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MW-691 Mutiny vs Myleena Pro Wrestling + boot fetish

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Myleena and I exchanged many pro moves, we go back and forth with leg locks, leg holds, back breakers, boston crabs, camel clutches, etc. But everybody knows that we love pro wrestling boots so we rub each others pair of boots, we kiss it and get quite turned on by doing so…
We are using our boots a lot around each others neck…to try to get our opponent aroused.
its hard to wrestle when you get turned on! Of course, Im the one getting a little more arouse by her boots so I ended up kissing them a loooot, very sensually.

23 minutes for 19.95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Resolution: 720×480

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MW-257 Mutiny vs Jennifer Thomas Pro Style

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015
We started the match with LONG lock ups and a long test of strenght! after theise lock ups, Jennifer thomas kicked me in the stomach and totally destroyed me in a pro match. I took a lot of bumps!! and she finaly knocked me out with a power move (her finisher)!
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MW-706 Mutiny vs Melissa Moore INTENSE pro wrestling domination

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

NEW FEMALE WRESTLE (Trained in pro style wrestling) Melissa Moore. You will not believe the destruction! We had that ”game” the week end we were shooting videos where we had to pick a name and a fighting style. She picked ma and pro style so she was very confident for her first match ever on MutinyWrestling. She had the pro wrestling attire and I was only wearing a cute bikini. She is very aggressive and she knows what she is doing. She played with me and made me tap out many times. All the holds were incredibly sexy and well applied. I couldnt move. After 3 minutes, I was able to get her in a scissors, but she reversed it and choke me some more… Part 2: Back and forth ground wrestling, we exchanged some holds like chokes, scissors, I was able to get 2 or 3 holds on her, but she is obviously way more powerful than I am…She knows she must impress me to stay in our ”league” and to be quite honest, Maria and her are the new girls who really impressed me the most with their skills and their power. She is just amazing and her intensity is incredible. She lifted me like i weighted nothing and carried me around before letting me fall on the ground! Part 3 : I made her tap in the last part and I was smiling and quite proud of myself. She didnt enjoy it and started to destroy me some more. She did a very powerful bearhug and i was off the ground. She got me really weak before getting me in a rear naked choke.

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MW-254 Mutiny vs Domino Pro Stye + lift and Carry

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Im in total control of Domino….2 piledrivers, I knocked her out…I did some over the shoulder carry, bearhugs, bodyslams, back breakers, reverse bear hug, camel clutch, and some stretching!

we are both wearing pro outfits! with boots….and she is wearing very small booty shorts!!!

at the end, im grabing the camera in my hands (Brooke was filming the match) because I wanted to make sure we have a good view on this sexy Ko Domino!

Length: 5 min

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MWL-173 Mutiny vs Autumn (Total DOMINATION by Mutiny – lift-carry + pro style)

Saturday, September 19th, 2015
FULL VIDEO Part 1 : As soon as the match begun, I took control. I pushed her against the wall and start giving her some knees to the stomach. I know shes way smaller than me, and she never pro wrestling so I had a big advantage. I stretched her, picked her up in my arms, walked with her, im telling you, this is a total domination. I tried to give her a piledriver, but her hair was stuck under my knees, so I just got her dizzy. Dizzy enough to keep having fun with her! Part 2 : Got her up on her feet, pushed her into the wall again…gave her some punches to the stomach, stretched her good in several holds…but I also lifted her and spined her (airplane). I threw her on the mats, got her in some pro holds to stretch her back a little more (camel clutch) because I really wanted to get her weak enough to get the TORTURE RACK! I got her up on my shoulders and spinned her a little bit… after all, I can do whatever I want with her! Part 3 : Bearhug, reverse bearhug, single leg boston crab, scissors, armbars, hammerlock, lift and carry (with some squats!) I went for the piledriver again, but she got out…and started begging me! thats what I like about weak victims..the begging part! Part 4 : (LONG BEARHUG) so the piledriver didnt work…so I decided to destroy her a little more… I stretched her back again…you an see in her face that shes in pain and she wants me to stop…so this is why i didnt! she didnt beg me enough! She thought she was tough enough to do a 20 min pro style match, well, this is what we’ll do! I gave her some punches to the stomach to get her weaker…and this is when I got her IN A LONG BEARHUG!!! This is what I wanted to do from the beginning! Grab a long bearhug and KEEP IT until she cannot take it anymore…OR….she passes out…. she is so sexy with her long and perfect hair…in pain… VICTORY POSES at the end of the match….over her body…
Length: 20 minutes
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Free Sample clip
Free Sample Clip

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MW-248 Jacquelyn Velvet vs Mutiny PRO + piledrivers

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Another Video that wasnt in my videostore anymore, so Im reposting it!

This beautiful girl has everything for her! I mean, she’s gorgeous, shes a great cook, she’s a great actress ,but most of all, she can wrestle!!! I saw her and I was very impressed!!! so of course I had to be quicker and try to dominate her at the begining of the match… yeah, I was a little cocky, maybe a little jealous.. But I did several piledrivers in the whole videos, I knocked her out real good, but I woke her up everytime to make her suffer a little more….. check the preview, youll see her sexy outfit!! we are both wearing boots and pro outfits!

