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MW-643 LILY KAT vs Mercedez Tickling dominattion by Mercedez Full Match

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : The last big video shoot we had in Montreal, we had a system to pick who we would fight and what type of match. Mercedez picked Lily Kat for a tickling match. Lily wasnt sure she would like that but she had to agree. Mercedez is the bigger girl here. she is so sexy with her tattoos and she is so muscular. She took control over the cute lily kat and started to tickle her on the ground. Lily is laughing but you can still see she doesnt enjoy it that much she would rather be the one tickling, but mercedez is so powerful. Lily is wearing a small blue thong with a bra and mercedez is wearing a sexy pink bikini brazilian cut  Part 2 : Mercedez has lily in a leg lock and she is tickling her side and her feet. She then switched position and got her side boobs, her stomach, her armpits. etc. she locked her legs again and she start focussing on her feet a little more. Lily is not happy to lose control to mercedez tho but she is so sexy when she is the victim!  Part 3 : Mercedez gave everything in the last part. She tickled every inch of Lily Kat’s sexy and perfect body. at one point she even lifted her up in the air over the shoulder carry and had a great access to Lily’s feet. Mercedez really took control over Lily Kat, tickling her armpits, stomach, feet, legs, etc.

Length: 16 minutes

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MW-308 Mutiny vs Jennifer Thomas Tickling Domination by Jennifer

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

We started by doing some pro wrestling (mostly chain wrestling, working the arm)…jennifer Thomas did a snapmare to get me (mutiny) stuck in a hold and she started to tickle the side of my body…my ribs….she pulled my hair a little and tickled me some more. I didnt understand what was happening since she asked me to wrestle her pro style! she then moved to a grapevine and tickled my armpits…i was laughing so hard but I wanted her to stop! After the grapevine, she got me in all kinds of leglocks, arm locks, hammerlocks, full nelsons and tickled me everywhere and took her time. she really showed me she was in control and I guess she enjoyed every second of it. She tickled my armpits, the side of my body, she tickled my butt and even under my boobs! She finally got me very stuck in a weird hold thatI couldnt see and figure out… my arms were stuck between her legs…and she started taking off my shoes one by one. she took off my socks and tickled my feet…sometimes very fast and sometimes slowly for more torture i guess! I was getting exhausted…she changed position and got my legs stuck between hers and I couldnt move. I was on my stomach and there was nothing I could do…she tickled me until she was done with me…and left me there in the middle of the ring…Length: 10 minutes

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