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MW-742 (3 VIDEOS) SPECIAL KASUMI vs Mutiny DEAL 31 MIN FOR 14.95$

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

3 matches!

Mutiny vs Kasumi x 3

MWL-102 Kasumi’s audition (vs Mutiny)

When I saw this tall and gorgeous girl entering my house I realized I was right to contact her! She’s a natural beauty, very classy and the best thing is, she lives near my house! So of course, I really wanted her in the league! haha With her pefect physique, I knew she would be the perfect addition! She didnt know anything about wrestling and i didnt even meet her first to talk about it! All the other girls in the league knew a little about wrestling, some of them had a pro wrestler boyfriend, or they were close friend with me for a long time, or just into combat sports. But Kasumi is a model and already did boxing some years ago. This video is not a wrestling match, its more some rolling around with me telling her what to do and what not to do and Im letting her getting me into holds and Im traching her how to make them hurt or how to make them hard to escape!

MWL-103 Kasumi’s first match vs Mutiny

This is officialy Kasumis first match! I wanted her to wrestle against me because I wouldnt go hard on her, just some light wrestling! So thats excatly what this match is, light wrestling, friendly wrestling with some very light punches to the stomach, nothing competitive at all. I dont want to discourage the girls at the begining! I want them to learn! She told me she didnt want me to give her too many chances tho’! and thats what I did! when she was doing something good, I was letting her do it, but I still kept control!!! But even this very sweet and sexy girl got an attitude and she doesnt like to lose!

MW-326 Mutiny (batman) vs Kasumi (wonderwoman)
Scissors, stretching, grapevines, etc. Very hot actions! My top even moved at one point to show my boob while Kasumi is scisoring me!!! We are both wearing a bikini top with superheroe booty shorts and you’ll see Kasumi stretching me several times since she knows im not that flexible, but still, I took control and was able to win that match,,,,I got a little cocky and she was getting upset! I love her even more when she’s pissed!

Length: 31 minutes
Size: 366 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1900×1266

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MW-745 (4 VIDEOS) SPECIAL KASUMI & BROOKE! 2 matches Kasumi vs Brooke, 1 match Brooke and Mutiny vs Kasumi and 1 match Kasumi vs Dayana DEAL 43 MIN FOR 14.95$

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

4 matches!
Kasumi special!

Brooke vs Kasumi
Brooke vs Kasumi
Brooke and Mutiny vs Kasumi
Dayana vs Kasumi (Never released)

MWL-104 Brooke vs Kasumi Full Video

This is a very intense match between Brooke and Kasumi. For a year now, Brooke bought the MontrealWrestlingLeague from Carlos and she’s been updating the websites. Everytime there is a new girl (usually a friend of her) shes asking for an audition (me auditioning them) because its a tradition in the league. She is working very hard at her day job and couldnt update much so I decided to find a new girl and she did the audition with me. Brooke was so upset about it because she wants to be the one to decide who’s in and who’s not. They started and Brooke got very competitive right away. She didnt give any chance to Kasumi in the first 5 min. it was a total domination. I finally started to give some tips to Kasumi and after 5 min, i stoped the match to talk to Kasumi in private and she got Brooke very well after that. Very intense match and quite competitive. Scissors, chokes, leg holds, etc

MWL-108 Brooke vs Kasumi

Part 1 : Kasumi took control in part one. The match started quite slow since both wrestlers have the same ”technique”. They both are very strong, they are both very proud and they are both using their legs a lot in a fight. Brooke started we a bodyscissors to Kas and she didnt wait to put all the pressure she could. She wanted to have the first submission! Then Kas started to stretch Brooke! Even if shes very flexible, Brooke didnt expect that! You’ll also see in that part both girls trying to get a submission but in a crotch to crotch position (hard to describe!) and Kas finally got a single leg boston crab sitting on Brooke’s back Part 2 : Very hot action with 2 girls with a perfect body!!! I just love to be the cam girl for those matches!!! In this part, there are a lot of scissors, stretching and some chokes! I just love to see their face when they dont want to give up! they are both so proud and they both hate to lose badly. When Brooke is pissed, you can see it in the way she gives up (tap out) on the ground. Shes going harder and harder (louder). At the end she got a cramp in her foot and she was so pissed to give up! Part 3 : Kasumi quickly got Brooke in a rear naked choke to make her submit. They she was able to do a double arm bar sitting on Brooke’s back and I cant even find a name for that and I dont think she knew what she was doing but Brooke could even tap with her legs or hands…so she had to say it. At this point, I started laughing at Brooke (behind the camera and you can hear me). Im proud of Kasumi’s improvement! Brooke got 2 submissions in a row after that, one with a single leg boston crab and then she sat on Kas’ neck to get her in a neck scissors…

MWL-106 Mutiny vs Brooke vs Kasumi Full Video
Mutiny and I started to wrestle each other and 30 sec later (not even 30 sec) Kasumi came in. I told her she was accepted in the league, but she already wants more matches. So we said she could wrestle with us and we decided to do like a triple threat match. Wen a girl was giving up, the other one had to jump in and wrestle the girl still on the mats. We started to get really pissed at Kasumis being so confidant so we ended up double teaming her and we left her on the mats…Sometimes you just have to teach lessons to people.

