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MW-250 Gia Primo vs Mutiny -You must see this!-

Mutiny Gia Primo WrestlingI will post the entire match in my videostore (that Im trying to fix because I had a little technical problem) So it should be done over the week end!

So I finaly met the Great Gia Primo!!!

I went to meet her in her hometown, Chicago!

We did several matches, all types of fights…light wrestling to competitive wrestling, belly punching to foot fetish stuff!

She is definitly a great girl and if you have the chance to wrestle her, you must do it! she is a tough girl!!!

Two clips of a 25 min match I did against her at her place. (there is actually 6 clips for that video OR one big video)

MW-250 Part 1

MW-250 Part 2

Mutiny Wrestling Gia

gia pin Mutiny Wrestling

MW-243 Brooke vs Domino Schoolgirl Pin


Brooke and Domino were talking about their week end when Domino said she went to a strip club. Brooke said she is pretty sure she would be a great striper because shes got a great body but Domino started laughing and telling her she didnt at all that she was too fat. Brooke was so offended she ordered Domino to lay down on her back, Domino did it and Brooke told her she would sit on her and make her suffer. She sat on her for 10 min, bouncing from time to time, holding her wrists and she also changed position to show Domino she was totally in control

School Girl Pin Video

Full Length Video

Free 10 sec Clip

MW-222 Mégane vs Mutiny

Mégane is the new french girl on MWL. She agreed to wrestle me for MutinyWrestling too. She is wearing jeans shorts, and Im wearing a jeans skirt…we both have bikini tops on. she is becoming very good!!! she learns really quick. it was a very very close match!!! I was surprised since she is almost 20 pounds lighter than me!!!! Mégane will be a very good wrestler…watch her!!!
Length: 11 minutes
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