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MW-745 (4 VIDEOS) SPECIAL KASUMI & BROOKE! 2 matches Kasumi vs Brooke, 1 match Brooke and Mutiny vs Kasumi and 1 match Kasumi vs Dayana DEAL 43 MIN FOR 14.95$

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

4 matches!
Kasumi special!

Brooke vs Kasumi
Brooke vs Kasumi
Brooke and Mutiny vs Kasumi
Dayana vs Kasumi (Never released)

MWL-104 Brooke vs Kasumi Full Video

This is a very intense match between Brooke and Kasumi. For a year now, Brooke bought the MontrealWrestlingLeague from Carlos and she’s been updating the websites. Everytime there is a new girl (usually a friend of her) shes asking for an audition (me auditioning them) because its a tradition in the league. She is working very hard at her day job and couldnt update much so I decided to find a new girl and she did the audition with me. Brooke was so upset about it because she wants to be the one to decide who’s in and who’s not. They started and Brooke got very competitive right away. She didnt give any chance to Kasumi in the first 5 min. it was a total domination. I finally started to give some tips to Kasumi and after 5 min, i stoped the match to talk to Kasumi in private and she got Brooke very well after that. Very intense match and quite competitive. Scissors, chokes, leg holds, etc

MWL-108 Brooke vs Kasumi

Part 1 : Kasumi took control in part one. The match started quite slow since both wrestlers have the same ”technique”. They both are very strong, they are both very proud and they are both using their legs a lot in a fight. Brooke started we a bodyscissors to Kas and she didnt wait to put all the pressure she could. She wanted to have the first submission! Then Kas started to stretch Brooke! Even if shes very flexible, Brooke didnt expect that! You’ll also see in that part both girls trying to get a submission but in a crotch to crotch position (hard to describe!) and Kas finally got a single leg boston crab sitting on Brooke’s back Part 2 : Very hot action with 2 girls with a perfect body!!! I just love to be the cam girl for those matches!!! In this part, there are a lot of scissors, stretching and some chokes! I just love to see their face when they dont want to give up! they are both so proud and they both hate to lose badly. When Brooke is pissed, you can see it in the way she gives up (tap out) on the ground. Shes going harder and harder (louder). At the end she got a cramp in her foot and she was so pissed to give up! Part 3 : Kasumi quickly got Brooke in a rear naked choke to make her submit. They she was able to do a double arm bar sitting on Brooke’s back and I cant even find a name for that and I dont think she knew what she was doing but Brooke could even tap with her legs or hands…so she had to say it. At this point, I started laughing at Brooke (behind the camera and you can hear me). Im proud of Kasumi’s improvement! Brooke got 2 submissions in a row after that, one with a single leg boston crab and then she sat on Kas’ neck to get her in a neck scissors…

MWL-106 Mutiny vs Brooke vs Kasumi Full Video
Mutiny and I started to wrestle each other and 30 sec later (not even 30 sec) Kasumi came in. I told her she was accepted in the league, but she already wants more matches. So we said she could wrestle with us and we decided to do like a triple threat match. Wen a girl was giving up, the other one had to jump in and wrestle the girl still on the mats. We started to get really pissed at Kasumis being so confidant so we ended up double teaming her and we left her on the mats…Sometimes you just have to teach lessons to people.

MW-746 *Never released     Kasumi vs Dayana Full video

By searching on my hard disks to make some great deals, I found many video i never released…this one is one of them! Very intense fight between Kasumi and Dayana. Until the end (there was a timer), they fought and gave their everything. Kasumi is very skilled and Dayana is a trained pro wrestler so they dont have the same skills at all. Kasumi is very serious and D knows her opponent is tough. Many ladies on my website underestimated Kas because she is very pretty and a model. They all thought she was like the other models who visited us and that she was a little precious girl. Kas is one of the toughest girl I hied to work for/with me. She hates losing and she’ll do everything to make sure she wont…

Length: 43 minutes
Size: 494 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1900×1266


Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

FULL VIDEO PART 1 : We had the pleasure to have Sarah Brookes in Montreal for one day and Carlos wanted to face her. She is wearing a very cute bikini and carlos is not even distracted by her perfect body and sexyness! She is very confident because she is one of the best catfighter out there BUT she never faced Carlos and she knows his reputation. She is very careful and it didnt take time for Carlos to just grab her and destroy her with many different holds. Chokes, camel clutch, boston crab, he stretched her back, her legs, etc. Part 2 as usual, he got her stuck in her own bikini top with a hammer lock. she didnt know what was going on and he is just humiliating her. He is stretching her legs wide open facing the camera. You can see in her smile that shes more insulted than anything. he pushed her, slaped her head a bit and just destroyed her some more! Part 3 He is using her as a toy. he is stretching her as much as he can, single leg boston crab, rear naked chokes. He just made sure her perfect body was perfectly exposed to the camera, and nobody is complaining! mmmm! He stretched her until she told him to stop. she couldnt take it anymore. She is flexible, but he pushed her limits!

