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MW-518 VEVE LANE lifting and Carrying Mutiny

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

I met Veve Lane in Tampa Bay and I told herI heard she was one of the best in lift and carry. The thing is, im almost 140lbs!!!! Most girls are not strong enough to lift me! I mean, I met very strong girls like Jennifer Thomas, Cheyenne Jewel and Kristie Etzold. But Veve seems so tiny!!! thats why its so amazing! but when she does victory poses, you see all her muscles! I never expected that!

She is lifting me like I weight nothing! Bearhugs, over the shoulder carry, WITHOUT EVER PUTTING ME DOWN! she was just flipping me from position to the other position! Im just amazed by the strength of this woman! she even spinned me around….

we are both wearing one piece thongs with pantyhose! shes really showing off, squatting with me on her back and showing off her biceps….

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MW-503 Mutiny vs Star Pro Wrestling Lift and Carry FULL VIDEO

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Star is showing up on my mats with her perfect body in a very small bikini. She then told me she has no idea who i am and she never heard of me. So i decided to show her what lift and carry and pro wrestling is. I wanted her to know how strong i am. I picked her up on my shoulders right away. I did many squats, stretch her back, dragon sleeper hold, single leg boston crab, bearhug and another lift on my shoulders… she was obviously very impressed! Part 2 : this little sexy thing wants to fight back! I got her in a reverse bearhug, exposing her amazing body, i choked her with her own arms, stretch her back some more, got her on my back, walked with her, did some squats….some hammer locks, but still, she tried to make a come back! Part 3 : I punched her, got her on my back, you can see she wants to try to do something but she only did grappling in the past… Boston crab, full nelson, i did some holds on her to get her a little more weak. I wanted to finish her with a bearhug! shes the kind of girl i wanted to see from one of my bearhugs! she was and i did victory poses over her sexy bod!
Length: 10 minutes

free sample clip
free sample clip

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MW-480 Mutiny vs Myleena Sexy Pro Style lift and carry in shiny spandex FULL VIDEO

Monday, January 30th, 2017

FULL VIDEO : Part 1, we started with back and forth chain pro wrestling. Then, she got me in an arm bar…I ended up LIFTING her on my back, but she wraped her strong legs around my neck and started to scissor my head. She was still up in the air, but i was getting weaker and weaker….so she got the submission… Part 2 Im in total control in that part. Bearhugs, tomsbtone, stretching, single leg boston crab, I made sure she suffered good. I lifted up on my shoulder, almost breaking her back….Its the first time i was doing that lift. Like a torture rack, but over one shoulder, she couldnt do anything…shes such a sexy victim! Part 3 : over the shoulder carry, torture rack with a back breaker from that position, at this point its just me toying with her since shes really suffering!…You can see im enjoying myself! and after stretching her good with a submission hold, i dont even give her the time to give up and i get her up for another tombstone! the cute tattooed girl is almost crying! not so tough now!

Length: 13 minutes

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MW-396 Mutiny & V the cheerleader vs Dayana Lift and Carry + Pro Style (2 vs 1)

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

396Dayana agreed to a pro wrestling match against me. Shes a new pro wrestler and really thinks she can make me submit OR pin me for a 1-2-3 count. Not even after 2 minutes, she was destroyed, I was able to lift her like a baby over my shoulder! This is when V joined me and thought it could be fun to destroy her some more, to laugh at her and humiliate her! She started to lift her too, she also hold her for me and Dayana was all exposed to be punched, and kicked! I also gave her some knees. V got D in a torture rack and I did the same after her. We wanted to stretch her good and show her she is no match for us! When Dayana was on my back in a TORTURE RACK, V asked me to give her D directly on her shoulders without putting her down first!!! this girl is so strong! we slammed her back into the wall several times and I also gave her a back breaker! V got her in a great bearhug, while I was choking her at the same time! I asked V to take pictures with an Iphone to send our friends. I then gave her a piledriver and knocked her out…this is when I took the iphone and took pictures of her..laying on my mats!! Length: 12 minutes

Free Sample Clip
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MW-254 Mutiny vs Domino Pro Stye + lift and Carry

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Im in total control of Domino….2 piledrivers, I knocked her out…I did some over the shoulder carry, bearhugs, bodyslams, back breakers, reverse bear hug, camel clutch, and some stretching!

we are both wearing pro outfits! with boots….and she is wearing very small booty shorts!!!

at the end, im grabing the camera in my hands (Brooke was filming the match) because I wanted to make sure we have a good view on this sexy Ko Domino!

