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MW-732 Mutiny vs David SESSION with Mutiny (facseitting, breasts smothering, scissors) PART 2

PART 2 : BREASTS SMOTHERING, FACESITTING. Boobs are coming out very fast. sexy headscissors, armbar, bodyscissors, this is a session in a hotel room! Im in control until the end. He got a choke on me, exposing my boobs and stretching me out as much as he could to humiliate me. Little discount on this part because there is a small 20 sec water break (for him of course) and the last facesitting we cant see perfectly.

Length: 9 minutes
Size: 105 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1900×1266
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Florida….and the BIG DAY Nov 8th

Hey wrestling fans!!!!!

Am I getting nervous for THE surgery?! LOL


THE date is Monday, Nov 8th! So please write it in your agenda and send me positive energy!

Im not scared…Im not nervous because its a surgery, Im nervous because it didnt went as it was suppose to go.

I went to a clinic in Weston Florida to get the information. This place was recommanded by a lot of people I know, so I said to myself ”why not!?”.

I realized that having the surgery in Florida was a great idea since, in United States its less expensive (because they do more surgeries like that, compared to Montreal!) but also because I could rest far from home, far from the crazy cats I have and tend to frak out when Im ”sick” (I dont know how they do that, but they always know as soon as I have a headache or something like that…sometimes, I think they feel it before I do!)…

But also, I wanted to be far from my parents who would freak out if they knew Im hurting. My mom really cant see me when Im sick, she would rather be sick…I mean, she would love to be able to ”take my place” and be sick for me! hahah anyway, you know what I mean.

My dad is very sensitive too, he cant stand it. He would pretend he can and he would be really tough in front of me but he would collapse as soon as he reaches the door!

I dont live with my parents, but they have a house 3 streets from my house and I see them almost every 2 days or so…

PLUS, I would probably hear : ”can you tell me why you did that? you didnt have to do that! you should’ve waited longer to do that, why didnt you wait until you had kids, etc”

You know what I mean!!!!

Yeah, they know im having the surgery done! But they dont know when or where. They dont even have a clue its next week.

My mom called me stupid…and she is write though…

I know Im fine the way I am…I know I should lose weight before having any work done on my body…but still, I want to do it and its th best time for me to do it.

Brooke and Entropy have been really good to me and they are encouraging me a lot.

I have great friends who just ”cant wait to touch and feel what is like” (female friends…yeah!)

So…Im happy!

but eh, I started with : I didnt went as it was suppose to go…

OK….So having the surgery in the USA…

the doctor gave me prescriptions for medication, special soap, and bloowork.

I arrived here, in Canada and I had to go to the emergency clinic to have my prescriptions REDONE by a Canadian doctor because they couldnt give me the medication at the pharmacy

Yeah, its free here youll tell me so I shouldnt complain. You re right but still! no wonder why the emergency rooms are all full and the waiting list is crazy! I mean, the american doctor wasnt a real doctor? Of course he is…then, why do I have to go back to the hospital and take the place of sick people to have my prescriptions redone?! thats crazy!


anyway! so I arrived at the clinic at 5h30 in the morning, and its opening at 9h30. I was the second person in line. (they dont take appointments). I didnt wait long so at 9h35 i was in the ”room” with the doctor.

GUESS WHAT?! I had the ”chance” to have a doctor AGAINST plastic surgery! YES YES!

So he called me names, told me I was stupid to encourage american doctors instead of canadian ones, told me that I was superficial (I answered : of course and you should be a little more yourself)

anyway…you see where its going…

WE ARGUED! yes we did! Told him he just had to redo the prescriptions that I wasnt here to hear is point of view or to feel like im being judged for my actions etc.

it went pretty bad…

I said all this stuff AFTER he refused to filed new prescriptions..

BUT he filed out a form for my bloodwork…

he was about to give it to me but he said : you know what, forget it, i dont know why I should give you that too

SO I took the form out of his hands and I ran outside…


I finaly did the blood tests…and today I went to have the results and…the doctor as the results but is not in his office.

Tomorrow is the last day to receive it…because the surgery is on Monday

THIS is why im very nervous!

But it will all go well…

I know I should have considered Muprhy’s law since its always like that for me…Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong! story of my life, especially since I started my websites!!!! hahaha

OH and, by the way, thanks to everybody who bought videos, memberships, custom videos or booked sessions in the last month…because this is what will help me a lot to not freak out next month about not having my regular pay…

you guys really helped me this month…and Im very greatful!

taking long breaks in that business is very bad…you lose a lot…

next few months will be really hard since december is really slow in the business (Christmas-gifts, parties, etc) but as usual, ill come back stronger!!!! and….I hope the results of the surgery will help me bringing new people to buy some memberships for that website! hahaah


so thank you so much!