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MW-695 Jackie vs Melissa Moore Full Video (Leg + back stretching domination)

Custom video : Jackie is in control the whole time working Melissa Moore’s legs and back with various holds. The victim is suffering the whole time and cannot take control, she had a wrestling match before and shouldnt have agree to this one!
Length: 11 minutes

Size: 129 MB

Format: WMV

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MW-706 Mutiny vs Melissa Moore INTENSE pro wrestling domination

NEW FEMALE WRESTLE (Trained in pro style wrestling) Melissa Moore. You will not believe the destruction! We had that ”game” the week end we were shooting videos where we had to pick a name and a fighting style. She picked ma and pro style so she was very confident for her first match ever on MutinyWrestling. She had the pro wrestling attire and I was only wearing a cute bikini. She is very aggressive and she knows what she is doing. She played with me and made me tap out many times. All the holds were incredibly sexy and well applied. I couldnt move. After 3 minutes, I was able to get her in a scissors, but she reversed it and choke me some more… Part 2: Back and forth ground wrestling, we exchanged some holds like chokes, scissors, I was able to get 2 or 3 holds on her, but she is obviously way more powerful than I am…She knows she must impress me to stay in our ”league” and to be quite honest, Maria and her are the new girls who really impressed me the most with their skills and their power. She is just amazing and her intensity is incredible. She lifted me like i weighted nothing and carried me around before letting me fall on the ground! Part 3 : I made her tap in the last part and I was smiling and quite proud of myself. She didnt enjoy it and started to destroy me some more. She did a very powerful bearhug and i was off the ground. She got me really weak before getting me in a rear naked choke.

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