MW-435 Mutiny vs Cheyenne XXX SEXFIGHT XXX uncensored FULL VIDEO

generated_9942413Another Sexfight that wasnt in my videostore anymore! Hope you’ll enjoy it! Video from 2013 in Las Vegas

FULL VIDEO : Part 1 : Cheyenne and I were in Vegas at the same time. As im introducing the match, Cheyenne stands there, really confident. I know she just arrived in 2nd place for another website shooting sexfights but I still thought I could take her… She is strong, sexy, confident, skilled, and quite good at that sexfight thing. I thought I would do better than the match I didnt with Ariel X but it didnt take 2 min, she got me completely naked and she made sure I couldnt move, got me in different holds to play with me. She fingered me quite good, and I didnt have the upper hand in that part at all… Part 2 : We are both naked and she is smiling. I jumped on her, but thats pretty much all I was able to do because she reversed it and got me down. She fingered me some more, kissed my neck, humiliated me, played with my tits, sat on my face to play with me some more. She was in total control. I was her toy, and she had fun with me. I was completely helpless, but still, I was the one having the fun…forced orgasms. I dont knwo if im crying because of the humiliation at the end of part 2 or because the orgasms were good… Part 3 : I got more feisty but its quite hard when you already had orgasms. I tried harder, but she just fought harder too. She got me in a grapevine, took control again, grabbed my boobs, and fingered me deep, rubbed my clit…and just made me cum again…and again…. I was quite humiliated at the beginning, but I started to really enjoy her being so dominant. maybe thats the reason im not good in those sexfights…or maybe I cum to easily. well. at the end she told me to go back to Canada to practice my sexfight skills, and thats what I intend to do

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Length: 12 minutes

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