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MKF-05 Mercedez taking control over Mutiny Bondage, scissors and grabbing FULL VIDEO

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

FULL VIDEO It started out fun with some sensual bondage. I was really looking forward for what Mercedez had in mind for me. She was dressed SO sexy I was ready to go for some real fun. She seemed to have a different agenda when she got me hard in a head scissor. This girl is so strong and muscular you can quickly witness the distress in my eyes when she puts the hold on me. I begged her to go easy on me. But she really wanted my head tight in between her legs… Just not for the same reasons I hoped for. She just took advantage of me and grabbed me when I was helpless. I tough the bondage was a way for the both of us to have a good time. She had other plans as she continued to hurt me for her own pleasure. You hear in my voice how helpless and desperate I am to get out of there. My best attempt at escaping quickly turned against me as I got my face dragged right onto her muscular firm ass. Part 3 Ass stocked in the air showing more than I would have like is how she squeezed more air out of me. She turned herself on some more by rubbing my exposed breasts. Just to further more humiliate me. Still unable to fight back much I got stock in a nasty head scissors I couldn’t escape and you see my eyes rolling out as I .

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Length: 14 minutes

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