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MW-518 VEVE LANE lifting and Carrying Mutiny

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

I met Veve Lane in Tampa Bay and I told herI heard she was one of the best in lift and carry. The thing is, im almost 140lbs!!!! Most girls are not strong enough to lift me! I mean, I met very strong girls like Jennifer Thomas, Cheyenne Jewel and Kristie Etzold. But Veve seems so tiny!!! thats why its so amazing! but when she does victory poses, you see all her muscles! I never expected that!

She is lifting me like I weight nothing! Bearhugs, over the shoulder carry, WITHOUT EVER PUTTING ME DOWN! she was just flipping me from position to the other position! Im just amazed by the strength of this woman! she even spinned me around….

we are both wearing one piece thongs with pantyhose! shes really showing off, squatting with me on her back and showing off her biceps….

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MW-526 Mutiny vs SASHA Semi competitive wrestling outside in lingerie full video

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

FULL VIDEO : Part 1 : Back and forth sexy wrestling with a new wrestler named Sasha! She is not afraid to show her amazing body while wrestling outside vs Mutiny in lingerie!!! The neighbours are watching, their is barking at some point! so thats why the match started semi competitive but quickly become rougher! people were watching so the pride kicked in! Mutiny scissored Sasha, but the hot brunette came back on top to sit on Mutiny, some hair pulling, camel clutch : Part 2 : Sasha is not ready to give up yet. she got even more fierce. Scissors, straddling, hair pulling, Mutiny got her stuck in some very humiliating holds showing exposing her bra to the camera and Sasha couldnt move. But Sasha got her revenge by getting Mutiny in a very good front head scissors and Mutiny couldnt do anything. Part 3 : Sasha found a way to stretch mutiny in al the sexy holds she thought of! Mutiny is trying her best to get out and her skills helped her a lot! But Sasha is quite determined this time. The neighbour is watching and she doesnt want to lose. the match got a little more intense, and Mutiny is quite proud of her friend…she never thought she has it in her!
Length: 11 minutes

free sample clip

free sample clip

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