MW-451 Mutiny vs Cheyenne SEXXXfight FULL VIDEO

Full Video Part 1 : We both start with sexy bikinis and not even after a minute, i already took off her bottom! It started quite competitive, but the sexy part took over quite fast…after 3 minutes we are both naked, kissing, fingering, grabbing, touching, etc. Cheyenne even broke the hold to say that we should relax a bit before the match turn into sex only! well, we both got quite turned on, kissing each other while shes on top, thats what i love, you know that….HOT ACTION! Part 2 : I started to take control (breasts fight) and Cheyenne really got turned on. Both naked, we rolled around a bit and I finally got on top, I got her in a single leg boston crab, got her legs open and I was able to reach for her clit. I started to rub her clit, finger her until she’s really close from cumming. Then, she was getting so weak, she turned around and just asked me to do some ”scissoring”/ tribbing with her. We rubbed each other’s pussy (pussy to pussy action) quite intense…until we both came…. I knew i would get Cheyenne turned on enough to have fun with her and to control her!
Length: 9 minutes

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