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MW-115 Mutiny vs Tyler dare one piece in the ring

Again, if you like Tyler Dare’s style, you’ll like this video. She is making a lot of noises, she is screaming…she doesnt like to be trapped. I just love to wrestle in a one piece swimsuit, it makes me feel sexy and the feeling is very nice. To feel the other person’s body on your’se is very exciting I must admit

Length : 8 min
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MW-171 Christie Ricci vs Mutiny

Christie Ricci is not only a very talented pro wrestler sh is also one of the best grappler I have met. The thing is, i didnt even know she was good! She is a jiu jitsu fighter and I had no clue… well, good luck to me! She got me pretty good. For those who likes when I lose…well, thats the video for you 🙂 you should see her legs when she is squeezing me. She has the most amazing legs I ever saw/touched!!! trust me, a lot of you guys would wish to be squeeze between theise vere powerful legs!!!!
LENGTH : 15 min

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MW-53 Mutiny vs Laurie (Daughter and mother match #1)

This is the first match I did against my mom. A lot of person are asking if she is my real mom, I swear to God, she is! She was born in 1958 so at the time we shot that video she was 50 years old! What is good to know is that my mom never hit me when I was young, she ddnt even yelled at me. But I dont know why, but on tape, she decided to do the opposite. She is my mom, so it was hard for me to wrestle her 100% because I didnt want to hurt her, but SHE didnt care. Daughter or not..she wanted to win. She slaped me, she bit me, she spat on me…she pinched me. there are some stuff she did when the camera was on the other side…but she really turned crazy. She is not very skilled, but she is strong as hell!
LENGHT : 11:11

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