MW-416 Autumn vs Carlos Back and forth action, but Autumn took control)

Usually, Autumn is the prettiest victim ever. She’s always helpless, begging her opponents to stop. But not this time. She’s still as pretty as ever! but she’s not completely helpless. She’s way more confident, even cocky! Before the match, Carlos told her 2-3 things she didnt like, and she arrived on the mats ready to kick his ass and it shows in her face. Carlos is always really confident and quite mean, but this time, he,s a little more quiet. He seems to know Autumn is serious! They went back and forth, Carlos got her in several stretch and exposed her perfect body, he also got her in several armbars, but her legs are quite strong and she got him good, make sure to get him stuck there, and squeezed hard… Carlos told me he thought that bigger or muscular legs were the only legs who would make him pass out, but he never experienced tiny BUT muscular legs before. They go right around the neck, at the perfect spot, and trust me, if its done right, it can hurt way more…

Length: 10 minutes
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MWL-173 Mutiny vs Autumn (Total DOMINATION by Mutiny – lift-carry + pro style)

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : As soon as the match begun, I took control. I pushed her against the wall and start giving her some knees to the stomach. I know shes way smaller than me, and she never pro wrestling so I had a big advantage. I stretched her, picked her up in my arms, walked with her, im telling you, this is a total domination. I tried to give her a piledriver, but her hair was stuck under my knees, so I just got her dizzy. Dizzy enough to keep having fun with her! Part 2 : Got her up on her feet, pushed her into the wall again…gave her some punches to the stomach, stretched her good in several holds…but I also lifted her and spined her (airplane). I threw her on the mats, got her in some pro holds to stretch her back a little more (camel clutch) because I really wanted to get her weak enough to get the TORTURE RACK! I got her up on my shoulders and spinned her a little bit… after all, I can do whatever I want with her! Part 3 : Bearhug, reverse bearhug, single leg boston crab, scissors, armbars, hammerlock, lift and carry (with some squats!) I went for the piledriver again, but she got out…and started begging me! thats what I like about weak victims..the begging part! Part 4 : (LONG BEARHUG) so the piledriver didnt work…so I decided to destroy her a little more… I stretched her back again…you an see in her face that shes in pain and she wants me to stop…so this is why i didnt! she didnt beg me enough! She thought she was tough enough to do a 20 min pro style match, well, this is what we’ll do! I gave her some punches to the stomach to get her weaker…and this is when I got her IN A LONG BEARHUG!!! This is what I wanted to do from the beginning! Grab a long bearhug and KEEP IT until she cannot take it anymore…OR….she passes out…. she is so sexy with her long and perfect hair…in pain… VICTORY POSES at the end of the match….over her body…
Length: 20 minutes
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MW-188 Aiden vs Carlos

Another Video that wasnt in my videostore anymore, so Im reposting it! (Video from 2010)

Carlos wanted to humiliate Aiden so bad… well, he did a little bit, by grabbing her breasts and making her pass out….BUT she got so pissed and she made him pay!

LENGTH : 13:48min

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MW-368 Mutiny vs Emyra (wrestling domination) FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO HOT ACTION HOT ACTION : nipple torture (both girls), breasts squeezing, boobs popping out (both girls), Emyra kicked me in the crotch, choked me, scissored me, stretched me, I tried to escape but it did worst…my ass was right in fron tof the camera and you can almost see everything since Im wearing a small one piece thong…My boobs are out all the time so im trying to take her top off can see her boobs coming out several times…she is in total control over my body…im just a doll, and shes playing with me….even if I try really hard…. So she is kicking my crotch several times, kicks the rope while my legs are on each side of the ropes, she squeezed my nipples even harder, she is SPANKING my ass, punching me, but im able to reverser it and I try to choke her while squeezing her naked boob! I wasnt in control very long…she got upset and played with me some more…tried to punch my pussy, but I started punching her stomach, which pissed her off again and she pushed me in the corner, punches, kicks, etc. We went down again, she stretched my back, spanked me, got on top of me, but I got her in a body scissors…VERY SEXY During all the match, she always takes the time to sit on me, put her weight on me, and in the last part, she decided to put all her weight on my boobs, sat on me…she released me but she had more punishment planed for me…she threw me in the corner, choked me, did some body splashes, she did a leg hold that I dont even know about…and I tried to wedgie her as hard as I can, but i cannot move under her….she than got me in a good choke…you can see the distress in my eyes as im trying to reach the ropes…..

