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MW-734 Mutiny vs David Mixed Wrestling FULL VIDEO

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

FULL VIDEO  Part 1 : We are starting the session on our knees on the bed. Im wearing a small pink and orange bikini that didnt take long to expose my breasts while trying to get an arm bar with my legs! I got David in a sexy side headscissors and a rear naked choke…I played with him, didnt squeeze right away…I love to keep him stuck and feel that Im powerful Part 2 : Since my boob was out, I decided to jump on him and smothering him with my tits.  I sat on his face for a while, showing him im in total control. I scissored him good, always trying to be seductive to get him weaker since he’s much bigger than me. He took control and pinned me to the bed but couldnt do much. I got back on my knees and took off my top completely. I got him down, and rubbed myself against him since I felt he was getting hard from me being topless…I scissored him good (reverse head scissors) and got his head near the camera on the side of the bed and did a standing headscissors with my ass right in front of the cam…

Length: 10 minutes
Size: 118 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1900×1266

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MW-522 Madison vs Rick (Madison in control) (sequel for MW-513 Mutiny vs Madison) FULL VIDEO

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

FULL VIDEO : Part 1 : I caught Madison and Rick talking and I didnt know who was flirting with who. I grabbed Madison’s hair and forced her to wrestle me in the garage. She destroyed me and made me understand that she wasnt flirting with Rick (MW-513). I made a deal with her, since Rick was flirting with all the girls, I told her id pay her to kick his ass. She agreed and he met her in the garage. She pretended to be interested and she grabbed his neck right away. Scissors, full nelson, chokes, arm bar, single leg boston crab, etc. Rick is already not the best wrestler! she got him good! Part 2 : Madison is in control and Rick is getting weaker! more scissors, more chokes and her only goal was to leave him there, out on the mats, like Mercedez did too, not long before her!

LENGTH : 13 min

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MW 566 Mutiny vs Rick school girl, school girl pin , NAKED FACESITTING topless breasts smothering Full Video

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Full Video : Description by Rick : There I was trying to do some exercises quietly. Then, Mutiny comes in and ‘’challenge’’ me to see how strong my abs really are. Can you imagine trying to do abs with Mutiny dressed as a school girl sitting on you? It takes away a lot of your focus. She was so damn hot with her sexy top, short skirt and her slutty glasses. She decides to do a school girl pin on me…as If I was gonna try to get up from there. She sat on my face…. She smelled so damn good, sadly I couldn’t breath for long when she decided to go for a meaner facesit. She was just toying with me. She added some tight squeeze between her tight to make me choke out some more Part 2 : Mutiny vs Rick School girl, schoolgirl pin, Facesitting , naked facesitting Description by Rick : She did offer a great view of her ass siting on my face. But searching for air is not fun at all. I had to get a good grab of her ass to push her a little so I could breathe. She then sat real good. Even though I was tapping out she didn’t care… I think she enjoyed the spanking. I have a blackout there I just remember having her panties in my mouth and an awesome view of her ass. She later asks me to push her away but she was rubbing herself on me I was too damn hard and turn on to push her away. And she was in control which was enjoyable. MW 566 Part 3 : Mutiny vs Rick Naked schoolgirl pin, topless, breast smothering, Description by Rick : Rubbing pussy on me, I could feel how wet she was. I could even smell and taste how good it was. She was enjoying herself but she warned me if I tried something… She would make me pass out. As if she was not tease enough, she took off her top and exposed me her perfect beasts… right before smothering me with them. I ended up dizzy, short breathed but must say was hell of a nice training. MutinyWrestling

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MW-617 Muiny, Mercedez Rick FULL VIDEO

Saturday, June 11th, 2016


Part 1: I wanna to make a surprise to Rick. So I sensually kissed him, turned him on…then i told him to trust me and I tied up his arms and legs with ropes. I got undressed to a very skimpy tear drop bikini to tease him a little more…Length : 5:35min

Part 2 :

Mercedez was my surprise! he told me he like lingerie and strong women, so I had the perfect girl for him. She squeezed him badly! even put his sock in his mouth to make him shut up. she sat on his face, she smothered him good and he couldnt breathe! she did all kinds of sexy scissors and I was happy to film all that! This is only the part with Mercedez!

