MW-687 ACCENTY Dominating CARLOS Part 2 (of MW-685)

(Part 2 of MW-685 mixed domination only) Carlos got very cocky and was laughing at me so Accenty decided to grab him. She got him in a reverse bearhug and he wasnt able to escape. i was next to him to humiliate him some more. I wanted to laugh at him too. For once, there was a girl kicking his ass. She threw him on the ground and sat on him. She straddled him, sat on his stomach, on his chest, smothered him for a very long time with her gigantic boobs. He was coughing, didnt want to pass out under this very powerful BBW. I got a little too excited at one point. I wanted to add to the humiiation by sitting on him too, on his throat while she was sitting on his stomach to add some weight and tease him some more but Acceny didnt like it. She got me in a fulll nelson again. I finaly moved away but stayed there to see the final hold which was some long breasts smothering and she wanted him to say she was the top powerrful female wrestler. She wanted him to give her compliments. He didnt want to but didnt have the choice at one point… length 7min

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