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MW-154 Aiden vs Kristiana CATFIGHT pantyhose

I dont remember exactly when or how it started, but Kristiana and Aidne were getting ready to go out. They were both staying in my house with me…I have 2 spare rooms for my guests. I know we had to go to this place all together and of course, we all wanted to be the sexiest girl! They both wanted to wear pantyhose and a black dress and finally we ended up not going anywhere because they strated to argue and fight. they riped off the pantyhose and took off their dresses. It was hot to watch…but the rest of the evening was quite boring since they didnt want to talk to each other after that fight!
Length: 9 minutes

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MW-155 Jezabel vs Kristiana CATFIGHT

Aiden and Kristiana were wrestling on my mats and showing each other new wrestling holds. Jezabel and I were siting next to them, watching them train. Jezabel didnt like Kristiana at first sight. She was calling her : the american diva or the american bitch. She didnt like the way she look, she was telling me she look
Length: 9 minutes

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MW-150 Carlos vs Kristiana


Carlos called me to wrestle Kristiana. He wanted it so bad so I asked him why he wanted to wrestle her that much. I really thought it would be because she is so damn perfect! His answer really surprised me. He said he saw her on a lot of websites and it was obvious that she is quite a diva and a little California princess. Of course, I told kristiana what Carlos was thinking of her. She insisted to see some videos that Carlos did with me. She was so upset when she saw him fighting dirty against me, cheating, grabbing me, etc. She told me she wanted 2 matches against him to show him twice that she can beat sweaty pigs easily! I love the way she talks to men! In this video, carlos knew what to do and say to her off!
Length: 6 minutes

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MW-147 Kristiana vs Chris

When she came to my place for a week, I asked kristiana which guy she?d like to wrestle so I showed her some matches that i did with my guys. She decided to take on Chris because she told me he was looking out of shape! I told him this and he got so pissed!!! She was also laughting at his french accent (he is worst than me in English!) and he wasn?t that happy to wrestle her. In fact, he was very happy at the beginning because he was like : ??she?s so hot! I?m going to wrestle that hottie!??. But when he realized he had no chance at all to do anything else then wrestle with her, he changed his mind about her.
Length: 5 minutes

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MW-142 V vs Kristiana

Kristiana is almost a female wrestling legend. V. is an eager and willing new wrestler looking for a chance to prove herself. This is a recipe for trouble, and trouble we got! The girls waste no time in introductions and get right down to business. This may be one of Kristiana’s most intense matches, and perhaps it has to do with her wearing Italy’s colors. It’s probably national pride that makes her stubbornly refuse to submit to a guillotine choke for so long… V is as sexy as ever in red panties and a black bikini top, but will she prevail against experience and cunning?

Length: 10 minutes

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MW-163 Mutiny vs Kristiana

We were both wearing leopard bikinis and she told me I was wearing HER stuff! So, of course, as always she was complaining and being upset and wanted to fight and take me on…So I decided we should do it, because Im not scared of her at all! but she is quite strong I must admit! and dawm sexxxxxxxxxxy! and at one point, my top is moving so i try to replace it but its always moving…
LENGTH: 4:39

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MW-157 Mutiny and Kristiana vs Carlos and Chris

While Kristiana and I were shooting custom videos, the guys were looking at us and laughing at us. They acted so cocky and they were really getting on our nerves….Kristiana told me she had an idea…she told me we should try a tag team match! the girls against the guys!!
LENGTH : 22 min

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MW-149 kristiana vs Mutiny…Domination by Mutiny

Its a custom video where Im squashing Kristiana! Im hitting her back, her belly, im stretching her real bad!!!!! 🙂 she is so sexy when she is losing anyway!!!!!
Length : 14:40

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MW-148 Kristiana vs Mutiny Leg Fight

Custom Video. Mutiny is always stretching her legs at work and Clive (Kristiana’s boyfriend) is always looking at her. She always wears sexy skirts, with high heels to make sure all the guys will look at her. In this video, you’ll see Kristiana and Mutiny in a leg fight. Only scissoring each other’s leg. Slapping each other’s tights and a lot of hair pulling. Rolling around, begging, teasing, bitching about the other one’s legs! Only legs scissors in that video.
Length : 12 :48

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MW-145 Kristiana vs Mutiny

Last year, I went to Robin’s place to do a competitive match against her and against Kristiana. Robin is one of the best wrestle out there, as everybody knows, she kicked my butt real bad!!!! But the match against kristiana was very close. We agreed not to do chokes…but she got one submission by choke…and she won 3-2. So I wanted her back to wrestle her in a semi-competitive match (didn’t one anybody to really get injured) so she agreed to come to my place and wrestle with me. Submissions only match, no pins. Lots of scissors, and stretching! I wanted to humiliate her a little bit! With some really cool arm locks. Well she has a wonderful body! This girl is just physically perfect! So I decided to show off her body a little bit!
Length : 11 min

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