Length 11:19 min

Part 3 : I came back to please myself on Rick’s unconscious face. I rubbed my pussy on his face until i came. then left!


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MW-617P1 Mutiny tying up Rick

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

I wanna to make a surprise to Rick. So I sensually kissed him, turned him on…then i told him to trust me and I tied up his arms and legs with ropes. I got undressed to a very skimpy tear drop bikini to tease him a little more…

Length : 5:35min

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MW-677 C-Sar vs Summer Pro style Wrestling Domination

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

Poor Summer didnt know what she got into. First, she faced Carlos, the king of grappling. Then, she faced C-Sar, a guy not only trained BY Carlos, but also a pro wrestler twice (minimum) her size. He destroyed her so bad, she was suffering a lot (you can see by the pictures). Torture rack, bearhugs, he was really enjoying himself. Mercedez and I were watching the match on the side and honestly, we were freaking out. At the end, when Summer was out on the ground, he grabbed me and Mercedez and made us pass out and decided to leave us on top of the poor Summer. If you like mixed domination, you will enjoy this match for sure.

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MW-553 Mutiny vs Masked man Home Invasion 1

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

as you can see in the promo pics : chokes, chokes, chokes and smothering and more smothering. The masked man is dominating Mutiny.

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MW-275 Mutiny vs Navy

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015


Im wearing a gold spandex one piece and I completly took control over Navy.  He really tried hard to do something…he’s just not good at all…but he really tries his best. In this match, my boobs are always so close to come out! I was always at the limit to make him pass out. I did some chokes, scissors to his neck, body, legs, I also did some triangle chokes and he could take them at all. I did an arm bar and I worked a lot to get it. He didnt want to let me win, but he didnt have the choice, I was just stronger…and I was playing with him.. I sat on his face…he couldnt breathe and turned red in a second…I finally smothered him with my breasts several times and he got almost purple… At the end, a triangle choke did it…he couldnt get up at all, and you can see his purple face…and his watery eyes. Length 16 min

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MW-488 Brooke vs Raid Pro Wrestling on mats Full Video

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

generated_12792036Duncan is the ref. Brooke vs Raid in a pro wrestling match. Both are not fully trained in pro wrestling, but they are still trying to get chokes, boston crabs, etc. Brooke is always as sexy as ever…..tanned in her colorful bikini and her perfect body. Raid is a very funny guy and Duncan is cheating as the ref. A little comedy in that match. If you like competitive and very serious wrestling, you might not like that one….

Length: 15 minutes

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MW-523 Madison vs Carlos Mixed wrestling, Scissors, semi-competitive FULL VIDEO

Sunday, October 12th, 2014
FULL VIDEO Part 1 Mixed wrestling, Scissors, semi-competitive Carlos engaged in a match against the long legged Madison for the first time. They didn’t know each other at all so it started a little smooth but Madison quickly got a good scissors hold with her hot legs around Carlos. The tall hot blonde found herself outmatch by Carlos at some point when he stretched her body until she tapped out. Part 2 : mixed wrestling, school girl pin Madison’s breathing got heavier. You can hear she was enjoying her time with Carlos. Just the way she moved and breathed plus her sensuality would have give her an advantage in a match against anybody. Carlos tried to play it rough but Madison definitely tamed him a little. To make sure she made her point she gave him a nice school girl pin to get in his head even more. Part 3 : Mixed wrestling You can see how much Madison mellowed Carlos in the last part. She had an effect on him because he lost his usual aggression. He relied on his experience and technique to get the last submission because clearly his head was somewhere else. Can you blame him by looking at her?
Length: 11 minutes
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