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MWL-134 MAELYS vs Yuï & Mutiny – 2 vs 1

Yui and I, we were ready to train in the ring when we saw the new girl standing there, waiting for the trainer to arrive. We laughed at her. Shes really beautiful but, we dont think shes ready to step in the ring! We decided to challenge her to a match to test her. I start with her in the ring and she is taller than me and made me bump twice only after the lock up. Same for Yui. She made her take a good bump too. Yui started to cheat a little by pulling Maelys, perfect hair. We got her in the corner, I choked her while Yui was punching her. the first part ends when Yui is stretching maelys back…a lot! poor thing! the second part is very intense and this poor Maelys is getting quite a good beat up! I stretched her in the corner, used the ropes to choke her with Yui, 2 vs 1 action…Yui and I got a boston crab WITH a camel clutch on her…at the same time. Hard punches to the stomach…and several shoulders in the corner. in the last part we teamed up against her from the begining to the end. Stretched her, punched her perfect stomach i even kicked her crotch! we choked her on the bottom rope and I got outside the ring to pull her head down. We stretched her legs while she was sitting on the second turnbuckle…she was yelling in pain… We did all that until we got 2 scissors on her. yui got a body scissors and I got the headscissors…we teased her until she couldnt take it anymore…im pretty sure she learned her lesson!
Length 14 min


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MWL-133 Mutiny vs Yuï Pro style wrestling

Dayana is doing a match with Yui and Im the ref. At the end of the match, Yui is way too confident and Im counting her 1-2-3. She got really pissed at me saying it was only 2. she started pushing me and yelled at me. Dayana left the ring and I Yui challenged me to a match. We started with some chain wrestling since we never wrestled against each other to see what the other one was capable of. We were quite even. Them, she started to cheat, pull my hair, got me in the ropes, choked me. she took control, but I got her too. The first part ends when I have her sitting down in the corner while putting my foot on her throat! After I got her in the corner to choke her, she got completely crazy! she lost it! she got very violent and stiff! she choked me with her hands, knocked my head against the turnbuckle, grabed my hair so hard, even tried to catfight me a little by knocking my head against the floor.I also fliped and took a bump in the middle of the ring because I was sitting on the top turnbuckle and she grabed my hair and pulled me down…I stretched her good with the ropes and even kicked the ropes while her throat was still on it….but she was crazy. the second part ends when she rubing my face against the ropes and you can see in her eyes that she lost it! She got me in a headlock and brought me down….but I got her a headscissors. She was able to escape and decided she would just break my leg. She did everything she could so try to injure me…she stretched me a lot in the middle of the ring or using the ropes, pulled my hair but she kept kicking my leg. She pushed me in the ropes and I could run much, She did a clotheline…and then, got me in a x factor to finish me. She left me there, in the middle of the ring…proud of herself…Ill get her soon….

Length : 11 min

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MWL-137 Yui (Mya) vs Dayana Pro Wrestling Domination

Yui is a pro wrestle in Montreal and she is very stiff and serious about wrestling. Dayana just started training and is ready to accept any challenge. Yui i always ready to kick the new girls ass’ in Montreal…she’s not soft at all and you will see in during that match. Hard kicks, hard forearms and punches, chokes, etc. Poor Dayana…I almost stoped the match! Yui is very cocky and confidant…and the cute Dayana is trying to try to turn this match as sexy as she can, but it pisses off Yui even more! clips4sale.com

Length: 11 minutes

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