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MWL-119/BW-54 Mutiny vs Brooke – Lift and Carry/ Pro Style/ Lowblows

In this match, we did some : TORTURE RACK, BEAR HUGS, LOW BLOWS, OVER THE SHOULDER CARRY and PILE DRIVER, it’s a pretty tight match, we both give everything we have! Brooke learned a lot about pro style and lift and carry in the last year. We are both wearing green bikinis (very small) with blacks boots!

Length: 7 minutes

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MW-252 SleeperKid vs Mutiny Pro Wrestling and Piledrivers

2521Part 1Im saying to the camera girl that Im tired of seeing sleeperkid beating up all theise girls on his website,,,I dont understand why its so rare that a girl kick his ass. So I decided to go see him in person and teach him a lesson! I went to Georgia only for that… but Im pretty sure he got scared because he surprised me with a chair shot in the back…he slamed my head into that chair, did the airplane with me, slamed me on the mats, did pro moves like figure 4 leg lock, he did several piledrivers….and he knocked me out but he made sure to wake me up for more pain…..




PART 2 In that part, he is doing a lot of piledrivers, he is knocking me out several times, he even did a torture rack, a lot of stretching, a lowblow before working my leg, some splashes and hes choking me with the chair again…. hes always making sure to show my face to the camera when im out….hes so proud and cocky…



2522PART 3 In that part, youll see a lot of piledrivers, bodyslam, supplexes, punches to my face, a boston crab…..lot of hairpulling.. and he wanted to finish me off with a chokeslam….and he did knock me good….but…he wole me up and decided to piledrive me again…but he decided to drop me on an object to knock me out for good…I didnt wake up…

MW-248 Jacquelyn Velvet vs Mutiny PRO + piledrivers

248This beautiful girl has everything for her! I mean, she’s gorgeous, shes a great cook, she’s a great actress ,but most of all, she can wrestle!!! I saw her and I was very impressed!!! so of course I had to be quicker and try to dominate her at the begining of the match… yeah, I was a little cocky, maybe a little jealous.. But I did several piledrivers in the whole videos, I knocked her out real good, but I woke her up everytime to make her suffer a little more….. check the preview, youll see her sexy outfit!! we are both wearing boots and pro outfits!
At the end of the match….she got me real good….really good…I didnt know she was that quick….and whats more upseting, is that Im the one who showed her the drop toe hold…Ill never show her anything else! because at that moment, she took control, and it was all over for me….