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MW-252 Mutiny vs SleeperKid Pro style wrestling

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Another Video that wasnt in my videostore anymore, so Im reposting it!
Part 1Im saying to the camera girl that Im tired of seeing sleeperkid beating up all theise girls on his website,,,I dont understand why its so rare that a girl kick his ass. So I decided to go see him in person and teach him a lesson! I went to Georgia only for that… but Im pretty sure he got scared because he surprised me with a chair shot in the back…he slamed my head into that chair, did the airplane with me, slamed me on the mats, did pro moves like figure 4 leg lock, he did several piledrivers….and he knocked me out but he made sure to wake me up for more pain…..

PART 2 In that part, he is doing a lot of piledrivers, he is knocking me out several times, he even did a torture rack, a lot of stretching, a lowblow before working my leg, some splashes and hes choking me with the chair again…. hes always making sure to show my face to the camera when im out….hes so proud and cocky…

PART 3 In that part, youll see a lot of piledrivers, bodyslam, supplexes, punches to my face, a boston crab…..lot of hairpulling.. and he wanted to finish me off with a chokeslam….and he did knock me good….but…he wole me up and decided to piledrive me again…but he decided to drop me on an object to knock me out for good…I didnt wake up…

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MW-532 Dayana vs Rick Mixed Pro Wrestling Lowblows Piledrivers FULL VIDEO

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

FULL VIDEO : Part 1 Match Description by Rick : I was ready for my wrestling training, but this little annoying thing was in the ring. She had her outfit on for the show that night, but her hair and her make up wasnt done yet. So I thought to myself : she should get ready instead of being in the ring so i could finally train. She pushed her luck when she refused to leave and then pushed me away. This is when I started to destroy her. I started quite hard with some good kicks in the crotch while she was laying on her back, in the middle of the ring. When I heard her scream, I gave her some more. I did many chokes but I stretched her back a little in between. I pulled her hair to get her up to kick her cute ass some more. I did an atomic drop to finish her with several knees to her pussy. Part 2 : I got her up by her hair and this is when i went for a tombstone piledriver. She , woke her up because I wasnt done with this bitch. She slapped me and this is when I lost it. Grabbed her and put her upside down in the corner. I jumped on the second rope then put my foot between her legs to put my weight on her pussy. She then fell on the floor, I walked on her to hurt her some more, 200 lbs on her back! I stretched that back again, then did a nice bodyslam to make her feel some more pain. I lifted her up by the hair, put her in the corner, choked her with my boot before kicking her hard in the crotch… Part 3 : I kicked her crotch one more time…I knew she was pissed, but I also knew she couldnt take more pain. I gave her one good piledriver to put her out of her misery. But then, I woke her up because I wasnt ready to let her go. She was my dummy and I was using her for my training. She got upset, but was also dizzy so she gave me a kick in the balls and tried to slap me again. I lost it and gave her 2 more piledrivers….The first one wasnt good enough for me, so I gave her a last one….

Length: 10 minutes

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MW-269 Sleeperdkid Vs Jacquelyn Velvets

Monday, April 9th, 2012

269Mixed Pro style match in a ring between SLEEPERKID AND JACQUELYN VELVET with piledrivers and a lot of sexy pro wrestling holds! SK knows what he’s doing and Jacquelyn is so sexy as usual. I dont know about you guys, but I LOVE to see her lose…shes the sexiest loser ever! Length: 10 minutes

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MW-270 Devon vs Sleeperkid

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011
Very intense pro style wrestling. Wrestling domination from Sleeperkid…Poor Devon! she really got destroyed in that match. They both are good pro wrestlers, and she takes an intense beatdown and big bumps…Sleeperkids’ got no pity for her!
10 min
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MW-258 Mutiny vs CARLOS (yes he’s back) Pro Style

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

This is a mixed pro wrestling match where the guy wins at the end…. but I got him good….we both gave our 100% but Carlos got me at the end, and I couldnt survive his piledriver… I had a total of 2 piledrivers in that match so its very good I was able to wrestle that long! Im wearing a sexy ref outfit and he is wearing his pro wrestling tighs …. I dont kno if you will be able to see it….but he is grabing my breasts all the match and make me touch his dick when he got me in a arm bar…he was doing it on the other side of the camera….to cheat of course… hope youll be able to see it..I know I can, because I know when he did it….

Length: 11 minutes
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MW-102 Meave vs Carlos, Pro Ring

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Pro Style wrestling in a ring, with submission wrestling. Carlos’ mission was to destroy her…he didnt destroy her, BUT he really stretched her! she still surprised me with a lot of moves to reverse him! she is quite wise and quick!

Length : 4min
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