Length : 10 min

size : 114MB

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MW-294 Mutiny vs brooke – Training

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

This is NOT a wrestling match! This is me showing several holds to Brooke and explaining to her how to do them and be efficient without injuring your opponent. Brooke is a friend but she never really listens. If you tel lher to do something, she’ll do the opposite, especially if its me telling her. I started by showing her a regular headscissors from behind. I asked her to tap out when she couldnt take it anymore. I squeezed her slowly and released her as soon as she asked me to. I told her to do the same, but she didnt let me go until I screamed. She did that for all the moves I showed her. After that one, I showed her a reverse headscissor, which is by far my favorite of all scissors and the one im the best at. I could have make her pass out in a second!!! but I didnt!!! I showed her a Boston Crab, body scissors with some hai pulling while you do it, a camel clutch, I stretched her showing her how it COULD hurt if I didnt let her go and then 2 types of chokes. The last one was a rear naked choke and this time, I yelled at her, begged her, asked her nicely to let me go, but she didnt listen at all. She waited until I was OUT to let me go and left me there, on the mats. She tried all the holds on me and I was trusting her…But I learned that even friends cant be trusted.

Length: 21 minutes
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MW-246 Mutiny &Brooke vs Aiden & jezabel Female Wrestling TOPLESS

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

This first part is more a match between jezabel and I (MUTINY) where you can see Aiden cheering for Jez and Brooke cheering for me…. we both lose ourt tops very quickly…. I WAS ABOUT TO MAKE HER PASS OUT WITH A TRIANGLE CHOKE, but she gave up………. TOPLESS the second part Aiden vs Mutiny and Aiden vs Brooke the only girl who is not topless in that part is Brooke Aiden and I are topless we squeezed each other’s breasts and I even sat on her face while her body is twisting from side to side to make sure she doesnt pass out….yeah, thats really sexy to see her perfect nake breasts and knowing she is right under me, …perfect position!!! but Aiden took control most of that part… she loves to be in control! the third part : I was so tired because i almost did the match by myself so Brooke was ”fresh” she came back even stronger and she kicked aiden and jezabel’s butt some more! a lot of topless action here too!!!!!!!! Brooke stood tall as she was the only one who didnt lose her top in the whole match!!!!! TOPLESS

Length: 14 minutes
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MW-335 Brooke vs Navy Chokes + Knock outs

Monday, December 28th, 2015

This is probably the more brutal video that Brooke did with CHOKES. This poor guy couldnt do anything and she made him pass out several times. His face get red, than purple…and he choked, couldnt breathe. Im holding the camera and Im something telling Brooke to keep it a little more..reverse chokes, standing chokes, rear naked chokes, etc. At the end she did some victory poses over Navy’s body…She is very sexy in her outfit and she is wearing boots
Length: 8 minutes

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MSC-23 Brooke vs J Scissors Domination

Saturday, December 5th, 2015
msc231Full Video : Part 1: we are in California and J contacted me for a wrestling session. Since Brooke was in the room too, he asked if he could test her scissors too. She scissors his body and neck (reverse and on the side) and she squeezed as hard as she could. They are in our bed and Im giving her instructions since I know he can take a lot of pain before taping out! Part 2 : Brooke is squeezing his neck in all positions possible. He can take a lot and hes always about to pass out, but he always makes sure he can breathe a little…very intense and competitive. she wasnt letting him go…not until he gave up! Brooke’s got a sexy butt and some really strong legs! You can see Cheyenne Jewel in the back ground at the end!
Length: 8 minutes
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Free Sample Clip

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MW-351 Brooke doing CHOKES on Mutiny

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

351I was sleeping in the room when we were in California and Brooke and I were always fighting…she was so tired of losing, that she woke me up and ”punched” me in the face…I on the bed…and she decided to put the camera on a tripod to show you guys what she would do to me….She tied my hands behind my back, I woke up and she started to choke me and she made me pass out SEVERAL TIMES. My face is red and alsmot purple, you can see in my eyes that im really freaking out. Im wearing a bra and she is wearing a sexy 2 pieces shiny outfit. She is proud of her, she is smiling and confidant…and im just the victim.

Length: 7 minutes

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MWL-113/BW-34 Brooke vs Jennifer Thomas

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

I introduced Brooke to Jennifer Thomas a year ago. I told Brooke she was really strong and she would kill her in a wrestling match! As usual, Brooke didnt believe me and wanted to try to beat Jen! In this match, Brooke got completly dominate by Jennifer and her face is turning red and her eyes are rolling…Jen is 100% in control, Brooke is completly helpless! Obviously, Jennifer’s goal was to make Brooke pass out!!! her strong legs or strong arms around Brooke’s neck…thats sexxxy!

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MW-345 brooke vs Navy Wrestling with chokes and headscissors

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Poor Navy really got another severe beating by brooke! She got him with headscissors and he was red and turned to purple. He taped out before passing out!!! He tried to fight back and tried to get brooke but shes so flexible that she came back on top to get him in more chokes (rare naked chokes)! She even got him in a grapevine to hurt him a little bit more. Honestly, Im not kiding! his face was so RED and PURPLE! it scared me! She teased him a little with her foot at the end! and you can hear me, im holding the camera and im telling her shes mean!!!

Length: 5 minutes
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MWL-93 Megane vs Brooke Pro Lift and Carry

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Mut was the cam girl, so ill let her describe the match she saw. 

Mégane came back after a year and she had to do 4 matches! when she left a year ago, she was still a beginer and Brooke and I wanted to do some lift and carry with her this time. Brooke got better during that year and shes very strong. they both did some chokes, some stretching…Brooke got her in a bearhug or two…she picked her up on her shoulders twice…and at the end she did a piledriver..that got Megane very dizy but she didnt pass out…she just couldnt continue! they also did some lowblows. 7 MINUTES

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