MW-515 Mutiny vs Mercedez DOMINATION wrestling

Custom video A friend of mine really likes it when I lose to strong dominant women. He found that Mercedez was the best opponent for me for the next video he wanted me in. Im talking to her and im asking her to wrestle me. She doesnt want to because she said I might win and fuck her up and she doesnt want that. I told her I wouldnt go competitive…that Ill give her chances to see what she’s got. She finally agrees but the deal is : if she wins, she can fuck me after the match. She told me she would get me in a hold and touch me even if I dont want to. I started very slow and she got me good for the whole match. Chokes, scissors, very tight holds. She wasnt letting me go and she was toying with me. At one point, she started to masturbate me under my booty shorts, over my thong. I didnt expect that. we never agreed on that. Shes just a freakin’ pervert and I didnt want to lose to her. But my friend told her my weakness, I love strong women with tattoos. I love them dominant and they turn me on. She did what she had to do to turn me on and get me weak. She didnt make me cum and stopped right when i was about too. So i told her it was enough, that i was really frustrated and that she would get it…BUT I would be the one fucking her. Well, she got even better, and crazier because I think shes the one who was getting turned on and wanted to fuck me. She choked me and left me there…I woke up, dizzy and asked my friend to stop making me wrestle hot girls like her, ill never win for sure….and I can tell you something..she was waiting for me in the house after that match….and I had to do what she wanted me to do….maybe one day the sequel of that video will be available! (in that match, im the victim, shes doing all the holds on me…)


Length: 35 minutes

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