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MWL-69 Reese vs Mutiny LIGHT wrestling – Fantasy

When I went to Atlanta, I met Reese. Very sweet girls but she was teasing all the other girls about their skills…we agreed on a non competitive match because we were both exhausted (last match of the night) and we agreed on a match on the bed in my hotel room! she is a lot of fun! she just like to tease! and shes like half my size so I didnt want ot be too rough! but shes super hot as a victim!

Length: 15 minutes

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MWL-65 Reese vs Autumn

Mutiny went to Atlanta to shoot some videos with Devon. She ended up shooting with Sleeperkid and Jacquelyn Velvets too and she had a lot of fun so I asked her to work a little bit for us too and to find us some new girls since she is planing on going to Atlanta more often!

She talked with the owner of Dangerous Curves (DangerousVideo.com) and he told her she would wrestle some of his girls and they could wrestle each other to show her their skills.

So this match is between Autumn and Reese, and Mutiny is the cam girl and she had to judge if they could join the league.

Even if the girls were quite good, and Mutiny loved them, I told her it was a little crazy to hire girls for the league on a permanent basis if they live that far. So they could of course come back as they want and work with her as they want, but it doesnt make consider them as part of the league….

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