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MW-452 Mutiny vs V ”The Cheerleader” FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO : Part 1 : V always been a great wrestler and I always enjoyed wrestling against her. The competition is fair, she’s strong and flexible, Im fast and skilled. She decided to go on the sexy side of wrestling and I cant say im not enjoying this! She is wearing a stripper outfit, sexy bottom and a shiny spandex top. Im wearing a strapless top with shiny booty shorts. The outfits look great together. We both did some scissors, I got her in an armbar , and at the end, while shes making me submit, im losing my top and one boob is completely out… Part 2 : this match is quite competitive for what I usually shoot. we both want to win, back and forth action, scissors, chokes, we are both able to reverse some holds, we taped out a few times…and even if is more competitive than usual, the match is still quite sexy! Part 3 : V is getting more and more competitive and confident. Im still competitive too, but the thing is, she knows me well. I hate chokes and if somebody is getting me in a choke, I might just become too weak to continue the fight… She got me good and you can see in her smile that shes proud of herself. Usually, V is giggling in the videos, but she’s serious and wants to win that fight. Its one of her best match ever
Length: 10 minutes

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MW-403 V the cheerleader vs CARLOS Intense mixed wrestling FULL MATCH

403FULL MATCH Part 1 : V is always ready to wrestle. She enjoys it and it shows! Carlos, is also always ready to wrestle, he just loves to destroy hot girls… In fact, V is very intense in that one and she really tries to win even Carlos is being a bully,as usual. But she got him in great holds and tight scissors. You can see the definition in her legs and her back…its so sexy! Carlos is stretching her but she finds way to reverse his holds and she’s really into it…Not all the girls are willing to go that hard with Carlos.. Part 2 : the fight is getting more serious. V is not laughing or smiling. Shes intense and she wants to kick Carlos’ ass. I told her to use her legs a little more…he always forgot that our legs are really strong…so in the last part of the match, you’ll see one of the sexiest scissor hold. She got him in different reverse scissors, all so sexy… (yeah, I love her tights and her ass…I admit it..) and Carlos clearly cant escape even if he tries…he just got weaker, and weaker!!!

Length: 7 minutes

MW-405 Mutiny vs CARLOS INTENSE & SEXY xxx wrestling FULL VIDEO


Part 1 : We both started on our knees, im wearing a sexy thong FULL VIDEO with a bikini top that didnt stay on for more than 20 seconds. Its intense, we start quite technical but I quickly ended up on top of him, playing with my TITS on his face. Im pushing my boobs on his face, rubbing my nipples on him, smothering him, and even slapping my own boobs to slap his face with them. Quite hot action actually…and efficient too! He got pissed and squeezed my breasts hard, pushing me away…but I sat on his face and rubbed my pussy on him… I slowly had fun on his face while he’s asking for air…I tried to go for the armbar, but he saw me coming…so I went for a reverse head scissors and this is when he tried to TAKE OFF MY THONG. he’s trying to pull my butt cheeks apart and show my ass to the camera…Im squeezing him harder and harder, but he’s trying to turn me on by licking me….it pisses me off, so im just squeezing him as hard as I can…we rolled on the side but I kept my strong legs around his neck…even if he was still licking me, he was stuck there. and he had no choice but to give up… Part 2 : this got quite intense. he was pissed, I was too. He went for locks and I went for some face slapping. He then used his elbow against my CLIT…squeezed my boobs quite hard… He then got me in a backbreaker and kept me there. I couldnt move, his hand was on my throat. this is when he got meaner. He opened my legs, pushed my thong on the side and exposed my NAKED PUSSY to the camera…he slapped my clit several times, squeezed my nipples…and Im just screaming in pain and humiliation…I 4052slapped him in the face so hard, he finally had to let me go, but I was way to upset and the squeezing started. I had his dick in my hand and I squeezed it while he was squeezing my boobs. we squeezed until one of us gave up… Part 3 : He slaped my face and I did the same…you can see the rage in our eyes… I teased him and laughed at him, and I finally started to bite his dick. Im smiling and im proud of myself since he didnt expect that…but then he got meaner…he got me in a weird stretch where I couldnt move, I was scared to say a word because he had total control over my body…I said something, pissed him off and he pushed his fingers inside me roughly. I couldnt talk, couldnt scream, Im panicking because I dont trust him and I dont know what he could do next. He wanted a reaction from me and he started biting my nipples or licking them. he got me in a position where I couldnt move and pretended to fuck me to humiliate me. He was still wearing his shorts and Im half naked…I was pissed…He took control over me all the way in the last part of the match…but I took all the pain and humiliation…even tho’ I was scared and wanted to leave…

