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MWL-182 Mégane vs Kasumi Full Match

Full Match : This is a first! 2 of the sexiest ladies of the MWL are fighting against each other! Some people are not even able to say who’s who! Two sexy girls with black hair who likes to fight. Kasumi thought it would be easy and I mus admit I thought she would have it easy too. Last time, Mégane wasnt really competitive, but she gave all she had in that fight. She realized that Kasumi was in shape and quite aggressive, so she got her good too. I was impressed by both of them, and I love to see them fight!!! they are soooo beautiful!!!!
Length: 13 minutes
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MWL-93 Megane vs Brooke Pro Lift and Carry

Mut was the cam girl, so ill let her describe the match she saw. 

Mégane came back after a year and she had to do 4 matches! when she left a year ago, she was still a beginer and Brooke and I wanted to do some lift and carry with her this time. Brooke got better during that year and shes very strong. they both did some chokes, some stretching…Brooke got her in a bearhug or two…she picked her up on her shoulders twice…and at the end she did a piledriver..that got Megane very dizy but she didnt pass out…she just couldnt continue! they also did some lowblows. 7 MINUTES

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NWML Audition #06 Mégane vs Mutiny

This is the 6th audition we did for the MWL. The free interviews are all going to be on my website MontrealWrestlingLeague. Mégane is the sweetest girl ever. She is very calm, quiet, always smiling and she loves to wrestle for fun. She is mostly into lift and carry and always wanted to do more wrestling but she is not the aggressive type. She loves pins, rolling around, trying to get out of holds but last time I wrestled her, she didnt have an once of combativity in her. Winning or losing didnt really matters for her. So in that audition, thats what we wanted to see. Last time she was quite passive and didnt fight back. In that match I gave her chances to take control, to see if she would take the chances and she totally did. Honestly, I didnt recognize her from last time we wrestled. She fought back and tried hard! Im the one who suggested the sox, because to be quite honest with you, I think she is super cute and I have a sox fetish…now you know! 😛 One of the best match Megane did for MWL or MutinyWrestling yet! will she be in the league? will you vote for her?
Length: 12 minutes
Length: 12 minutes

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MW-234 Mutiny vs Mégane – Lift and Carry – Pro Moves

Another Video that wasnt in my videostore anymore, so Im reposting it!

Mutiny (me) doing BEAR HUGS, PILE DRIVERS (2- front and reverse), LIFTS & CARRY, Over the Shoulder Carry, Stretching, in fact, Mégane was in the air the most of the time. She got me once while going under a clothesline, she was up in the air but couldnt lift her so she drag me to the ground to grab and choke on me….but I got up, more determined to get her and lift her some more! Check the FREE CLIP, you’ll have a good idea. She almost passed out on a bear hug! 🙂

she is wearing small red shorts, with black and white top while Im wearing black spandex shorts and top.


Free Sample Clip (Not HD for faster download)

Free Sample Clip (HD quality)
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MWL-90 Megane vs Brooke Grapling Chokes-scissors

This is a match between Brooke and Megane and they are both using chokes and scissors to make the other one tap out!!! Brooke was mostly in control but Megane did some good chokes too. I helped her (im holding the camera) telling her what she should do..because Brooke improved a lot in the last year!! At the end of the video…Brooke is wining by several submissions..but Megane got her in a very good choke..Brokoe turned red….and ….whos the winner then? the one who won by many submissions…or the one who made the othe rone pass out? Price: $12.99 USD Length: 13 minutes

Free Sample Clip

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MWL-126 Brooke vs Mutiny Spandex – Pins

Brooke was such a bad ref! Right after I got beaten by Mégane, I started an argument with Brooke on the mats and started to wrestle her. I was pretty sure I could beat her since she didnt plan to wrestle at all, but I forgot that I just had a full match before so I wasnt top shape. Mégane came back to count the pins and Brooke is really bitchy all the match long. After both matches, I can still say that I hate pins. More than ever!

Free Sample Clip

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MWL-125 Mutiny vs Mégane – Pins only – Spandex

Brooke is the ref (in black spandex) of this pins only match between Mégane and I. The girls always want to do pins against me because they know I hate them and Im not good at escaping pins. Since Mégane is always losing against me, she asked me for a pins only match and she really wanted Brooke as the ref! So we started the match and as I predicted, she was really good and she ddnt feel guilty at all to sit on my chest, sit on my throat, sit on my stomach or just put all her weight on me. I always feel bad for doing this to people! But the other girls dont! I was able to pin her from time to time, but she got me pretty good and Brooke was obviously on her side. Thats why, at the end of this match, I just jumped on Brooke and wrestled her for MWL-126. Mégane is so damn sexy in that red spandex one piece suit!!!

Free Sample Clip

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MWL-91 Mutiny vs Megane Light Wrestling 16 min

Megane got injured a year ago and couldnt wrestle for a long time. She came back at Mutiny’s place and told Mut she wanted ot face her again. She said she wasnt sure if she could remember all the holds and she wanted a light semi comp match…without getting injured. Mutiny is always the best for that because she never injured anybody in 7 years of wrestling. She can go hard, but she can also adapt her level to anybody. They did scissors, chokes, stretching holds, some hairpulling and some pins. Nothing competitive here, just 2 sexy girls wrestling on mats in sexy bikinis! Length : 16 min

Free Sample Clip
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MWL-94 Megane vs Mutiny Pro Lift and Carry

Mutiny talking about her match vs Megane.

Mégane came back after a year and she had to do 4 matches! when she left a year ago, she was still a beginer and I wanted to do some lift and carry with her. The last match I did against her last year was a pro lift and carry and she was getting quite good! I got her in a reverse bearhug, over the shoulder carry twice,,.back to back, i bent over and she couldnt touch the ground. she wa sbarefeet and I had boots on. she got me in a good choke, brought me down and stretched me real good, she surprised me. I got herin a camel clutch and I finaly got her in a bearhug and she very fast because I squeezed her as hard as I could i son as she was in the air. she was out. during the match, we exchanged some punches…and I did squats when i had her on my shoulders. 7 MINUTES

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MSC-05 Mégane vs Mutiny Scissors Challenge

Mégane loves to hold an opponent in her strong scissors. That’s why she challenges me to a contest: she bets she can make me submit to her scissors five times in ten minutes. But I’ve been trapped in some mean scissors before, so I’m not afraid of the newcomer.
And for ten minutes, you get to see me in a tiny zebra-print, Brazilian-cut bikini, struggling to squirm out of her scissors. And I won’t tell you if she succeeded or not, but I’ll tell you this: I have a lot more respect for this girl’s legs than I had before.

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