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MW-677 C-Sar vs Summer Pro style Wrestling Domination

Poor Summer didnt know what she got into. First, she faced Carlos, the king of grappling. Then, she faced C-Sar, a guy not only trained BY Carlos, but also a pro wrestler twice (minimum) her size. He destroyed her so bad, she was suffering a lot (you can see by the pictures). Torture rack, bearhugs, he was really enjoying himself. Mercedez and I were watching the match on the side and honestly, we were freaking out. At the end, when Summer was out on the ground, he grabbed me and Mercedez and made us pass out and decided to leave us on top of the poor Summer. If you like mixed domination, you will enjoy this match for sure.

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MW-613 Lily Kat vs Carlos Mixed Wrestling Domination

Part 1 : Carlos is complaining about Lily being late. She is not impressed and jumped on him to start the match. She knows him well, she just saw him destroyed me AND Summer back to back. He wanted to see what she was capable of. It didnt take long and he was back on top, took control over her and keeped the holds long enough to make her feel helpless. Her top was moving a lot… Part 2 : she is not going to give up like that. She wants to finish her 10 min fight and she always gets back on her feet. But he is toying with her. This is Lily’s first videoshoot and I told her wrestling was easy, I forgot to mention Carlos would be there to test her. She is truly beautiful when in distress, I must admit! Part 3 : She didnt get down on her knees after the last fall. She stayed up and got him in a SEXY standing scissors between her perfect legs. She didnt let him go and he had to tap out. Right after she got him too and he couldnt move BUT didnt tap out either. That did it for Carlos. He decided not to give her any chance and decided to destroy her some more and make her pay for the submission she got on him. He wanted to make her pass out with a choke, but didnt. It was quite humiliating for her, because her boobs were almost out and it was the first time she was meeting him. We were all there, in front of the mats, looking at the match.

Length 13 min

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MW-706 Mutiny vs Melissa Moore INTENSE pro wrestling domination (NEW GIRL)

NEW FEMALE WRESTLE (Trained in pro style wrestling) Melissa Moore. You will not believe the destruction! We had that ”game” the week end we were shooting videos where we had to pick a name and a fighting style. She picked ma and pro style so she was very confident for her first match ever on MutinyWrestling. She had the pro wrestling attire and I was only wearing a cute bikini. She is very aggressive and she knows what she is doing. She played with me and made me tap out many times. All the holds were incredibly sexy and well applied. I couldnt move.  After 3 minutes, I was able to get her in a scissors, but she reversed it and choke me some more… Part 2: Back and forth ground wrestling, we exchanged some holds like chokes, scissors, I was able to get 2 or 3 holds on her, but she is obviously way more powerful than I am…She knows she must impress me to stay in our ”league” and to be quite honest, Maria and her are the new girls who really impressed me the most with their skills and their power. She is just amazing and her intensity is incredible. She lifted me like i weighted nothing and carried me around before letting me fall on the ground! Part 3 : I made her tap in the last part and I was smiling and quite proud of myself. She didnt enjoy it and started to destroy me some more. She did a very powerful bearhug and i was off the ground. She got me really weak before getting me in a rear naked choke.

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MW-678 Lily Kat vs C-Sar DOMINATION Mixed Pro Wrestling FULL VIDEO

MW-678678-3FULL VIDEO Part one : If you enjoyed C-sar vs Mutiny, you will also love that one. C-Sar is the new pro wrestler of MutinyWrestling. He is 6’0 260lbs and loves to destroy cute girls. Lily is amazingly cute in her pink bikini and C-Sar is enjoying every second of the destruction! They srated with a test of strength and he just played with her…he got her on her knees fast and just took control from that moment. He stretched her, choked her, lifted her, carried her. She is so tiny next to him. He even did am atomic drop, did some power moves, poor Lily wasnt even able to fight back. Sad for her, but she is so sexy to watch when she’s a victim… Part 2 : Headlocks, side headlock, choke, figure four leg lock, stretching, single leg crab, full nelson, etc. The poor Lily is suffering a lot and you can see the fear in her eyes…but C-Sar is so intense and really into controling her sexy body and inflicting pain! Part 3 : In part 2, C-Sar slammed Lily on the couch then got her in a sexy full nelson. He then throws her on the mats in the last part (3) and got her in a torture rack and kept her there a while before dropping on his knees. She is getting weaker and weaker. He choked her with his legs (neck scissors) then choked her while standing up, got her down, didnt let her go…until she couldnt take it 678-2anymore and couldnt even try to fight back. He left her there, on the mats, !

Length: 10 minutes

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MWL-133 Mutiny vs Yuï Pro style wrestling

Dayana is doing a match with Yui and Im the ref. At the end of the match, Yui is way too confident and Im counting her 1-2-3. She got really pissed at me saying it was only 2. she started pushing me and yelled at me. Dayana left the ring and I Yui challenged me to a match. We started with some chain wrestling since we never wrestled against each other to see what the other one was capable of. We were quite even. Them, she started to cheat, pull my hair, got me in the ropes, choked me. she took control, but I got her too. The first part ends when I have her sitting down in the corner while putting my foot on her throat! After I got her in the corner to choke her, she got completely crazy! she lost it! she got very violent and stiff! she choked me with her hands, knocked my head against the turnbuckle, grabed my hair so hard, even tried to catfight me a little by knocking my head against the floor.I also fliped and took a bump in the middle of the ring because I was sitting on the top turnbuckle and she grabed my hair and pulled me down…I stretched her good with the ropes and even kicked the ropes while her throat was still on it….but she was crazy. the second part ends when she rubing my face against the ropes and you can see in her eyes that she lost it! She got me in a headlock and brought me down….but I got her a headscissors. She was able to escape and decided she would just break my leg. She did everything she could so try to injure me…she stretched me a lot in the middle of the ring or using the ropes, pulled my hair but she kept kicking my leg. She pushed me in the ropes and I could run much, She did a clotheline…and then, got me in a x factor to finish me. She left me there, in the middle of the ring…proud of herself…Ill get her soon….

Length : 11 min

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