Length: 10 minutes

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MW-580 SEXXX Rick & Mutiny. BJ, HJ, etc. Full Video LIMITED TIME


This is the full video. It will come in parts too. You have the whole ”amateur sex tape”. We know there is a cam, and thats even a bigger turn on! I started with a BJ, a HJ, I then waited for him to worship my ass in my booty shorts. Sucked his dick some more, sat on him both ways, used him for my own pleasure. he then fucked me good too. He ate me out, right in front of the camera, making sure to expose my pussy…I sucked his dick some more, he took the cam in his hand for a great point of view (BJ). I made him cum all over my boobs and pussy…I touched myself with his cum to make myself cum one more time….
Length: 36 minutes

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Another Sexfight that wasnt in my videostore anymore! It will be here for a limited time only.

Full Video : HOTTEST ACTION you ever saw me do EVER. MIXED wrestling with SEX.  The SEX part is only at the end for 1 min. To show you what happened AFTER the match. This part WONT be released in my member section of my website. Only here and in my videostore. I wanted to have sex so I started to tease Rick who was asleep in our bed. Everytime Im the one who’d like to have sex, he’s saying no. So he makes a deal with me. We will wrestle, and if I win, he will fuck me good. If he wins, he’ll sleep and ill have to do his laundry. Later during the day, when HE will be ready for it, he will fuck me. so we started to wrestle but I was already turned on so he used it against me. he pulled my panties between my legs, against my clit. He turned my body in front of the camera, tried to expose my lips, took off my tank top and blinded me with it. He exposed my boobs to the camera, made sure to stretch me in many positions to humiliate me. He slapped my breasts, spanked my ass quite hard, slapped my face, cockslapped me with his dick in his boxers, but he,s obviously turned on too, so he got me good. He made sure I could feel his dick in each position, to turn me on even more, to make me suffer. Did I mention that he,s good friend with Carlos? well, yeah, he watched most of the videos with Carlos, so he knew what to do to piss me off. I grabbed is erected cock several times, even squeezed his balls to force him to let me go… at the end of the video, he sat on my face, and forced me to lick him… and suck him. You have 1 min of what happened AFTER. several positions, HOTTEST ACTION you ever saw me do EVER. MIXED wrestling with SEX.

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Length: 13:30
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MWL-20 Brooke vs Carlos

Allison here.

This is the last training I was able to schedule for the girls before I pass over the reins of the League to somebody else, and what a training it was!

Mutiny’s fans already know Carlos, her arch-enemy. He’s a spectacular mat wrestler, but he’s also one of the best pro wrestlers in Canada, so he had a lot to teach the girls.

It was really fun to see the girls interact with a male wrestler for the very first time. Some of them took to it quite naturally and wrestled the guy just like they would any other girl, while others were quite disturbed and uneasy with such intimate contact with a man they’re not dating. One of them even had troubles keeping her panties on—quite the little whore, if you ask me!

We’re not showing you the actual training here, but the fights Carlos had with each of the girls at the end of the training.

One thing is for sure: mixed fighting is really taking the level up a notch and it’s getting clearer and clearer who’s gonna be able to rise up to the challenge and who might bail out before she gets seriously injured—if you ask me (I’m out of here, so I can allow myself a little editorial).

So, this is the match Carlos vs Brooke. She was quite good, probably the best to compete against Carlos. He was quite surprised! andI was proud of her!

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MW-299 Mutiny vs Goldie Topless

299The amazing Goldie accepted to do a match against me. Everybody told me her boobs were big…but I never thought they would be that huge. She is soooo sexy!!!! shes got an awesome body…and her boobs are just perfect!

