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MWL-165 Whitney vs Kasumi Who’s gonna be the BEAUTY QUEEN?! FULL Match

165FULL VIDEO : Beauty Queen match. According to me, these are the two prettiest girl to ever wrestle for MutinyWrestling and MontrealWrestlingLeague… They are not only gorgeous but also very talented!!! They are the same size and quite the same strength. I knew it would be a very interesting match. As soon as they saw each other at my place it was obvious that there was a little rivalry. Both were looking up and down, looking at each other’s body. A little like Betty and Veronica to be quite honest! The other girls started to make jokes about that. Who was the prettiest, the strongest, the more popular, the sexier, etc. I made the joke about Betty and Veronica and all day, the running gag stayed, but the girls were quite upset about it. They thought it would all be over if they wrestle and see who’s the best wrestler. The other girls were watching the match, I was filming..and I can tell you that Kasumi was a little more confident, while Whitney was a little more upset with Kasumi. Good match, great action, scissors, stretched, chokes, camel clutches, etc. Outside, next to the brook, VERY SEXY BIKINIS! perfect bodies….mmmm  my kind of match!        Length: 10 minutes

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MW-572 Mutiny vs STAR Fight over a new hot guy FULL VIDEO

FULL VIDEO : Star and I were sunbathing in my backyard. This girl is amazingly sexy. her body is perfect and she knows it. Before the match, i was explaining to her that some guys love bigger girls, or girls with curves but still, I think shes the most attractive girl I ever saw. So this new guy showed up to shoot with us and since we were both single, we both thought we had a shot with him. He was further away and we decided to fight for me, talking to him or waving at him from time to time. I wanted to humiliate her in front of him but she fought back. Back and forth wrestling, but I stretched her good, exposing her sexy body. She choked me and scissored me but I still got the upper hand and left her there, smiling to our guy…. I just went to see him, with her on my mats, outside… 😉 (my boob got out once, while shes scissoring me)
Length: 12 minutes

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MW-526 Mutiny vs SASHA Semi competitive wrestling outside in lingerie full video

FULL VIDEO : Part 1 : Back and forth sexy wrestling with a new wrestler named Sasha! She is not afraid to show her amazing body while wrestling outside vs Mutiny in lingerie!!! The neighbours are watching, their is barking at some point! so thats why the match started semi competitive but quickly become rougher! people were watching so the pride kicked in! Mutiny scissored Sasha, but the hot brunette came back on top to sit on Mutiny, some hair pulling, camel clutch : Part 2 : Sasha is not ready to give up yet. she got even more fierce. Scissors, straddling, hair pulling, Mutiny got her stuck in some very humiliating holds showing exposing her bra to the camera and Sasha couldnt move. But Sasha got her revenge by getting Mutiny in a very good front head scissors and Mutiny couldnt do anything. Part 3 : Sasha found a way to stretch mutiny in al the sexy holds she thought of! Mutiny is trying her best to get out and her skills helped her a lot! But Sasha is quite determined this time. The neighbour is watching and she doesnt want to lose. the match got a little more intense, and Mutiny is quite proud of her friend…she never thought she has it in her!
Length: 11 minutes

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Never thought this could happen!

On June 25th of this year, I wrote on facebook and on clips4sale about this new neighbor of mine. This is what I wrote :

Last year, I moved to Val-Morin and I got the place I always wanted. I wanted to get a tan naked in my backyard if I wanted to. I wanted to be able to shoot my videos outside, even if I was topless…

I have a lot of trees so I thought everything would be great….

All my neighbors are men…so it was wonderful…they all know what I do and are very happy about it!

but a week ago, my neighbor Richard came and asked me if it was possible not to shoot videos outside on weekends. this is when his new girlfriend is visiting him…

so he asked me if it would be possible to only shoot in my garage during the weekend…

I know I know….youll say : my wife would freak out too…Mutiny you should listen to him…he’ll get in trouble..blah blah blah..

I know! I should only shoot in my garage…during the weekends…

to avoid problems with my neighbors…

BUT….who knows!? maybe shes cute and will enjoy it and she’ll want to wrestle?! LOL

or maybe she’ll be really jealous and will want to punch me and she,ll have a surprise when she,ll try…LOL

ok, maybe nothing of that will happen…but i see interesting things in my future now…
because this weekend..Im planing to shoot BIG TIME in my backyard…
and im planing on being LOUD! LOL


This is what I wrote. DJackieo I regret it?! No…but this is not what  I expected…at all.

She’s really not a nice person. She’s been on my case for 2 weeks now…

Everywhere i go, she’s following me…

If I shoot in my garage, I have to lock the door or she’ll come in…

Her boyfriend is begging me to wear more clothes at home or when I work out outside. He’s asking me not to get tan durnig the weekend…
but at the same time, this is when all my friends are off and this is when we can have fun.

Even if I try to make them happy, she always finds something to say.

This is not a match, but one of the times she came to my place to tell me to get dressed…

Her boyfriend is watching in the background…

The Neighbor (Clip)

MW-413 Mutiny vs Emyra – Mutiny Helpless! Full Video

0Emyra came to MY place this time and challenged me again. She told me she knew where my house were because she already came to visit Entropy while I was away for work. Is it true? I dont know, but that day, I told her we would wrestle in several types of matches and I would show her what I can do to her. It didnt go as I planed actually…

In THAT match, we agreed on a TOPLESS match, with pins and submission and the one who would smother- make the other one pass out-  (facesitting or breasts smothering) would win the match.

We both did some breasts grabbing, nipple torture, boobs slapping, etc. Long bearhugs, but I wasnt the one controlling at all. She sat on my boobs, sat on my throat, sat on my stomach, smothered me, made me quite dizzy, left the mats…and come back for some more humiliation.

Very sexy action, Im completely helpless against her, and Im getting choked, scissored, etc. Shes taking control o0000000ver my body, and I dont seem to be able to do much, even if I try real hard…

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