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MW-534 Mercedez vs Rick (total domination mostly scissors by MERCEDEZ) FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : If you like the girl being in control and not giving a chance to the poor guy, you will like this video. You will like it even more if you like strong and muscular girls destroying a cocky taller guy. Poor Rick is offering his services to Mercedez. He wants to help her get better at wrestling. She agreed and took him down right away. Chokes scissors. You see that Rick is really freaking out. He is panicking and he didnt expect that at all. Headscissors, bodyscissors, chokes, grapevines, etc. He couldnt escape anything. He is taping out, and taping out…Part 2 : This is getting worst and worst for Rick. He is still trying to be cocky from time to time but he scissors are getting stronger. She is so powerful and you can see the muscles in her legs when she is squeezing his neck. She is smiling, and he isnt. He really cant escape her scissors and she is more confident now. As I asked her to do, she is obviously planning on making him pass out with a reverse headscissors! reallllly tight one!

Length : 6min16

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MW-571 Mutiny vs Rick Facesitting and scissors Full Clip

FULL CLIP : Rick was relaxing while we were in tampa for fetcon but I had other plans for him. He was just laying down in Sasha’s bed and I sat on his face. Everytime I do that he always expects something else. But no, I wanted to smother him and play with him. I did both types of facesits and I did straight and reverse scissors. At the end, I got naked and sat on his face like that to make him pass out. He was already quite diizzzzzzy 🙂 I teased him a lot!

Length: 7 minutes
Size: 81 MB
Format: WMV

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MW-468 Rick LIFTING and CARRYING MUTINY in bra and panties FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO Part 1 : Rick is lifting and carrying Mutiny who’s wearing a sexy bra and panties kit (thong). Torture rack, he’s stretching her good! Long bearhugs, over the shoulder carry, and 2-3 long torture racks Part 2 : In this part, Mutiny is lifting Rick 200 lbs 6″2 for the very first time. She didnt know if she could do it! She already lifted a guy 175lbs, but never 200. She did it and she even did some squats!!!!!
Length: 5 minutes
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SPONSORSHIP! Accenty, Carlos, Lily Kat, Summer, Rick, Mutiny


Somebody wrote me to know if its possible to sponsor the shooting. Its always possible. Ill give you the list.

This is for sunday :

Match 01 : Accenty vs Mutiny
Match 02 : Carlos vs Mutiny
Match 03 : Accenty vs Lily Kat
Match 04 : Summer vs Carlos
Match 05 : Accenty vs Mutiny
Match 06 : Summer vs Mutiny
Match 07 : Carlos vs Lily Kat
Match 08 : Accenty vs Summer
Match 09 : Carlos vs Mutiny
Match 10 : Summer vs Mutiny
Match 11 : Carlos vs Lily Kat

For Monday

Probably around
6 matches Mutiny vs Lily Kat
3 Matches Lily Kat vs Rick Karl
5 matches Rick vs Mutiny Wrestler

If you want the ENTIRE SHOOTING (there will also be some topless action //
so it will be around 25 matches total for the entire shoot) I can do it for 140. So its about 5,60$ per match.

25 videos : 140$    5.60$/Video
Mixed Wrestling only : Around 10 matches 60$  so 6$/video
Female Wrestling Only : Around 12 mnatches 60$ so 5$/Video
Accenty Videos only : 20$   5$/video
Mutiny’s Videos only : around 15 matches 75$     so 5$/video

Paypal : marilynstdenis@hotmail.com

same email if you want a custom video!!!! 🙂


MW-532 Dayana vs Rick Mixed Pro Wrestling Lowblows Piledrivers FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO : Part 1 Match Description by Rick : I was ready for my wrestling training, but this little annoying thing was in the ring. She had her outfit on for the show that night, but her hair and her make up wasnt done yet. So I thought to myself : she should get ready instead of being in the ring so i could finally train. She pushed her luck when she refused to leave and then pushed me away. This is when I started to destroy her. I started quite hard with some good kicks in the crotch while she was laying on her back, in the middle of the ring. When I heard her scream, I gave her some more. I did many chokes but I stretched her back a little in between. I pulled her hair to get her up to kick her cute ass some more. I did an atomic drop to finish her with several knees to her pussy. Part 2 : I got her up by her hair and this is when i went for a tombstone piledriver. She , woke her up because I wasnt done with this bitch. She slapped me and this is when I lost it. Grabbed her and put her upside down in the corner. I jumped on the second rope then put my foot between her legs to put my weight on her pussy. She then fell on the floor, I walked on her to hurt her some more, 200 lbs on her back! I stretched that back again, then did a nice bodyslam to make her feel some more pain. I lifted her up by the hair, put her in the corner, choked her with my boot before kicking her hard in the crotch… Part 3 : I kicked her crotch one more time…I knew she was pissed, but I also knew she couldnt take more pain. I gave her one good piledriver to put her out of her misery. But then, I woke her up because I wasnt ready to let her go. She was my dummy and I was using her for my training. She got upset, but was also dizzy so she gave me a kick in the balls and tried to slap me again. I lost it and gave her 2 more piledrivers….The first one wasnt good enough for me, so I gave her a last one….

Length: 10 minutes

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