MW-684 ACCENTY Dominating Mutiny

FULL VIDEO : I was relaxing while waiting for Summer who is always late. Accenty showed up… she was rough than ever. She is stil mad that her husband booked a session with me. She told me many times she doesnt understand because im not his type of gir and SHE is. She started with a reverse bearhugs but threw me on the floor did a camel clutch, chokes, scissors, she straddled me, really, she just sat on me while fixing her hair, she smothered me with her HUGE tits, I tried to escape but she brought me back on the mats… she choked me until i passed out and then tied me up and left me there until i woke up to realize what was going on and she left smiling…how humiliating! especially while wearing a skimpy outfit like that…I was rolling around to try to get out the ropes…

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