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MW-555 Mutiny vs Layla Moore BBW Domination

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Ive never heard of her name before. I know she doesn girl on girl porn and she pretends she can wrestle. So i met her in the ring and im quite confident. Size doesnt matter and Im skilled and fast. Well, she knows some holds and she is so heavy i couldnt do anything. She sat on my face, laughed at me, did many leg holds/ leglocks, she did a camel clutch, a boston crab where she sat on my head and bounced on me. She wante dto humiliate me. I heard she did the same to other girls in the business. She laughs at us and destroy us…Im topless and she is wearing a one piece… Part 2 ; she is obviously playing with me. She is pushing me around, with her feet, by my hair. She is throwing my on the ground, playing with my top, sweating on me. Its gross, so humiliating. She is sitting on me some more, my face, my stomach, my back. Leg holds, single leg boston crab, grapevines, etc. Im getting my ass kicked real bad… Part 3 ; in the last part of the match, I was able to give her a kick in the crotch but i paid for it. She smothered me with her tits, sat on my face with a straight AND a reverse facesit (LONG, too long). This is the total humiliation in this part. Im like a rag doll… She even did some victory poses over my uncouscious body

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