MW-399 Mutiny vs CARLOS HOT mixed wrestling FULL video

399Full Video Part 1 : Carlos started the match as intense as usual. I told him, before the match, that I have problems with my knees these days..guess what he did? tried to injured me at the beginning…nice try…he got the best of me in the first part, but ill make him pay later in the match….(one nipple is out most of the first part) the intensity of the match got crazier in the next 2 parts..I got pissed and you will have some real mutiny vs carlos action! Part 2 : I thought I had him well with a reverse grapevine but he reversed the hold and always broke my knees. you can see him in pain, but I cant let him win. hes spreading my legs wide open and hes trying to expose my pussy… I grabbed his DICK real hard and squeezed it good. Hes asking me nicely to go easy, but I dont care. This jerk already has a hard on! I think he loves to see me in pain and he gets on when Im suffering…I got him in a grapevine, put out my boobs and smothered him…hes finally yelling and in distress..exactly how I like him. all that got me eventually stuck in a very tight choke, but it was worth it.. Part 3 : breasts and dick grabbing, we both dont want to let go… I got him in a reverse scissors, but he started to take of my small thong and wanted to expose my pussy….I got really pissed, but he took control over me, my boobs were out, my ass naked, and he got me in a camel clutch…exposing my breasts even more. This is when I lost it…completely. I got him on the ground, smothered him with my boobs, my nipple in is mouth, sat on his face, smothered him with my pussy…hes still trying to take off my thong…im bringing him closer to my pussy, scissoring him at the same time, choking him with my legs….switched to a reverse scissors, brought his face in my ass, grabbed his dick…yes, i lost it…I made him pay for all the humiliation….piece of trash…. Length: 11 minutes

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MW-389 Mutiny vs Entropy FULL VIDEO

389FULL VIDEO Part 1. Entropy and I came back from the restaurant quite quickly. We got in a fight because the girl that was serving us gave him her phone number. I went to the bathroom and he was so proud to show it to me when I came back. In any other case I wouldn’t mind, but i was WITH him! so I was wondering if HE was flirting with her while I was away. I decided I would torture him to have my answers. He thought he was funny when he said : if you want her number, get it from me. He decided to put the number in his pants…It could have been very easy for me to get the number, but I was so upset, I wanted him to feel it. Im asking him questions, sitting on his throat, squeezing his head, his neck, his body, choking him. Im grabbing his dick over his jeans to see if he enjoys all that…my boobs are completely out of my dress.. Part 2. I got him in a reverse headscissors and unzipped his jeans. Im teasing him, grabing his dick over his boxers but I stop everytime I see hes starting to like it a little too much. I love that kind of torture. Im sitting on his face, moving slowly to piss him off some more. He untied my bottom and Im naked over him. I got him in a grape vine but I didnt want him to ask me to stop so I pined him down, sitting on his face, rubbing my clit on his mouth. Forcing him to lick me. He’s completly helpless and I took off his jeans and teased him some more…this time, I made sure to keep his dick hard, but didnt remove his bottom…he didnt deserve with with that he did to me! Part 3. Im scissoring him so hard hes becoming weaker and weaker. Im moving slowly on top of him and Im making sure there is no way he can escape… Im sitting on his dick, still in his boxers and im moving sensually, forcing him to lick my breasts and suck on my nipples. I want to show him there is no need to flirt with other girls, im all he needs. I know the number is in his boxers, but I still want to sensually torture him… Part 4.Im scissoring him around the waist and he’s in pain…this is a big turn on for me to see him that helpless so im touching my pussy, my boobs, while looking at his face in pain. Im grabbing his head to bring him closer so I can scissor his neck. He’s so close to my pussy and I know what I want to do with him. There is no way I will please him, but he will have to please me because he WAS flirting with that girl. In a way, Ill get the satisfaction that he came back with me and I have control over him. So I made him lick my pussy for a while…until I reached for the number in his pants. I grabbed it, and entered the number in MY cellphone. Im the one with her phone number now. Ill decided what Ill do with it…should I fight her, or have sex with her?! Ill see! but one thing’s for sure, he wont have her number! The preview clip is disabled because this is too graphic and its a close up of everything 😀 Length: 16 minutes

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