MW-746 *Never released     Kasumi vs Dayana Full video

By searching on my hard disks to make some great deals, I found many video i never released…this one is one of them! Very intense fight between Kasumi and Dayana. Until the end (there was a timer), they fought and gave their everything. Kasumi is very skilled and Dayana is a trained pro wrestler so they dont have the same skills at all. Kasumi is very serious and D knows her opponent is tough. Many ladies on my website underestimated Kas because she is very pretty and a model. They all thought she was like the other models who visited us and that she was a little precious girl. Kas is one of the toughest girl I hied to work for/with me. She hates losing and she’ll do everything to make sure she wont…

Length: 43 minutes
Size: 494 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1900×1266

MW-411 Mutiny (in control) vs Whitney (helpless) PRO WRESTLING, Lift and Carry, HOT girl getting destroyed FULL VIDEO

Friday, May 10th, 2013

411Whitney is an amazing blond girl, really nice and sweet. She is also a very good wrestler, but she got a little too cocky here, asking me for a special lift and carry + pro wrestling match. She thought she would be able to lift me up, and wrestle me pro style. As soon as we locked up, I showed her it was a big mistake. I took control over her and she was TOTALLY HELPLESS. BELLY PUNCHING, KNEES TO THE STOMACH, SHOULDERS, BOSTON CRAB, CAMEL CLUTCH, SEVERAL SEXY STRETCH to expose her perfect body to the camera and of course, some lift and carry. Over the shoulder carry, piggy back ride, bearhugs, etc. At the end, im choking her with one leg only, standing up…She couldnt do anything and Im pretty sure she wont ever ask me again for that type of match. she was totally HELPLESS and the pretty girl is getting her ass kicked real bad!Length: 11 minutes

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MWL-149 Mutiny vs Pamela The Black Tiger

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

FULL VIDEO Part 1 . For years, people were asking about a match between Pamela the Black Tiger and myself. She is the strongest wrestle we ever had in Montreal and I always said it was true. I did some pro matches against her, but I never wanted to wrestle on mats with her. We also got in several arguments over the internet because people were constantly writing us to tell us how the other girl was mean and saying bad things about us. I never said one bad thing about her because I really respected her, but I believed people who were telling me she was bitching behind my back. The thing is, she never did because she respected me too. So for almost 5 years, we didnt fight against each other. Even if I cannot wrestle much these days because Im starting to get back in shape and my body is pretty injured, I decided to ask her to come to my place to shoot several matches. In this first part, Im really quick and I get her in a bodyscissors, but shes so strong that she took control. I didnt give up easily at all, I made her work for her submissions! It was our first match against each other and I wanted to ”feel her” and see what she was capable of. Intense and serious match…Pamela is naturally muscular! I got several holds on her but she was able to free herself each time (in this part) Part 2 Im very determined to make her submit now! since she is skilled, I know what shes thinking and whats she wants to do. The thing is, sometimes shes too strong for me, so even if I know what shes about to do, even if Im quick, shes so strong that she can get it easily. at one point, I dont really know how she managed to do so, but she got me up on her shoulders while shes on her knees on the ground. Im completely helpless and you can see in my face that I dont have a clue whats going on! She trhew me on the ground quite hard but I quickly turned and got her in a bodyscissors! usually im nice and I dont squeeze the ribs right away, but with her, I cannot ”play”. I made her suffer a little! but with her, you always have to ”pay double” if you hurt her! she stretched me good and made me pay for that submission! Part 3 I got her so good in a hold I never did before and I dont really know if there is a name for that! With her, I have to improvise a little! I was squeezing her head with my legs , my ass was in the air and I got one of her arms! she couldnt move much and when she did, I was able to grab a good headscissors! she had to give up. That made her quite pissed though! she squashed my face with her calves, I dont know how she did that but it was hurting! she then grabbed my leg because I told her before the match that Im not flexible (so nice of her!!! and so stupid of me!) Intense match, and we both wanna win, but this time, it wasnt my match! I needed to see what shes capable of, and let me tell you, shes an awesome wrestler. Next time, Ill get more submission!

Length: 11 minutes
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