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MW-405 Mutiny vs CARLOS INTENSE & SEXY xxx wrestling FULL VIDEO


Part 1 : We both started on our knees, im wearing a sexy thong FULL VIDEO with a bikini top that didnt stay on for more than 20 seconds. Its intense, we start quite technical but I quickly ended up on top of him, playing with my TITS on his face. Im pushing my boobs on his face, rubbing my nipples on him, smothering him, and even slapping my own boobs to slap his face with them. Quite hot action actually…and efficient too! He got pissed and squeezed my breasts hard, pushing me away…but I sat on his face and rubbed my pussy on him… I slowly had fun on his face while he’s asking for air…I tried to go for the armbar, but he saw me coming…so I went for a reverse head scissors and this is when he tried to TAKE OFF MY THONG. he’s trying to pull my butt cheeks apart and show my ass to the camera…Im squeezing him harder and harder, but he’s trying to turn me on by licking me….it pisses me off, so im just squeezing him as hard as I can…we rolled on the side but I kept my strong legs around his neck…even if he was still licking me, he was stuck there. and he had no choice but to give up… Part 2 : this got quite intense. he was pissed, I was too. He went for locks and I went for some face slapping. He then used his elbow against my CLIT…squeezed my boobs quite hard… He then got me in a backbreaker and kept me there. I couldnt move, his hand was on my throat. this is when he got meaner. He opened my legs, pushed my thong on the side and exposed my NAKED PUSSY to the camera…he slapped my clit several times, squeezed my nipples…and Im just screaming in pain and humiliation…I 4052slapped him in the face so hard, he finally had to let me go, but I was way to upset and the squeezing started. I had his dick in my hand and I squeezed it while he was squeezing my boobs. we squeezed until one of us gave up… Part 3 : He slaped my face and I did the same…you can see the rage in our eyes… I teased him and laughed at him, and I finally started to bite his dick. Im smiling and im proud of myself since he didnt expect that…but then he got meaner…he got me in a weird stretch where I couldnt move, I was scared to say a word because he had total control over my body…I said something, pissed him off and he pushed his fingers inside me roughly. I couldnt talk, couldnt scream, Im panicking because I dont trust him and I dont know what he could do next. He wanted a reaction from me and he started biting my nipples or licking them. he got me in a position where I couldnt move and pretended to fuck me to humiliate me. He was still wearing his shorts and Im half naked…I was pissed…He took control over me all the way in the last part of the match…but I took all the pain and humiliation…even tho’ I was scared and wanted to leave…

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