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MW-695 Jackie vs Melissa Moore Full Video (Leg + back stretching domination)

Custom video : Jackie is in control the whole time working Melissa Moore’s legs and back with various holds. The victim is suffering the whole time and cannot take control, she had a wrestling match before and shouldnt have agree to this one!
Length: 11 minutes

Size: 129 MB

Format: WMV

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MW-696 Mutiny vs Jackie FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO : PART 1: Jackie is pissed that she wasnt invited to my tournament. I told her many times that it was a one piece thong tournament and nobody wanted to see her in that type of outfit and she didnt take is well. We argued a bit outside and she just asked me to take her on right there, on the mats in my backyard. I faced her many times but this time, she got way more competitive. She did a great armbar, chokes, scissors, she spanked me and even did some deep wedgies. I tried a grapevine on her (quite sexy with a one piece thong) and even tried to breasts smother her but it pissed her off… Yes, my crazy neighbor is back. (My nipple got out of my outfit) PART 2: I was quite upset that she uses spanking and wedgies against me, so i got more aggressive too. I got her in a sexy headscissors but the thing with Jackie is that each submission you can get on her gets her really pissed and she’ll become crazier. Her plan was obviously to stretch me, show off my body and humiliate me. Some girls were watching so she wanted to show them what she could do to them too. At one point we got up after a submission and I jumped on her to choke her but she reversed it in a BEARHUG. a good one. I couldnt get out. She held me there until i couldnt take it anymore PART 3 : What is good to know is that I met Jackie because her boyfriend was looking at me wrestle during a video shoot outside my house. Since that day, he kept asking if I would shoot more videos and if he can come and watch. He was my neighbor and Jackie eventually moved it with him and found out about my job/passion. During that video shoot, one of my cam guy didnt make it and I used Jackie’s boyfriend to film our matches. He is the one behind the camera for that match. She wanted to show him how pathetic I am and how good she is compared to me. She made me pass out with a bearhug, laughed at me, I woke up with my thong inside my pussy and it was hurting… then, Jackie scissored my head enough to make me freak out. You can see Im not enjoying any of it. She is so calm and I am panicking a lot…she kept it until I was out. then rolled me on my stomach to play with my tiny thong some more and wedgied me again telling her boyfriend how much she is disgusted by him…

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MW-568 Jackie vs Mutiny Full Video

FULL VIDEO Part 1 . So Mutiny was waiting for her neighbor Jackie who’s so jealous of her because her husband is always watching Mutiny work out but she’s late. Mutiny is upset because she is never on time and shes always so confident. Well, this time the cute Mut is waiting for her in the middle of the mats when Jackie showed up all cranked up. She pushed her, took off her shoes and just jumped on Mutiny. The sweet girl was able to do some holds on Jackie but this one got even more upset and destroyed mutiny even more. Mut is wearing a cute pink bikini, while Jackie is wearing her usual look. Poor Mutiny, always humiliating to face her neighbor…. Part 2 Jackie is still in control. Stretching Mutiny as she wants. But Mutiny is fighting back, because shes got so much more energy, but Jackie is just so powerful. She even got a camel clutch on Mutiny…this is so humiliating for the cute french Canadian when Jackie started to count her out in French, slowly, looking at the camera…

Length: 11 minutes

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MW-426 Mutiny vs Jackie DOMINATION WRESTLING Full Video

Full Video : Im doing my work out on the big exercice ball and yes, im wearing a very sexy outfit but im in my garage, at home. My stupid neighbour Jackie showed up and pushed me off the ball, threw it at me, and started to yell at me. She pushed me around, I obviously dont have a clue whats going on, so im just lauyghing at her, but at the same time im alittle scared because shes a loose canon! Im telling her stuff to piss her off, and it works but..im paying for it. She choked me, im losing my top all the time, shes choking me with it, shes pushing me against the wall, she destroys me exactly as she does in all the videos. I got her good twice, but she reversed it quickly. She kept my top as a trophy and she said its her first trophy and she will get more from me AND the other girls…
Length: 11 minutes

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MW-425 Jackie beating up Mutiny (BREASTS and belly punching) FULL VIDEO