Length: 5 min

Free Sample Clip

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MWL-93 Megane vs Brooke Pro Lift and Carry

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Mut was the cam girl, so ill let her describe the match she saw. 

Mégane came back after a year and she had to do 4 matches! when she left a year ago, she was still a beginer and Brooke and I wanted to do some lift and carry with her this time. Brooke got better during that year and shes very strong. they both did some chokes, some stretching…Brooke got her in a bearhug or two…she picked her up on her shoulders twice…and at the end she did a piledriver..that got Megane very dizy but she didnt pass out…she just couldnt continue! they also did some lowblows. 7 MINUTES

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MW-234 Mutiny vs Mégane – Lift and Carry – Pro Moves

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Another Video that wasnt in my videostore anymore, so Im reposting it!

Mutiny (me) doing BEAR HUGS, PILE DRIVERS (2- front and reverse), LIFTS & CARRY, Over the Shoulder Carry, Stretching, in fact, Mégane was in the air the most of the time. She got me once while going under a clothesline, she was up in the air but couldnt lift her so she drag me to the ground to grab and choke on me….but I got up, more determined to get her and lift her some more! Check the FREE CLIP, you’ll have a good idea. She almost passed out on a bear hug! :-)

she is wearing small red shorts, with black and white top while Im wearing black spandex shorts and top.


Free Sample Clip (Not HD for faster download)

Free Sample Clip (HD quality)
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MWL-135 Mutiny & Yui vs Maelys (lift and carry + pro) Full Video

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Part 1 : Yui and I are double teaming Maelys. We are kicking her ass really bad! we are stretching her, choking her, hiting her, in the middle of the ring or in the corners…She is so sexy when she’s in pain! we couldnt resist! Poor thing, Im almost breaking her back while Yui is punching her… Part 2 : PRO WRESTLING + LIFT AND CARRY Yui and I are starting a little argument because we both want to finish her…but instead of doing it right away, we started lifting her up and walking with her in different way. Piggy back ride, over the shoulder carry, etc. One after the other, we are challenging the other one to do the same thing. Poor Maelys, shes the prettiest victim and she cannot do a thing. We are still both stretching her a lot and still choking her to make sure she stays weak! Im also dropping 2-3 knees in her crotch to get her even weaker.
Part 3 : Yui is really starting to get on my nerves! She really gets cocky. We both work on Maelys again and we do some bearhugs. After she was almost done, Yui grabbed maelys to finish her off. Our poor victim passed out and yui started to get even more cocky. I lost it and started to destroy Yui (pro style). I even lift her up several times (over the shoulder carry, piggy back ride and bearhugs. I wrestled her until she passed out too but Maelys was still dizzy in the corner. I grabbed her again in a reverse bearhug and made her pass out over Yui’s body! My job was done for the day…

Free Sample Clip

Free Sample Clip

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MW-612 Mutiny LIFT and CARRY —> Summer Full Video

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Full Video : Summer is a new girl. Everytime I asked her for a new type of video, she wanted to understand what it was. When I told her about the lift and carry videos, she wasnt really sure but she told me Carlos told her how strong I was but couldnt really believe it. Girls like her are my favorite. They are so pretty and so sweet. AND shes flexible! So I did a long TORTURE RACK, bearhugs, over the shoulder carry. But the torture rack looked amazing. her perfect body all exposed. and my squating with her on my back…
Length: 5 minutes

Free Sample clip

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MW-460 Mutiny vs Kristie WRESTLING + lift and carry Full Video

Thursday, March 27th, 2014
Full Video PART 1 : Kristie is just being a bully in that video. Im being really nice to her at the beginning, asking for a fair match and she just didnt care. She started to wrestle pro style, lifted me, carried me, got me on the ground, took off my top, she played with me like I was her doll. Upside down, up in the air, slammed me, used the corners, I tried to fight back many times, but she bullied me some more…. PART 2 : shes bullying me some more…Im starting the second part of the match scissoring her holding myself on the ropes, very sexy hold, but I couldnt keep it and she got even more mad. She got me upside down again, many lifts, like bearhugs, and torture rack, she just played with me some more, and im topless for the rest of the video, wearing only a small thong which doesnt help, because shes fully clothed and Im half naked. It pisses me off….
Length: 8 minutes
free sample clip

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