At the end of the match….she got me real good….really good…I didnt know she was that quick….and whats more upseting, is that Im the one who showed her the drop toe hold…Ill never show her anything else! because at that moment, she took control, and it was all over for me….
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MW-252 Mutiny vs SleeperKid Pro style wrestling

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Another Video that wasnt in my videostore anymore, so Im reposting it!
Part 1Im saying to the camera girl that Im tired of seeing sleeperkid beating up all theise girls on his website,,,I dont understand why its so rare that a girl kick his ass. So I decided to go see him in person and teach him a lesson! I went to Georgia only for that… but Im pretty sure he got scared because he surprised me with a chair shot in the back…he slamed my head into that chair, did the airplane with me, slamed me on the mats, did pro moves like figure 4 leg lock, he did several piledrivers….and he knocked me out but he made sure to wake me up for more pain…..

PART 2 In that part, he is doing a lot of piledrivers, he is knocking me out several times, he even did a torture rack, a lot of stretching, a lowblow before working my leg, some splashes and hes choking me with the chair again…. hes always making sure to show my face to the camera when im out….hes so proud and cocky…

PART 3 In that part, youll see a lot of piledrivers, bodyslam, supplexes, punches to my face, a boston crab…..lot of hairpulling.. and he wanted to finish me off with a chokeslam….and he did knock me good….but…he wole me up and decided to piledrive me again…but he decided to drop me on an object to knock me out for good…I didnt wake up…

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MW-532 Dayana vs Rick Mixed Pro Wrestling Lowblows Piledrivers FULL VIDEO

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

FULL VIDEO : Part 1 Match Description by Rick : I was ready for my wrestling training, but this little annoying thing was in the ring. She had her outfit on for the show that night, but her hair and her make up wasnt done yet. So I thought to myself : she should get ready instead of being in the ring so i could finally train. She pushed her luck when she refused to leave and then pushed me away. This is when I started to destroy her. I started quite hard with some good kicks in the crotch while she was laying on her back, in the middle of the ring. When I heard her scream, I gave her some more. I did many chokes but I stretched her back a little in between. I pulled her hair to get her up to kick her cute ass some more. I did an atomic drop to finish her with several knees to her pussy. Part 2 : I got her up by her hair and this is when i went for a tombstone piledriver. She , woke her up because I wasnt done with this bitch. She slapped me and this is when I lost it. Grabbed her and put her upside down in the corner. I jumped on the second rope then put my foot between her legs to put my weight on her pussy. She then fell on the floor, I walked on her to hurt her some more, 200 lbs on her back! I stretched that back again, then did a nice bodyslam to make her feel some more pain. I lifted her up by the hair, put her in the corner, choked her with my boot before kicking her hard in the crotch… Part 3 : I kicked her crotch one more time…I knew she was pissed, but I also knew she couldnt take more pain. I gave her one good piledriver to put her out of her misery. But then, I woke her up because I wasnt ready to let her go. She was my dummy and I was using her for my training. She got upset, but was also dizzy so she gave me a kick in the balls and tried to slap me again. I lost it and gave her 2 more piledrivers….The first one wasnt good enough for me, so I gave her a last one….

Length: 10 minutes

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MW-463 Mutiny vs RICK Pro Style Tombstone Piledrivers BEATDOWN on Mutiny FULL VIDEO

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
463FULL VIDEO Part 1 : this is a real beatdown for at least 3 min. He’s destroying me with many moves and holds, kicks, elbows, camel clutch, snap mare, chokes on the ropes and when I realized he was starting to cheat, I thought I should do the same so I grabbed and twit his balls. I attacked them for like a minute until he gpt me on his back and made me hit the corner quite bad. He finally took control and drove me down with a piledriver (tombstone) Part 2 : there are 3 piledrivers in that part of the match (tombstone). He’s destroying me again, real bad, but I did some moves on him,. got him in the ropes, and came back with a dropkick, I scissored him from the corner, quite sexy and after that I sat on his throat. It got him quite mad and he took control again, punished me some more and did 2 piledrivers in a row
4632Length: 10 minutes
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MW-448 Rick (new wrestler) vs Mutiny SCISSORS only

Friday, February 14th, 2014
448Full Video. some of you may already know, but im also a therapist now. (for real). Im waiting for a patient when my bf showed up in the room. He started insulting me, telling me I dont look professional with that blouse and that i should change. Maybe I was showing off a little too much cleavage, but he’s so jealous, I sometimes test him a little. When he told me I was looking more like I was waiting for some clients like a hooker, and when he got close to tie my buttons, I got him in a tight scissorhold. Im wearing leather boots with chains, and shiny leggings with a blouse. I finally opened up my blouse to scissor him wearing only my leggings and a bra. He’s begging me to stop, well, I made him beg me!
Length: 6 minutes
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