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MWL-143 Naja vs V the Cheerleader

V and naja already fought for another company in Montreal named Fightingirls.com  V destroyed Naja that first time because Naja didnt know what to expect at all. They both came to my place to wrestle for MutinyWrestling and MontrealWrestlingLeague. I told them they would have a match together and Naja said : this will be my sweet revenge! V was laughing because she is very strong and confident. This is a very intense match! good holds, ankle locks, scissors, chokes. Naja hates chokes and as soon as V is putting her hands on her throats, she freaks out! But Naja is very good to put all her weight on V to make sur she cannot move. V is looking right to the camera because Im the one behind it and she cannot believe how strong the sexy black girl got in a couple of weeks. Very intense and sporty match, I was very proud to see them both go at it like that! but how humiliating the end is for V! she couldnt escape!!! and naja was laughing and smiling!c4s.com
Length: 11 minutes

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MWL-148 Mutiny vs V the Cheerleader

V the Cheerleader is rarely in a bikini when she wrestles…but in this match, she is! she is so damn sexy! she jumped on me at the beginning of the match to scissor me…shes so strong its incredible! we had a very good back and forth match, very intense, I got her good in several holds and same for her. She was so humiliated when I got her in a lotus hold! I know she hates that hold, and thats pretty much why I did it! I got her head in a tight scissor just when the bell rang…and we could argue if the point is good or not…. (my boob got out at one point in the match and ”sadly” I couldnt fix my top!)
Length: 11 minutes

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MW-464 Mutiny vs Vee Competitive Wrestling. Mutiny in Control FULL VIDEO

464FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Im losing my top, so im topless most of the time…my tank top doesnt stay in place. Vee is wearing sexy lingerie. Quite competitive match, many scissors, sexy poses, Vee is so beautiful when she’s helpless!! I did different scissors, grapevine, armbars, etc. Part 2 : oh! I stretched her perfect body…so much! I made sure to show her body to the camera…well, since shes so sexy! we must see her good right? stretches, camel clutch, lotus hold, etc she tried to wedgie me, pulling on my thong, but I changed position to get in control again (you can see her smacking my ass and the wedgie in the preview) Part 3 : I got hr in 2 or 3 headscissors, she tried some too, but I always reversed her. Got her good, spread her legs open, showed her sexy body! took control some more, but you can see in her face that shes getting mad! mad or not, I still got her good and took control over her amazing body! I even did some victory poses at the end! my boobs are out most of the clip
4642Length: 11 minutes

MWL-142 Mutiny vs V

In the first part of the match, we are both reversing several great holds. We smiled a lot because we really love and respect each other. She knows my moves, and I know hers. V is a great fighter! and shes very flexible! She was a fitness model and she’s still working out a lot! Shes got several bruises because the night before, she wrestled for fightingirls and had a crazy match against Naja. They did a revenge match for MontrealWrestlingLeague but I have to wait until they release the first video!  At the beginning, we did some stretching, scissors, bearhugs, a lot of body to body action. My top doesnt want to stay in place, even if i triy to fix in during all the match, it kept moving! She is wearing  sexy see through (red lace) booty shorts and Im wearing quite the same but darker booty shorts. She is also swearing in french! In the second part it got a little more serious, since we got more submissions and we got each other good. Im coughing a lot, since she got a great choke but I scissored her perfect body quite good too! In the last part, we again, reversed several crazy holds! great action and both of us dont want to give up. At the end of the match, she didnt want it to be over! she was ready to fight some more! we really love to wrestle each other and I think it shows!

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MW-457 Mutiny vs V TOPLESS WRESTLING Full Video

457-1Part 1 TOPLESS WRESTLING. V never wrestled topless in all the years she worked in the wrestling business. Its HER FIRST TOPLESS MATCH. Not even after 1 min, we both lost our tops. Competitive wrestling, hot action and even some boobs to boobs action at the end of the first part! Part 2 TOPLESS WRESTLING. the second part starts with breasts to breasts action, a long bearhug and no one wants to give up. we wrestled, I stretched her to humiliate her in front of the camera since its her first time showing her boobs. Im touching her, teasing her and she likes/hates it at the same time. she’s starting to get turned on and I know it. I know her well…VERY well if you know what I mean! Part 3 TOPLESS WRESTLING. HOTTTT ACTION. A lot of boobs to boobs action. We are slapping our boobs together, making them bounce, she smothered me with hers, we squeezed them good, slapped them good. Chokes, scissors, elbows in the pussy,nipple squeezing, 457-2etc. thats what you will find in that part!!! quite sexy! V as you never saw her before!

Length: 10 minutes

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