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MW-697 Mutiny vs Maria One Piece Thong tournament SEMI FINAL 01

SEMI FINAL : Winner #1 vs Winner #4. I (Mutiny) never wrestled Maria before except in pro wrestling. She was the girl I started doing pro style with in live shows 8 years ago. I saw the match she did against Myleena and was quite impressed! I really thought I would face Myleena and i was ready for her! Maria has a stature advantage, she’s an amazon with her 5’8 175 lbs. She is incredibly beautiful and talented. She’s more powerful than I am, but I have a skill advantage on her. Back and forth action, reverse headscissors, armbars, headlocks, figure four headscissors, triangle choke, single leg crab, ankle lock, etc. Maria gave me the biggest WEDGIE and got my thong reallllllly deep in my pussy right in front of the camera. You can see the technique vs the power.
Length: 11 minutes

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MW-698 Myleena vs Maria Veyron One Piece Thong tournament QUARTER FINAL 04

QUARTER FINAL : Its the first time Maria Veyron is wrestling in another wrestling style. She only does pro style and she’s usually wearing way more clothes than that! Myleena picked Maria’s name for her first match of the tournament. As you know, Myleena isnt scared of anybody so she thought it was awesome and that it will be an easy win since maria never did grappling before. Myleena is quick and skilled, but Maria is powerful and has a weight advantage. 70 lbs. Both girls, but mostly Maria, are ”losing” their top. Maria had her boob out most of the match and didnt care because she wanted to win. They are both sweaty and you can see they both want to get to the semi final…back and forth action, awesome holds, but Myleena had to work very hard and even then, we had a great surprise at the end!
Length: 10 minutes

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MW-702 Myleena vs Maria Veyron (new wrestler) Wrestling Domination


Two sexy pro wrestlers but Myleena is the bad ass of MutinyWrestling.com for many years. She knows all the fighting style and she never faced Maria. She is very confident as usual, but Maria is too. She is facing a real challenge. I’ve know Maria for 9 years. She already wrestled for our website YEARS ago as a pro wrestler. Time went by and she came back with a lot more experience. I started my pro wrestling career against Maria when she wasnt even 18 years old. She started very young, same as Myleena. Both ladies are fighters and they both have the same background. Myleena lost some weight recently and Maria didnt complain, she used the tiny tattooed girl and lifted her in air many times, did many submission holds. Even if Myleena fought back, Maria was no match for her…we didnt expect such talent from her. Aggresivity, intensity, talent, etc. They both have it, but one is stronger than the other…Some TOPLESS action, top didnt stay on much.

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