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MW-158 Carlos vs Mutiny OIL WRESTLING

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010
Very sexy video (again) Carlos vs Mutiny. Hard to wrestle in oil, be quite honnest, to feel the other person’s body on you, its hard to concentrate…even if its carlos! Well, as usual, Carlos is turned on as well! so I used it against him too!!! OIL wrestling
Length: 5 minutes

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MW-166 V vs Carlos Oil Wrestling

Sunday, April 11th, 2010
They both start by oiling themselves and Carlos started to oil her. Very friendly but it soon stops! They both fought very hard the whole time, they both really wanted to win! Great mixed wrestling in oil match!
LENGTH : 11:52

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MW-165 V vs Javier oil wrestling

Sunday, April 11th, 2010
V is a very sexy woman. and she is even more sexy with oil on her body! Javier had trouble to wrestle her. He told me : Mutiny (ok, actually he said my real name…not mutiny!) how am I suppose to wrestle her without getting a hard on!? She was very serious about this fight because she is use to wrestle against me or carlos in oil…but Javier was a guy she didnt know at all…LOOK AT HER MUSCLE with the oil…she is amazing!
LENGTH : 11 min

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MW-161 Javier vs Mutiny FOOT FETISH Topless OIL

Sunday, April 11th, 2010
FOOT FETISH/ WORSHIP oil wrestling. So this match is a very special match I did. I know Javier always liked my feet. So I decided to get him a little excited to dominate him during all the match! It worked…it was quite easy! TOPLESS! sensual wrestling, sensual domination. nothing competitive, he was beging me to stop, and I love it…
LENTHG : 13 min

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