked like a college girl, barely legal! so I thought she would make a perfect victim for a wrestling match. The thing is, this little naughty girl gets aroused quite easily! I was scissoring her and i didnt want to squeezed her too hard because she is so tiny! but at the same time, having my legs around her neck made her squeal a little and i thought it was quite erotic. the way she moves is SO sensual…her ass always up in the air… its a slow, light wrestling match, but very sexy. She is wearing a bikini thong, like me, and she is learning quite fast. Scissors, grapevines, chokes, hammerlocks, etc. Everytime she had a chance, she grabbed my ass or boobs, i think she liked my accent 😛 a lot of crotch shots…
Length: 13 minutes

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MW-481 Mutiny vs Caroline Pierce FACESITTING with a HOT pornstar!!!! FULL VIDEO

481FULL VIDEO Caroline Pierce is a very well known pornstar! She is amazingly sexy, and she’s a really nice person. I asked her if she would be willing to take my challenge, since she’s well known for her perfect and big ass. Im known for my ass too, so I thought with could do something like a facesitting challenge!!! The one who gets more submission with facesitting, straight and reverse! HOT ACTION, back and forth action. She is wearing see through yellow underwear and im wearing a blue thong. She is bouncing on my boobs, sitting on my chest and close ups to our faces when we are under the other one’s ass…
Length: 13 minutes

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