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MWL-138 SpiderGirl vs SuperGirl (Mutiny in control)

SpiderGirl (Mutiny-me) is in the ring when SuperGirl (Maelys) shows up. SpiderGirl is telling SuperGirl how there is no way she would win in a match vs SpiderGirl. But still, SuperGirl seems very confident. By the way, she is the prettiest SuperGirl you ever saw! She seemed so sweet so I wasnt worried at all! We did 3 lock ups in a row and in all of them, she threw me on the floor in a sec! I never expected that! But I was ready! I always have Kryptonite with me in case I meet her OR SuperMan! She started to get really dizy and she fell on the ground. This is when I started to play with her and show her what i could do to her. Fair? maybe not! but so much fun for me! I destroyed her stomach, kicked her in the crotch, stretched her leg, and choked her with her own cape using the ropes..Poor little thing…Im choking her some more, punching her some more…Im using her like a toy! I carried her over my shoulder, on my back (piggy back ride) and Im always asking her whos the strongest one… Im stretching her back in the middle of the ring, getting her in a boston crab, she is suffering, but im not done with that pretty face! Im destroying her stomach some more with shoulders (in the corner) and more belly punching. Well, shes got a perfect stomach so I guess she can take a lot of pain without passing out! I stretched her arms, choked her again on the second rope, using all my weight to keep her there…than I got my Kryptonite to get her weaker. she wasnt able to stand so I got behind her and got her in a rear naked choke…I had enough fun with her in one day…but, she’ll be back Im pretty sure! she’ll seek revenge, I know her…but Ill be ready
Length: 11 minutes

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MW-463 Mutiny vs RICK Pro Style Tombstone Piledrivers BEATDOWN on Mutiny FULL VIDEO

463FULL VIDEO Part 1 : this is a real beatdown for at least 3 min. He’s destroying me with many moves and holds, kicks, elbows, camel clutch, snap mare, chokes on the ropes and when I realized he was starting to cheat, I thought I should do the same so I grabbed and twit his balls. I attacked them for like a minute until he gpt me on his back and made me hit the corner quite bad. He finally took control and drove me down with a piledriver (tombstone) Part 2 : there are 3 piledrivers in that part of the match (tombstone). He’s destroying me again, real bad, but I did some moves on him,. got him in the ropes, and came back with a dropkick, I scissored him from the corner, quite sexy and after that I sat on his throat. It got him quite mad and he took control again, punished me some more and did 2 piledrivers in a row
4632Length: 10 minutes


FULL VIDEO Part 1 : This is the craziest crotch torture match I ever had. First of all, Rick is 6’2 and 200lbs and I really thought I could take him. Yes, Im faster, but as soon as he started cheating (after like, 15 seconds in the match) I couldnt compete with him. He kept punching me, kicking me, kneeing me, always in my crotch, without pity. He got me on the top corner just lifting me between my legs, did some claws, kicked me twice while i was sitting on the second turnbuckle. He just destroyed me completely. The first part is ending with him piledriving me in the ring (tombstone). Part 2 : it just got worst and worst. Violent kicks to the crotch, he’s standing on my pussy, im upside down in the corner, head butt to my crotch, kicking the ropes while im trying to get out of the ring, more punches, atomic drops, piledrivers, but everything is so violent. He’s pulling my hair, toying with me. Very intense crotch torture…
Length: 10 minutes

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MW-460 Mutiny vs Kristie WRESTLING + lift and carry Full Video

Full Video PART 1 : Kristie is just being a bully in that video. Im being really nice to her at the beginning, asking for a fair match and she just didnt care. She started to wrestle pro style, lifted me, carried me, got me on the ground, took off my top, she played with me like I was her doll. Upside down, up in the air, slammed me, used the corners, I tried to fight back many times, but she bullied me some more…. PART 2 : shes bullying me some more…Im starting the second part of the match scissoring her holding myself on the ropes, very sexy hold, but I couldnt keep it and she got even more mad. She got me upside down again, many lifts, like bearhugs, and torture rack, she just played with me some more, and im topless for the rest of the video, wearing only a small thong which doesnt help, because shes fully clothed and Im half naked. It pisses me off….
Length: 8 minutes

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