MWL-120 Brooke vs Mutiny (Mutiny showing holds to Brooke)

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MWL-120 Brooke vs Mutiny (Mutiny showing holds to Brooke)

This is the ”practice” I did with Brooke, before the match she challenged me to (MWL-121). Once in a while, Brooke and some other girls are asking for that type of practice ( showing them some holds and how to apply them properly) and I never say no, since I know they want to improve their skills. But each time, the girls get really dominant and they try to make me pass out. So in that ”practice” we did a body scissors with some hairpulling, than she did it on me and didnt want to release me. After that, I showed her the camel clutch…same thing. You would think I would stop at that point but no, I always trust the girls I wrestle with and I really shouldnt. I then showed her 2 types of chokes and this is when it got worst. She wasnt letting me go!!! and with the last choke, rear naked choke, she made me pass out…I really struggled and asked her several times to release me, but she didnt care….this is NOT a wrestling match. We are applying holds on each other and I am trying to get out…
123A very tight match between Brooke and I! The rivality is still there! Scissors and chokes in the water, really cannot be hotter than that! Brooke’s perfect, wet and slippery body, wow! My top keets moving all the match and Brooke is alsmot losing her bottom and you see her upper butt all of the match!! Its more like a catfight in the water, that would be my best description of that match! There is also a lot of lift and carry in the pool. I lifted Brooke over my shoulder and we both did some bearhugs. I also made her sit on my shoulders but she finally got me in a good scissors and brought me back in the water but I came back and picked her up like a baby! she hates that! We did a test of strength, she choked me and near the end, she got me in a long body scissors, her strong legs wrapped around my body.Length: 6 minutes

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they both started back to back and they did ”the bell” as we call it in French. Brooke was obviously stronger than June and she wanted to show her how much stronger she was! She asked her to jump on her back, and Brooke went up and down the stairs several times with June on her back!!! (Piggy back ride). She also did the same with June over her shoulder (over the shoulder carry). She did several squats and walked with her on her back or shoulder in the backyard! Brooke got so strong! I cannot believe it

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MWL-152 Mutiny vs Dayana Catfight + Wrestling

I rarely shoot any catfight because Im always scared at how crazy it can get but somebody asked for it and I thought I could shoot it with Dayana. We started with some wrestling and I lost my lingerie quite quickly! In fact, we are both wearing sexy lingerie, which is also quite unusual! My boobs are out all the match, you will see intense and hard hear pulling, some soft and medium slapping (face, body but mainly breasts slapping), a lot of boobs torture (pinching, slapping, squeezing, squashing), some scissors, stretching but a great choke that Dayana kept tight around my neck… while I was on her knees, quite dizzy, she was playing with my nipple to tease me…should I like or hate that girl?

MWL-124 Brooke vs Mutiny Wrestling in lingerie

Very sexy moves and holds! We did some special holds that we never used before!!! I had control of the first half of the match and this poor Brooke couldnt do anything!!!! she was my victim! at one point, she got me good and from that moment, she had control! She finally smothered me with her breasts to make me pass out! We are both wearing hot lace dresses, it was for a Valentine Day special!!! 🙂

Length: 7 minutes

MW-547 Bedroom Brawls Topless Catfight Jezabel vs Mutiny FULL VIDEO


Description by LuchaGirls : Bedroom Brawls Sexier Than You Topless Catfightfeaturing Jezabel Romo vs Mutiny ~ Jezabel and Mutuny are getting ready to hit the town tonight and find some fun! But they soon start to argue over who looks sexier. Well like every girl, they start to hurl girly insults at each other and it rapidly escalates to a sexy topless catfight complete with sexy scissorholds, hairpulling, belly punching, titty squeezing, ass smacking fun! Soon they realize thought that looking or love is more important and they do both look hotbut who is hotter and who is sexier in your eyes? Buy Bedroom Brawls 7 Sexier Than You Topless Catfight and watch the sexy mayhem get revealed in front of your very eyes!

Length: 8 minutes
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MW-591 Mutiny vs NIkki Fierce FIRST MATCH ever FULL VIDEO

FULL video : Part 1 : I knew it would be hard to fight this amazing lady wrestler, but it has been 10 years since I started and I never had the chance to face her. I was so confident! I thought I had a chance until the first 30 sec of the match! Even when I got on top or scissored her, she found a way to reverse it… Part 2 : the beating continues but its still very competitive. Im really fighting back. I dont want her to kick my ass real bad… Im trying to reverse everything, and I always try to get her in my scissors but she escapes. She is amazingly good… Part 3 ; In this part, i even got more intense. I wanted to make her submit so bad and I got in control a lot at the begining with many holds that she was able to reverse, but I was still coming back on top. You can see in my attitute that I want a submission. I got very close, but she reversed again last minute, to take control again. She made me completely helpless and ended it up with victory poses… to humiliate me a bit, but i was so proud to share the ring with her…

Length: 11 minutes

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