425Since I seriously started to work out, I asked my friend to film all my work outs in my garage. Anything I do, I fil it because some people are asking me what is my new program and they want to see all the exercises I do. The thing is, I’m at home, im not at the gym so I can wear whatever I want. That time, Im doing some abs and Im wearing some booty shorts and a very small tank top, barely covering my boobs. Then Jackie showed up and started yelling at me. I told that stupid neighbor not to come to my place but she’s always coming anyway to bother me. She’s complaining that when I work out, she can hear me scream and moan like a bitch. I told her she was just jealous that i took the decision of taking care of my body but it got her even more upset. She choked me and made me pass out, she decided to put some gloves on and she started punching my stomach and my boobs while Im on the floor. She asked me to get up and she punched me some more… After 4 minutes of beating, I fell on the ground, dizzy. She took off her gloves, took off my top and started to choke me with my own top. She put the gloves back on, Im trying to cover my naked breasts, but she started punching even harder so I just tried to protect my boobs. She punched me good for another 5 minutes…she made me fall on the ground sat on me, and punched my breasts some more. At one point I tried to fight back, but with the pain, and dizziness, I just couldnt. I was so humiliated…I couldnt take the pain anymore…I fell on the ground, almost crying, and she left me there, helpless, humiliated…

Length: 11 minutes

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NWML Audition #07 Jackie vs Mutiny

This is the 7th audition we did for the MWL. The free interviews are all going to be on my website MontrealWrestlingLeague. My stupid neighbor Jackie showed up to the interview and audition day. What could I say. Im posting everything on facebook so her boyfriend told her about it. She came and did as she likes to do. sat on me, humiliated me…she even called me a cunt…quite nice eh? I tried real hard, got her in some stretching holds, but she reversed them…and took control…
Length: 12 minutes

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MW-419 Mutiny vs Jackie (My neighbor’s new girlfriend) FULL VIDEO

4193 weeks ago, my neighbor Richard came to my place to ask me a big favor. He told me he met a new girl that he can now call his girlfriend but there is a slight problem. She’s quite jealous and she didnt see me (mutiny) yet. He told me he didnt tell her about the wrestling and everything because she would flip out. So he asked me if I could stop tanning/working out/running/wrestling outside on the weekends while shes visiting. I told him I would do my best, but honestly, I think its not really my problem if shes a freak… On the first week end, I was in my backyard and she came yelling at me for nothing. I didnt even understand what the problem was. I told Entropy we should start filming or taping her when she does that so we can have proofs if something happened to me. He told me I was making a big deal out of it, but I thought it would be better for me. So she came back the same day, while I was mowing the lawn. Its not like Im a model or something! I have to run every freakin’ day to lose another 25 lbs, so I dont know what her problem is. She yelled at me and pushed me around… in my own backyard… (the video is on my website-free). so I started to work out in the sand pit on the other street. I told Richard about it and he didnt even knew there was a sand pit next to our houses! That time, I was coming down the hill and I saw her…Entropy was filming me because we wanted to shoot a work out video for the website. But she was in front of me… We started to talk to each other (in french) so ill translate here what we said
Mutiny : are you serious?
Jackie : yes I followed you here so I can kick your fucking ass
Mutiny : oh, you followed me, youre my stalker now? and what? wanna what? kick my ass!? (I spat some water on her boots)
Jackie : WHAT THE FUCK? whats your problem?
Mutiny : ok..im freakin’ tired of you, stop following me (started to push each other) whats YOUR problem?
Jackie : YOURE my problem! what the fuck? working out in your underwear?
Mutiny : When I work out, i love to see the results, the improvement, the definition in my leg muscles. Obviously you do too since you always follow me! OH thats it! you LOVE seeing me work out! this is the reason why you’re always following me!
Jackie : eww! fuck off! ill make you eat sand!
and thats pretty much what she did. She pushed me around like i was a flea on her. She pushed me, threw me on the ground, humiliated me. I took real big bumps in the sand, I never gave up…until she left me there, almost crying, in the middle of the sand pit, completely humiliated…
Length: 10 minutes

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