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MW-376 Eric Spanking 3 naked girls : Jenna Preston, Safa Warda and Mutiny

FULL VIDEO After a long day of wrestling shoots, Leena Sky, Safa, Jenna, Eric and I were spending time at the hotel. However, no one wanted to have their clothes on and things were getting a big frisky. It would be hard not to get frisky in a room full of these naked hot bodies! Eric was the first one to suggest a spanking contest: “Let’s play a game…” He would administer the spankings using a spatula, and the loser of the first round (first Part) would then get a final hard spanking from the winner. (in part 2) Whoever could hang in with the spankings the longest would be deemed the winner. Leena sky is a natural dominant girl so she’s the one filming. You can see her i nfront of my camera several times…she is filming half naked! Jenna Preston’s, Safa’s and my ass got red really fast! You will see that one contestant just about orgasms from the hard spankings she is given!! The spankings are so hard, the kitchen spatula breaks in the middle of the game! One of the hottest games Leena Sky have ever watched and that Ive ever played! (This is the first part only, all 3 girls are getting spanked, in the second part, the winner is spaNking the loser!) The winner (Safa Warda) is spanking the loser (Jenna Preston) really hard and barehand! Im holding the camera and you can see Jenna’s ass getting REALLY RED! Safa enjoys spanking her and i really think that Jenna’s getting turn on my it!!! 14 min

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