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MW-644 Summer vs Lily Kat One Piece Thong tournament QUARTER FINAL 03

QUARTER FINAL : I was so happy when Lily Kat picked Summer’s name for the tournament! I never thought those two would face each other but this is an amazing match up! Both girls are almost the same size and they are 2 cuties! Some pretty girls are way too girly and thats what i thought when I met them, but they are extremely intense and I they got intense very fast. They weren’t scared of the other girl and they knew they both had a chance to get in the semi final. They went back and forth and exchanged scissors, grapevines, boston crabs, single leg crab (sexy) and chokes. I dont even understand how the boobs stayed in! I mean, they are almost out! so close, i think thats what makes that match so sexy! Summer is wearing the pink one piece and Lily is in black. I think that experience made the difference in that match. One had a little more matches in the past and more opponents to learn from…
Length: 11 minute

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MW-677 C-Sar vs Summer Pro style Wrestling Domination

Poor Summer didnt know what she got into. First, she faced Carlos, the king of grappling. Then, she faced C-Sar, a guy not only trained BY Carlos, but also a pro wrestler twice (minimum) her size. He destroyed her so bad, she was suffering a lot (you can see by the pictures). Torture rack, bearhugs, he was really enjoying himself. Mercedez and I were watching the match on the side and honestly, we were freaking out. At the end, when Summer was out on the ground, he grabbed me and Mercedez and made us pass out and decided to leave us on top of the poor Summer. If you like mixed domination, you will enjoy this match for sure.

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MW-650 Summer vs Carlos Mixed Wrestling Domination by CARLOS

Maybe Summer got a little too cocky with her victory in MW-642. Carlos lowblowed her and then started his revenge. He stretched her, exposed her perfect body, sat on her, did many holds and moves she couldnt even follow and didnt know what was going on. He made her pass out because of the pain, lowblows, torture racks, pure demolition… She is quite a sexy victim in her cute bikini!

length 13 min

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MW-642 Summer vs Carlos Mixed Wrestling Domination by SUMMER

MW-642Summer really took control in that short match! She did some lowblows to take control and then started to scissor Carlos! she did mostly body and headscissors but also a single leg boston crab and some kicks to the crotch too! She laughed at him…and this is why there are other matches between those two, because he didnt take it well and needed to make her pay for her confidance and her cheating! She just enjoyed having him stuck between her legs, asking her to let him go!
Length: 5 minutes

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MW-637 Summer vs Mutiny Shiny Spandex Wrestling with lap dance

Custom video : Summer and I wrestled with a prize deal for the winner! The loser had to give her a lapdance! Since I reaaaaalllly wanted Summer to give me a lapdance (who wouldnt) I gave everything and dominated her as much as I could! But she also gave everything she has because she never gave a lapdance before! The outfits are amazingly sexy, with the boots and gloves, and the more the time passed, the more i wanted her to dance for me! We did some pins and I had the last pin and was quite proud of myself!! she had to dance for me for 2 min!!!! sexxxy summer! who wants a lapdance now? (She kept her clothes on! just a sexy private dance for me! jealous much!?) we exchanged many grapevines, scissors and pins…she was very aggressive!
Length: 12 minutes

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