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MW-748 Mutiny vs STAR Female boxing (MP4 Format)

MW-748(MP4 Format)

Star is the total package, she is tough but she is one of the most beautiful girl I ever met. Its hard to wrestle or do some boxing against a pretty lady like her. Her eyes are so big and so naive, her body is so perfect…But when you start the match and shes really intense, you realize that you dont have the choice to hit hard to. Its me or her. So she will go down! (Thanks HTM for the sound effects)

Length : 14 min

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MW-501 Mutiny vs Star Female Wrestling FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO : Part 1 : back and forth wrestling, Star srtaed with a good headscissors that she kept and you can see her legs are really tight around my neck…I squeezed her perfect body too with my strong legs, but also got technical with leg locks and a lot of back stretching to expose her amazing body. She is so sexy when she is the ”victim”. She is so sweet and small that I underestimated her. She choked me good. I got her in a reverse grapevine where you can see her perfect booty! some more scissors where I just look at her trying to free herself… (her boob almost came out at one point…) Part 2 : MANY hot body scissors where each girl try to get out, twisting, stretching, etc. Chokes, grapevine, armbars…a lot of body to body action! Part 3 : Im (Mutiny) talking control a little bit more in this part! Im sitting on her neck at one point before getting her head stuck between my powerful legs. Im flipping her from side to side to show her she cant escape…Maybe I got a little too confident and I forgot that she is quite flexible, but she got me in a body scissors while she was still in a tight headscissors. I also got her in a figure four headscissors and laughed at her a bit. I kept controling her, exposing her body, stretching it, until she ended that part with a tight headscissors too (in the air) and then got me in a figure four headscissors, to laugh at me too… Part 4: Im a little upset so I didnt wait long to bring her on the floor and I got her in a double hammerlock followed by a single leg crab + back stretching. Long bearhug and even longer double leg scissors… we are both scissoring the other girl’s legs. I got her in many different headscissors to get her even weaker until I was able to get a sleeperhold on her, and…you can guess the end!

Length: 20 minutes
Size: 239 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 720×480

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MW-572 Mutiny vs STAR Fight over a new hot guy FULL VIDEO

generated_12963262FULL VIDEO : Star and I were sunbathing in my backyard. This girl is amazingly sexy. her body is perfect and she knows it. Before the match, i was explaining to her that some guys love bigger girls, or girls with curves but still, I think shes the most attractive girl I ever saw. So this new guy showed up to shoot with us and since we were both single, we both thought we had a shot with him. He was further away and we decided to fight for me, talking to him or waving at him from time to time. I generated_12963266wanted to humiliate her in front of him but she fought back. Back and forth wrestling, but I stretched her good, exposing her sexy body. She choked me and scissored me but I still got the upper hand and left her there, smiling to our guy…. I just went to see him, with her on my mats, outside… 😉 (my boob got out once, while shes scissoring me)
Length: 12 minutes

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MW-519 Accenty vs Star : STRADDLED and SCISSORED until she ! Full Video

Full Video. Total domination from Accenty. She just pushed Star on the floor and sat on her for a good 5 min. The amazingly pretty girl couldnt do anything. She tried to escape, tried to move…But accenty is putting all her weight on her. She is moaning in pain, but shes also humiliated. She is a real wrestler and Accenty isnt trained. But she knows how to use her weapon, her weight. She sat on Star,s stomach and then, flipped on the side to get her in a body scissors. She didnt let her go and kept it another 5 min. squeezing as hard as she can. Star is stock between Accenty’s strong legs. The way she tries to escape is soooo sexy, but she just cant…the pressure is getting too hard and she just couldnt take it anymore…. SEXY SEXY straddling….
Length: 10 minutes

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MW-581 Star vs Kasumi SCISSORS CHALLENGE full video

Full Video. This is not wrestling. This is a scissor challenge with different scissors. They both apply scissors on each others neck and they are trying to figure out who can take the most pain and who is the strongest girl. Kasumi is quite cocky and confident as usual and Domino injured Star in another match but she still thinks she can take the sexy Kasumi… Exchange of scissors vetween 2 sexy models. If you like long sexy legs and perfect bodies…this is a very good deal. 11 min for 8.95.

Length: 11 minutes

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