MW-646 Lily Kat vs A-Low Cat One Piece Thong tournament SEMI FINAL 02

SEMI FINAL : Winner #2 vs Winner #3. This is another match up that I was very happy about. The biggest start of another wrestling company (A low Cat) vs my newest start that everybody loves, Lily Kat. The first one is a real tiger! She’s a fighter and is ready to fight any girl on her path while the other one is a sweet girl, who likes to fight fair and is always nice and smiling. Well, Lily started the match quite strong and got the upper hand on A-Low, but its like the sexy black girl wanted to see what Lily was made of. It got more and more intense and Lily lost her smile very quickly to make place to her evil eyes. She wanted to win and she realized she needed to be serious about this fight and that A-Low aint Summer! Our beautiful ebony girl got a little cocky and that got Lily even more pissed. I actually think its the first time I see her that upset. A-Low started to take control with some stretching to expose Lily’s body and she ended up sitting on her chest with a big smile on her face. Lily Kat is completely humiliated and even left the mats after the match…VERY sexy holds!

Length: 11 minute

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MW-647 Mutiny vs A-Low Cat One Piece Thong tournament FINAL

FINAL :FINALLLLLY! It happened! A new girl to face! A-Low Cat vs myself. VERY tight match. We even had to fight after the bell to have a winner. Amazing holds, one of us got injured on the last hold (arm bar, but nothing serious, just an amazing one and the person really wanted to win!!!)I wearing white, while she’s wearing black, A-Low is quite the new sensation and she is an amazing opponent. She is skilled, fast and I hope to face her many times in the future! We had a belt for the winner! Sexy and intense match. (My boobs are out…a lot!)
Length: 13 minutes

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MW-602 Lily Kat vs Mercedez The beauty and the muscular beast!

MW-602This match took place in January, when it was Summer and Lily Kat’s first wrestling videoshoot ever. Both girls were watching Mercedez fighting against guys and they freaked out. They didnt want to face her. The first one who did is Lily Kat. She tried, she really did, she gave everything she had. She even took control at one point with a bodyscissors and a rear naked choke, but Mercedez controled the match. The cute Lily got her ass kick with rear naked chokes, scissors, breasts smothering, facesitting, figure four headscissors, hand chokes, throws to the mats and Mercedez is smiling all the match, to show her superiority. Lily’s top was moving a lot!
Length: 11 minutes
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MW-650 Summer vs Carlos Mixed Wrestling Domination by CARLOS

Maybe Summer got a little too cocky with her victory in MW-642. Carlos lowblowed her and then started his revenge. He stretched her, exposed her perfect body, sat on her, did many holds and moves she couldnt even follow and didnt know what was going on. He made her pass out because of the pain, lowblows, torture racks, pure demolition… She is quite a sexy victim in her cute bikini!

length 13 min

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MW-637 Summer vs Mutiny Shiny Spandex Wrestling with lap dance

Custom video : Summer and I wrestled with a prize deal for the winner! The loser had to give her a lapdance! Since I reaaaaalllly wanted Summer to give me a lapdance (who wouldnt) I gave everything and dominated her as much as I could! But she also gave everything she has because she never gave a lapdance before! The outfits are amazingly sexy, with the boots and gloves, and the more the time passed, the more i wanted her to dance for me! We did some pins and I had the last pin and was quite proud of myself!! she had to dance for me for 2 min!!!! sexxxy summer! who wants a lapdance now? (She kept her clothes on! just a sexy private dance for me! jealous much!?) we exchanged many grapevines, scissors and pins…she was very aggressive!
Length: 12 minutes
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MW-642 Summer vs Carlos Mixed Wrestling Domination by SUMMER

MW-642Summer really took control in that short match! She did some lowblows to take control and then started to scissor Carlos! she did mostly body and headscissors but also a single leg boston crab and some kicks to the crotch too! She laughed at him…and this is why there are other matches between those two, because he didnt take it well and needed to make her pay for her confidence and her cheating! She just enjoyed having him stuck between her legs, asking her to let him go!
Length: 5 minutes
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MW-702 Myleena vs Maria Veyron (new wrestler) Wrestling Domination


Two sexy pro wrestlers but Myleena is the bad ass of for many years. She knows all the fighting style and she never faced Maria. She is very confident as usual, but Maria is too. She is facing a real challenge. I’ve know Maria for 9 years. She already wrestled for our website YEARS ago as a pro wrestler. Time went by and she came back with a lot more experience. I started my pro wrestling career against Maria when she wasnt even 18 years old. She started very young, same as Myleena. Both ladies are fighters and they both have the same background. Myleena lost some weight recently and Maria didnt complain, she used the tiny tattooed girl and lifted her in air many times, did many submission holds. Even if Myleena fought back, Maria was no match for her…we didnt expect such talent from her. Aggresivity, intensity, talent, etc. They both have it, but one is stronger than the other…

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MW-664 Mercedez lifting and carrying Mutiny and Shady

MW-664 Mercedez Lifting and Carrying Mutiny and Shady (new guy)
Custom video : Basically, this is Mercedez showing off her strength and power. She is lifting me and Shady who is heavier than me… She also leg pressed us, got me on her shoulder (sitting) did calf raises, showed off her muscles to the camera, I touched them, showed them, we were very impressed. She is very strong and powerful, we were just amazing by her…Hot lifts and presses!
Length: 16 minutes

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MW-627 Mutiny vs Jewell Marceau

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : It was my first time facing the amazing porn star JEWELL MARCEAU! We started with a breasts to breasts (slapping them together, pushing them, etc), A lot of breasts grabbing, smothering, scissors, leg lock holds, foot in the pussy, etc. Hot action! Part 2 : A lot of stretching to expose each other’s half naked body… she’s sensual but also quite aggressive, a sexy and sensual bearhug which became more and more intense, boob slapping in my face on a breasts smothering where I couldnt breathe at all. The kind of sensation that you want to escape because you dont want to pass out, but at the same time, you are being smothered by the famous Jewell Marceau’s tits…ya know! Part 3 : In a grapevine, she managed to slap her boobs in my face, smother me to get me weaker…she then started to take control. and as usual, thats my biggest problem…a hot girl on top of me and I lose control. At the moment where Im getting turned on, my brain just switched to something else and Im not thinking straight… So she stretched me, lotus hold, I was able to torture a nipple a bit, but she finally sat on my face, rub herself against me a bit, until i was out…then she woke me up touching me and smiling at the view, proud of herself

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Length: 11 minutes

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MW-681 Mutiny vs C-Sar Grey Mixed Wrestling Domination

If you like when a guy is completely dominating a girl with sexy and pro style wrestling moves, this is the match for you. Verrrry sexy while very intense. This is the first match of our new incredible pro wrestler C-Sar. He is the new Carlos. I mean, Carlos will always be Carlos, the legend! But this new guy is taking it to the next level, pro style. This is his first match, but he did matches against Summer, A-Low Cat, Lily Cat and another one against me way more intense and….well, sensual, which i didnt expect. They will all be here to buy very soon! So, THIS match is his first. Very aggressive with me and there was no way I could do something. He choked me with one hand, lifted me in the air for a while and threw me in the wall. Nobody ever did that to me… he liftd me in the air for many moves, including a tombstone and a torture rack with a back cracker. My top couldnt stay on for those moves. He didnt fix it, I think carlos told him to just humiliate me and not care about the top moving… I guess…

Free sample clip to come

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