Part 1 : Goldie has huge boobs, amazing boobs in fact…and she mostly tried to smother me with them…we are both scissoring each other, we are straddling each other until she always gets to the point where she can put her boobs in my face and try to make me pass out! At this point, only one of my boob is out!…she really put me in very humiliating positions…showing my ass to the camera

Part 2 : Goldie and I are still wrestling but shes smashing her boobs in my face, she is grabing my thong to distract me…rubing it on my clit to release holds, we are both scissoring each other, until we got each other in a bearhug…her breasts are HUGE…how can I dominate a bearhug with her!? youll see my boobs squashed by hers…real hard…in a long bearhug at the end of part 2

Part 3 : In this part, Goldie is very taking control of me. She is stretching my legs while grabing my pussy, grabing my boobs…and even if Im grabing her big tits, she doesnt let me go. She exposed my ass again to the camera…until her breasts were totally covering my face. She was completly topless smothered me until I …. she woke me up…eventually after doing some victory poses (topless) on my helpless body…and made me pass out again with a long breasts smothering…and did some more victory poses while sitting on me.

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MW-365 Mutiny vs Emyra Breasts Fight – Bearhugs- Nipple/breasts torture

365Emyra is driving me crazy. She is challenging me to a breasts fight. Natural boobs vs fake boobs. I mean, I love my breasts and I know I can win any contest because they are perfect! But shes really powerful and it was hard to resist her bearhugs. She got me really weak…but …but it got nothing to do with her boobs. My tits are way better than hers! no contest. But…anyway…I was freakin humiliated because I asked my bf or ex, I dont know anymore, to tape that match. I wanted to prove him I was better than her but she was in total control…she was pressing her big boobs against mine….lifting me up, smiling…and yes, Im doing a lot of trash talk, sorry for that, but I was pissed… she pushed me on the bed and press her breasts against mine, but also made sure to press them in my face. She tried to smother me with them but I was fast enough to move away. This is when she started to do some NIPPLE TORTURE, BREASTS TORTURE. She squeezed my nipples, squeezed my breasts and she was so proud of herself. Yo ucan see it in her face. Im panicking from time to time, Im squeezing her breasts too, but it doesnt seem to hurt her as much as she hurts me. Plus, my top didnt stay in place, so I was TOPLESS and she wasnt. How humiliating is that. Even when I was on top, she was pressing me against her and I wasnt in control…she didnt stop saying stuff like : your bf preferes natural boobs (in french). How can I like that girl? I managed to get on top of her to smother her a big with my naked breasts. She didnt like it and it made her mad. She squeezed my nipples harder…grabed my boobs some more…press her tits against mine and really made me suffer. Can you imagine how it feels to lose control like that in front of your cheating boyfriend? I wanted to prove to him that he was better with me, that Im better than her…well. Anyway… she was playing with me, I was her toy…she knew what she wantd from the begining. she wanted to smother me until I pass out…I tried to resist…I tried very hard…but she got me good. She was pressing her body so hard against mine. I couldnt move. I , and she left the room with a ‘’souvenir”

Length: 9 minutes

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MW-300 SEXFIGHT — Mutiny vs Ariel X — SEXFIGHT

Im reposting the sexfight with Ariel X. for some reason it got saved as ”draft” for more than 3 years so it was not in my videostore! If you didnt see that video yet, it was my first sexfight ever! in 2011

Maybe I got a little too proud and cocky after the sexfight I did with Cheyenne, but I decided I wanted to fight against the best sexfighter in the business : ARIEL X.
She is the best grappler out there…she is the hottest wrestler out there…and certainly the greatest sexfighter!
I still wanted to try. I told myself, yes, I might lose…but, having an orgasm givin’ by Ariel X is not something I call losing.
Being touhed by this sexy girl with a perfect body is one of the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

BUT I still thought I could win. Why?! because as everybody know, Ariel X is also into girls, so I thought I would be able to turn her on enough that she would get a little weaker so I could take control. I hoped. She didnt get weak enough for me to dominate, but I got her wet, that I know!

we both ended up topless…she touched me under my thong…Im not very use to that contact on camera…I got weak very quick! and wet…well, even faster!!!!

At first we were suppose to do a match where the girl who make the other one cum is the winner. But it took less than a minute to do so…(guess who). so we changed the rules and decided we should ”fight” for 10 minute and the one who make the other one cums the most will be the winner!

I swear…we are all winners in that match… :-)

LENGTH : 11 min

free 10 sec clips to come.

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